In the morning of December 16th,1944 German Forces launched a surprise attack in the dense Ardennes Forest in Belgium and Luxemburg. Allied High command is hastily rushing re-enforcements to the area, to counter the surprise attack and prevent them from crossing Meuse river. Can you stop the elite of the German panzerdivisions, or vice versa,lead them to victory? Find out. Features include but are in no way limited to: -The new Automatic Territory Capture system (thanks to AnyGameX) No more flagpoles simply capture territory by having more men in it than your opponent, the more the faster! -Realistic tank combat featuring historic penetration values, tanks have their turret rotation times reset to the actual speeds of real life, visibility reduced to reflect the limited line of sight from tanks' vision blocks. -new units such as the Sturmtiger, M36 'Slugger', M4A3E2 Sherman "Jumbo" and many,many more. - more than 30 exclusive high quality winter maps & realistic athmospheres

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Jul 20 2012 Anchor

as there is no thread here I have added one.
Put here your ideas and proposals.

Aug 23 2012 Anchor

why the german do not have foxhole? i saw a german foxhole in BoB movies..

Aug 23 2012 Anchor

Because the Germans were mainly on the offensive with the exception of the 7th army to be honest every faction use foxholes on nearly every front


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Aug 24 2012 Anchor

yes, i mean a real foxholes, not only slit trench..
well i keep in mind at this ---> can the developer added some new speed system? like cautious speed, tank will move at 7-14 kmph, moderate speed at 14-20 kmph, full speed at 20-25, i know in this mod tank is moving at the snow terrain, if i not mistake the tank is moving at 18-25 kmph in this mod even in rough terrain..and the last thing, maybe you can add an engine sound while the jagdpanther and any other tank is turning (while stationary) like this, and change the jagdpanther canon sound like this

Aug 29 2012 Anchor

that would be good but halftrack is busy with real life work


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Mar 6 2013 Anchor

Hi guys, this mod is awesome! i play it almost everyday but can you add a few new maps? :) Thanks

Mar 14 2013 Anchor

We will. But I think with more than 30 , we eached our peak. ;)

Jun 16 2013 Anchor

Is it possible to get Foy and Ardenne Valley from OMG working in BotB, it is built after BoB but it has not set sectors so gaming is a bit weird with no proper income.

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Hello I have a proposal has to make because I have telecharger a pack furthermore for 700 card(map) and I would want that we are possible in battle of the bulge that vehicules, tanks and civil barges neutral that we can use(get) it with either engineers or equipages of tank and then that you can put Duplex sherman Drive (DD) of the landing which we can create it because in 1945 when American one crossed the Rhine they used sherman DD ( ) with machine of landing LVT ( ) with its various modifications and however you can create a batiment or we can create landing crafts for the men( )(people) and the barges for vehicles tank( ), car armored.... And you pouriez so also added of tank M3Lee ( ), M12( ), Phershing ( ), Sherman Amphibian Exhaust Device ( ), AVRE Bridgelayer ( ), AVRE Bobbin ( ), Crusader ( ), Mark ( ), Churchill ( ), Matilda ( ), Valentine ( ), Humber ( ), Daimler ( ), Dingo ( ), Sexton ( ), Bishop ( )
Thank you for seeing if you could create all his(her,its) meme if machine of of ébarquement as AVRE Bobbin, AVRE Bridgelayer, Amphibian Exhaust Device, machine of landing LVT are not too much in the context of battle of the bulge.
What is between bracket are link for embellishes with images them.

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

ONE proposal? You know that most f the stuff is british, and the Brits are not part of this mod ? ;)

And I am sure that Sherman DDs and landing craft played a very minor, if no role in the Battle of the Bulge. :D
I use only vehicles and stuff that was available and confirmed in the events. So, no Pershing, either.

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Yes but if the mod moves forward not we are going to be bored because if the mod moves forward not so he(it) not there no thing to dare I am going to it not to play for a long time a mod to last he ceaselessly has to innovate example other mode(fashion) blitzkrieg or easterne forehead(front) has every time they to dare something if not I go the proposed has another mod because I spent time all grouped(included) and has to look one can on the Internet for proposed this

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

aside from some nasty bugs, the mod has reached a stage where I imagined it to be.
I know about the players thirst for new stuff, but I will definetly not add anything which is not
historically correct. This is no fantasy mod, its about history.

And besides,I want to move forward, too. I spend countless hours with it.
Which means, after so many yeras in the Ardennes, its maybe time for me to do sth else.

Jun 22 2013 Anchor

That is a pity, but I would like to see what you do next.


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Jun 23 2013 Anchor

All right not grave I go proposed this has another good mod games(sets) :)

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