Embody Harold Mason and Ryan Finch as they journey into the most chilling nightmares that a mysterious demon house provides to them. This is an Amnesia/Silent Hill/Fatal Frame/Resident Evil based custom story. Many aspects from all these games and even more will be included!

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Interesting custom story with a few truly creepy scares. It does have some cheap scares too though, which you can love or hate. The new lantern is really good for the atmosphere with a longer range but only works directly ahead. The combat system is a little weird and clumsy, but nice you can finally fight back.

Had problems with falling through floor and items going through the walls. Completely reloading the game fixes it sometimes.

I made the rating assuming not many else are having the issue. I was unable to finish it because the reasons listed above.

To be frank, this story was terrible.

It wasn't actually based on anything, instead blatantly ripping off the series mentioned. More particularly, the whole trapped-in-your-room thing is directly from Silent Hill 4. Harold Mason is directly stolen from Silent Hill. The House of Sleep is directly from Fatal Frame 3. All in all, it doesn't mesh well.

The mod maker missed an excellent opportunity. With the above mentioned games, they have specific themes that make them part of the series. The psychology of Silent Hill. The rich mythology and rituals of Fatal Frame. The helplessness of Amnesia. None of which were present in this custom story, instead ripping off large sections of existing games. The story was dull and convoluted. It barely made any sense and seemed more like a fanboy peeing himself over how clever he must seem to be doing this. It just plain didn't work.

Next time, modmaker, please. Come up with some interesting mythos. Delve into the character's psychology and reflect it in the surroundings. Make the player helpless instead of trying to be clever with a battle system. And please, don't rip off any existing games. I guarantee it'll be much, much better.


dorkboy says

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Its awesome.

This game is amazing i havent even finished it yet and think it deservses a 9.

Other than the voice acting and the slightly cheesy story it was perfect, it represented silent perfectly without actually being in silent hill, the fighting mechanic, costom monsters and boss fights made it truly a wonderful experience, this costom story is going to the top of my list.

This mod that has been created for Amnesia: The Dark Descent is extremely good as it is even scarier than the actual game which makes it more of a challenge to complete. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys playing horror games as they will definitely get a thrill out of this mod. Also recommended to people who have played Silent Hill as it is like that game as well. Overall, a really fun game to play, very scary/creepy, and interesting.


ElectricEye says

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Doesn't really work, does it? I'm being teleported from place to place, can't find much of a story, and with absolutely godawful voice acting. Some setpieces, such as Jefferson Street, are great, though often too barren. The custom music and sounds are also pretty good.

I see a lot of shady advertising here. No flying naked guys, no, but a lot of Penumbra dwarves appearing out of thin air, and other wheelchair scares. Sometimes they worked, sometimes not, and less often as the story progressed. Map system? There are regular notes with non-updatable maps drawn on them, hardly an original enough thought to boast as a "feature". The new HUD is pointless. Why is there even a "tubes of matches" box, when that never comes into play?

Battle system? Interesting in theory, but inferior to the already awful combat in Silent Hill. Sure, hiding in closets is a little stale, but you're still not indifferent to the Amnesia monster encounters. Even trying to run from one of these skating mummies would be more enjoyable than jiggling your mouse back and forth. There is some intensity in trying to locate an item as you are being Pearl Harbored the instant you walk through a door, but it has a very scripted feel to it, as you are relying on the stuff the mapmaker has preplaced for your use. The enemies also die too easily.

The fact that you remove all interactivity from chairs, etc. in areas where you want to force a chase scene (which equals all monster encounters after the first "boss") only enhances the feeling that you are being played by the game. I would have prefered a "weapon" to be more of a getaway aid than a monster killer, in the same way that you can stagger a grunt by throwing a barrel or something at him, but perhaps slightly more efficient.

I can appreciate the effort, I really can, it's just that the different ideas (and you certainly have some good scripting talent, no arguments there) form no coherent whole.

Well, at least 90% of the doors are not "jammed".

The story was very well made, very long as well. I would have to say that I really enjoyed this story. I love the mechanics that you did with being able to actually fight some of the monsters, but I hated that this fell short going towards the end, I wanted to do more with this mechanic. Also, the scare factor began to lose its touch a little as it progressed as well, and to me it fell short sometime during the school chapter. A few more enemies in some of the areas would have made the scare factor a lot more intense, like in the apartment. I enjoyed how he would chase you here and there but he would disappear soon after. But aside from all of that, excellent excellent mod, I cannot wait to see what you have in store for future mods. :D

Well maps are good, that save points are ok, fights with enemies mmm a good idea, but the story is totally senseless and confusing, you start in a place, then blackout and you appear in other place.

Maybe I like more logical stories, but I stopped playing at Hospital with that senseless enemies looking at you.

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