You love it. You want it. But you've got a old computer. So what?
Battlefield 2, one of the millenniums greatest online games. Now converted to Zdoom.

Features Include:
New Wall and flat textures
9 Weapons
7 MP Maps
scripting to create dynamic spawn points
New Sprites and Graphics
Mp3 files included instead of those MIDI files

Editors Used:
Doom Builder, Wally, XWE

Singleplayer: For Bots
Multiplayer: Yes, 2-8 players-Team Deathmatch, CTF

Teams Playable:
Red Team (Bonus Is Strength)
Blue Team (Bonus is Speed)

Class Chart:
Sniper>Sniper Rifle (formerly SSG), Knife, Pistol (Bonus is double damage with rifle)
Soldier> Rocket Launcher, M16 (formerly chaingun) (bonus is Rockets have 2x range)
Spy> Pistol, Knife, Invisibility (Bonus is invisibility)
Medic>Auto Healing Field, Pistol, M16 (bonus is auto heal)
Engineer>Shotgun, Knife, Wrench (to give ammo)

Map01-oil fields
map02-construction zone
map03-wake island 1993
map04-space battle
map05-extended Dead Simple
map06-Aircraft Carrier
map07-Nonexistence Map
map09-Operation Clean Mop (aka Hills of Scotland)

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