This is a graphical mod developed by a russian modder called Berserker. It's an active project since 2008. The mods purpose is to enchange Quake2's graphics.

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Creat mod, great fun! Back to the Stroggos!


What this guy made to the game is simply amazing. There are other Hi-res mods for quake 2 but this one pushes the game to another level of beauty

10 из 10

Best graphics mod for Quake 2 to date!




This game was a nightmare and a joyride for me when I was young


This is a very beautifully made mod that makes Quake 2 look even more beautiful than before. I love this mod and wish they continued development.


Great job i cant believe that is someone who do this awesome job for game which have 18 years. My vote are of course 10/10. I saw on different gameplays that mod was improve for few years. Very very good


This is definitely THE mod for Q2!
Can't live without it.
when you play as, for example, a cyborg, you hear cyborg sounds! It's THAT detailed!
It has flashlight that can eat cells! ( Personally, when I start a new game, I come close to Bitterman's pod and I give myself 50 cells. It must be enough till Jail levels. After all, Bitterman could've rip out battery from his pod, right? ;-)
And, from time to time, I just start a new game to marvel at new gibs logic (AMAZING!)
And it works under linux(wine) flawlessly!
Also, mod creator is a very helpful person. When I complained about game getting too easy for me after years of slaying Stroggs, he just've send me modified DLL that allows to adjust enemies damage scale!
Thanks for that!

wouldn't let me put a 10

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