When Apocalypse Weekend was released as the add-on for Postal 2, it added the new Boomerang Machete, Sledgehammer, and Scythe. Unfortunately, the major complaint about AW was that the "free-roam" element from Postal 2 was gone. Not only could you not roam freely in AW, but you couldn't take these new weapons back to the original Postal 2 levels, either. AWP changes all that. AWP is an enhanced version of the original Postal 2 game and combines it with the AW expansion pack weapons and levels, plus tons of extra bonuses to make the ultimate Postal 2 experience. AWP adds tons of new features to the normal Postal 2 and AW games: Use AW's weapons and gameplay in the original Postal 2 levels New custom weapons, plus weapons from the hit mods Eternal Damnation and Improved "behind the scenes" game handling to (hopefully) reduce crashes Brand-new cheats, such as unlimited dog helpers and police-hating bystanders Destroyable doors for quick shortcuts More blood, guts,...

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