Awakening of the Rebellion 2.7 is the upcoming Version and its a massive Update and Improvement then the actual release Version 2.6. The AI is almost rewritten and will be a challenge as ever before There are new Story Events and reworked existing ones. All Space and Ground-Units are updated and/or replaced with new Models/Textures. New Soundeffects and Music-Tracks, a New Galaxy Map that is almost Canon and new Space and Groundmaps.

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Assassins_Blade says

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This mod creates a deeper game play based more on the old game Star Wars Rebellion. It brings many strengths, making it a FAR richer experience than before. I LOVE this mod. However due to the game engine, or rather the systemic issues WITH the engine, this mod sees horrible lagging. If this could be fixed, this would be a game I would pay again for. Well done and I hope to see a new Lucas Arts production with a better engine based on your game.


Brainlaag says

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Excellent mod with lots of content, much love for detail and great ideas. Never before has the SW universe come to life more in a game. Hands down the best FOC mod out there.


John1337 says

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Epic mod which had done, what the devs didn´t!


Hungry_Lion says

6 agree - 2 disagree

A great mod with great depth on gameplay(something the vanilla really lacks) , managing resources and making or breaking desicions on what to do next.

It has a good addition of balanced units but there is great imbalance between imperial and rebel navies , I played both on hard and it was really bad for the rebels because their strength that is their fighters and bombers are not cheap and not really effective anymore against capital ships.
Defending with the rebels is terrible , Ion cannon doesn't stop ships from moving or firing which it should(Empire strikes back , escape from Hoth, scene with the millenium falcon ) it only gets their shields down , as I said rebel fighters are sub par from what they used to be and are expensive and most of the rebel capital ships will lose against even the Venators on any given sunday let alone a star destroyer and for you to field your best ships its gonna take a lot of limbs and not losing you Calamari planet.
The tactics with the rebels should be to lose a lot of planets to Dark suns and the Imperials , bunker down on heavily fortified ones with ion cannons and pray. Make sure the enemy loses ships don't auto resolve , concetrate on a single venator if you are going to lose , it will be hard for them to pay it back.

The Imperials and the Black sun(of bitches , damn corruption) are financialy better and are easy to defend with you can even move your station around with the Imperials.Once you neutralize their fighters their capital ships are shite and go down fast.Against the Black suns you need to be carefull, always kill corruption , its dangerous , for gods sake you see what it did to Greece , right?
Someone said you can't build 100 Star Destroyers and steamroll everything , but the A.I. can?I am on week 174 with rebels and I have killed 200 venators 300 ISDs 1000 munificents and dumbed down corellian destroyers and probably a billion fighter squadrons because they have infinite respawns , executor , lacrehulks , venators , star bases all these have infinite spawn but I don't.
Its becoming a torture.I doubt the devs beat it on hard and rule number one on game dev is , don't release something you can't beat.

The A.I. is better that the vanilla but is a fraking cheat, it really tries to kick your behind on hard and thats great but I is a goods tactician even with the rebels I cut my losses kept piling theirs and turned it around in the end , thats what I did until I discovered that the A.I. is getting free ships. Losses really matter and moneys really matter in this mod.

Rebel bombers need more numbers in the squad , they are expensive , give them more numbers , the Tie bombers have more per squad its ridiculus how they cost nothing and that they don't die when I use them but the Y wings go down like nobodys buisness from capital ship fire , FIX THAT , I am begining to think that you Steiner guys are pro Imperial , I'll send my rebel commandos to fix that , oh Rebel Commandos a bit op and they should not be able to do raids with many of them , its really easy to conquer a planet with them.
And an important issue with most mods , documentation , seriously if you can't communicate what your mod does before I download it and go through hell to play it properly you will avert people from playing it , and you want that , right? People playing it.

Good job guys I enjoyed it, stop modding , make your own game , be ambitious.
But fair play the A.I. its annoying and for the love of cheese document your mods.Anyway a lots of ups and lots of downs great economy broken a.i. , no documentation , you and your a.i. may not be fair but I am , thats why I give you a 5 , played it on for a week on hard it simply is not fun anymore , the enemy should not have the recources to send millions of warships my way or use magic tricks to spawn ships out of thin air.


