Embody Harold Mason and Ryan Finch as they journey into the most chilling nightmares that a mysterious demon house provides to them. This is an Amnesia/Silent Hill/Fatal Frame/Resident Evil based custom story. Many aspects from all these games and even more will be included!

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O..MM..G. What did I just play? This...this is not normal. This mod...is not a mod.. *cries deeply*. This "game" was AMAZING. OMG! I...i do not simple have words to describe what this is. This is not one of those "ohhHH LOOK AT THIS! COOl mod!!" NO NO NO! This is... this is something else. This is.. a game ITSELF! I just ..just finished it 5 mintues ago. I..If i would LITERALLY give this 10 i would give it 1000/10. This is not normal. This mod was so .. "emotional" in the end! How to he gave himself to peer pressure. OMG OMG OMG! THERE.MUST.BE.A.PART.2! I cried so deeply! So MOVING! This MUST BE MADE INTO A MOVIE!! Totally telling PEWDIEPIE to play it! OMG! Creator. YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL MIND!!

Really scary custom story. Had great jumpscares and was one of the better custom stories I have ever played!

Amazing Conversion mod. Extremely creepy, scary, and fun. I highly recommend it. It has penumbra monsters, which is cool, but i'd rather have amnesia monsters too. But the fact i like different monsters is my opinion. So don't worry about it. 10/10

Refreshing mod, really liked this new "atmosphere redness, entertaining and scary and lantern was awesome" Puzzles really good and overall very good story.

I give you 8/10 good job!

After I played sequel it was great too!

- Many new models like a car and a cool town and all the maps and own drawned notes, love those things.

- Some scares was terrifying and I screamed and I was scared really a lot and afraid to continue many times, you got me seriously this time a lot.

- Sequel features a lot new things, cool puzzles, environments some areas are little rushed, but I don't mind there are many new in this whole full conversion system.

Really worth to play whole Amnesia Hill first and two! Thanks for making this it deservers 9!

Ok I'm editing my review since the mod changed a lot since my last writing. 4 words: The mod is amazing. if you haven't gotten it yet, get it. I remember playing it back when it was first released, but Vengeful has REALLY improved it a lot! definitely worth my 10/10!

HI man..
DnALANGE here.. you probly know me hehhee..
This was a very nice FC!
I enjoyed all of it except one this that''s why the 9.
THose bossfight... there were a couple NOT working at all\or bugged..
That''s too bad!
For the rest a 9 for ALL the effort \ ideas \ graphics etc etc!
Watch me beating your FC with Mental Memorial soon ;)
Awesome story and we keep in toutch for sure!

No comment.

This really wasn't scary at all, it made no sense, and you basically just backtracked the entirety of it. I'm sorry, but I didn't like it at all. Extremely boring.



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