Darlene_Phillips says

3 agree

This mod , content wise, is brilliant. I love the introduction of multiple space stations as well as the technology level ups required to unlock the bigger ships. Along with this I also really dig how levelling up a space station no longer introduces more units and instead requires the construction of shipyards to unlock new ships. What also makes AotR so interesting is the addition of story-type missions/objectives that are featured in the Galactic Conquests that bring a certain level of charm and a concept of progression. I also appreciate the reskin of certain ships (the Mon Cal ships specifically) along with some new particle effects/sounds for vehicles.

However the thing that kills the mod for me is the AI. Don't get me wrong here the AI is by no means bad - hell it's actually the opposite. The AI is ferocious to where even easy difficulty provides a challenge (An example of this is how on week 1 of a GC the AI, who were the Empire, assembled all (ok - most) of their Naval heroes in a space battle and destroyed all of my space defences with little difficulty and then proceeded to a planetary invasion with a 40+ unit assault.) For those that live and breath for hard strategy games this mod is completely for you however, for casual PC players like myself I find the AI a major buzzkill which really destroys the fun factor. Perhaps in the future the creators would consider making the AI abit easier so the mod doesn't becomes as frustrating. (Note : if they were aiming for an authentic rebel simulator then they absolutely nailed it on the head.)

Apart from the AI there were only a few issues I noticed during my 15+ hour experience. Certain units such as the LAAT/i had invincibility to attack from my forces when it was deploying troops while still being able to attack my units - much to my chagrin. I also felt that the mod could have had a faster flow of credits as alot of the units were often too expensive (and from a continuity perspective I really doubt the Empire/New Republic would struggle to fund things this badly.) There is also some German that remains in the mod that isn't translated yet (no harm really - better than hearing the vanilla voices over and over) aswell as some translation errors (strom troopers is a personal favourite.)

All in all this mod is damn good for the hardcore while the casual players will still get a kick out of the new units and planets to conquer - or in this case slowly lose. Seeing as this mod is open beta one assumes the mod will only get better over time as I really want to play this again without my butt getting hammered for once :P

Note : apologies for any spelling mistakes seeing as this is my first review on the site.


capshades says

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Outstanding mod that receives way too little attention, most likely due to the fact that it's listed under the wrong game. Takes very strong strategic thinking, since you can't just build a hundred star destroyers and win the game like most other mods.


Rampsquatch says

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My only problem with this mod was some of the translations from German to English were either not done or they had poor grammar, but that hardly detracts from the game play or any of the features. Definitely deserves a 9.5 out of 10, but Mod DB's rating system only allows integers in the ratings.


Chillbacca says

2 agree

My favourite FOC Mod so far.
It adds many new units, the zann consortium is changed into the black sun and numerous other changes making this mod a masterpiece.
The ground part is worth mentioning, since it adds a new style of gameplay, for example the rebellion commandos. You´re able to raid a planet with some few ground troops and so it is possible to conquer a planet without having to fight the orbital fleet.
The only disadvantage of this mod is also his strongest feature....
The AI!!! It is completly overhauled and won´t let me play a relaxed GC.
So if you are looking for a new challenge in FOC this mod is for you.

Danke SMG für eure Mühen


Khanti says

2 agree

One of few really great mods. Very frustrating at first (you need to INSTALL it carefully) and later (it's DAMN HARD to win).
But it has great galaxy map, units, heroes and game balance.
Money are scarce, resources limited, ships expensive. Does it feel like fun? ;)


MuchTooLearnUSH says

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I'm moving my opinion of this mod from a 9.0 to a 10.0 (Open beta version), ...well done!

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This mod creates a deeper game play based more on the old game Star Wars Rebellion. It brings many strengths, making it a FAR richer experience than before. I LOVE this mod. However due to the game engine, or rather the systemic issues WITH the engine, this mod sees horrible lagging. If this could be fixed, this would be a game I would pay again for. Well done and I hope to see a new Lucas Arts production with a better engine based on your game.

Dec 23 2011 by Assassins_Blade