Playing this story needs patience. If you are fan of rushing through the entire game to finish it within 5 minutes running through corridors, forget about this story to be completed. This will need you focused on the plot, focused on the riddles and diaries of already buried or lost. You will have to search, find ways past obstacles and if you can´t do this survey, this is not for you. All theese stories have some effort put to them and the authors can be upset, when someone just rushes through without paying attention to details. They all have put their time, the only thing that we lost constantly to it, so be thankful and, at least, try to fulfil, what are you forced to do by downloading any scenario. In my humble opinion, I can talk for everyone else, making custom stories. I have seen too much people overseeing important things and saying "This is glitched" or something similiar, and that is really not nice, if they just didn´t payed attention.
I may have done mistakes in the past, but who didn´t? I´m not telling anyone, that if it´s glitched, he should be not angry, but if someone plays just to finish, ask yourself, is it worth your time just to step up your ego?
Thanks just for thinking about it.

Possible bugs

- There was a problem in last level(Graveyard), where the enemies
couldn´t be affected by game scripts, so their behaviour can seem quite
unusual and unlogical.(The scripts simply don´t work, as they are set correctly there - but hey, which engine has no mistakes? And HPL2 is one of the best to work with). Some scripts may jamm as well, I noticed it
mostly in "Offices" level. But there´s nothing that can stop you from
finishing the game, if you survive.
- Player MAY spawn in bad location after death - The respawns are on predefinied location and the game decides on which the player spawns(after death), so there is a POSSIBILITY that the player will spawn somewhere behind locked door or whereever - but I tried to solve this problem. Just want to let you all know, so you do not have no clue, where you suddenly are or how did you got there after your death.

- If there was found something buggy and I do not mention it or have overseen it, let me know. Thanks.

One important thing before starting: You may see (in few last levels) emotion stones from the

original amnesia - here, they work pretty much the same as in penumbra -

like save points.(Thanks even more to Frictional games for the idea)

The game will also be saved when entering new area.

Instalation: Unpack the zip file and simply copy the "Get out alive"
folder to the custom stories in your Amnesia: The dark descent main
folder. Then start Amnesia and after clicking on "custom stories"
button in the menu, you will be given the chance of clicking on Get out alive,
reading the description and offered with the "start" button. Another
click and have fun ... or at least some worries!


Frictional games - HPL Editor suite, Wiki and creation of this awesome game

Poets of the fall - War (Music used in Credits)

moddb - sharing

Ideas and help:



Rsa Viper

Thanks for download and have a nice day!

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FULL version is out!


Hey everybody!

So, firstly, I want to thank you for your patience and announce you, that full version is out! Should be uploaded on moddb by now or in nearest future.

And therefor I will be doing walkthrough, because lot of people weren´t so paitent with notes and other stuff, and blamed this for glitched, so I wanna show you guys, how to deal with this story and maybe give you some advices from my expierence with HPL engine as well.

The walkthrough will possibly be prepared till end of next week (today´s SAT-3/10/2012 UTC+1).

If you have any suggestions or whatever, don´t be shamefaced and write me here.

Thanks for your patience,
have a nice day!

Full version, 1,000 downloads and other

Full version, 1,000 downloads and other


Update 3/6/2012 about comming full version and credit to all the downloaders!

Amnesia: Get out alive FAQ

Amnesia: Get out alive FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions may help you solve some problems.

Update (2/26/2012)

Update (2/26/2012)


Update on status of the first part of my custom scenario. Everything stands below.

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Amnesia: Get out alive FULL

Amnesia: Get out alive FULL

Full Version 4 comments

Greetings everyone! Full version of Get out alive is finally here! Hope you will enjoy it and get out that man-made-hell alive!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 65)

Very nice custom story dude !
I have a lot of fun playing it !
By the way, I made videos of it on Youtube .
Here's the link for the first one : Youtube.com

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Hi !
Well, I'm stuck.
In the "Adrian" map.
Trust me, I've tried a LOT of things to fix this.
( tried to glitch myself to pass through the door where the key was, searching a way to destroy the door on the Map Editor... )
Could you help me ?
Thanks, and sorry for bad english.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


ps. i still beat it ok fast... When im reading the comments i see a lot of people saying its bad becouse its too hard. but im glad it is as hard as it is. keep going with the costum storys hope u wil make some more

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CrabInTheCrap Creator

Thanks bud:)
I will certanly make some more CS´s. but as for the last almost a year, I am so busy studying and making a living for my family, I have no time for games at all. Anyways now it´s a bit better, so I´ll have some chances to work on this. :) Glad you were satisfied to play this and you´re welcome ;)

And no-one´s english can be perfect. We can understand each other, even with little holdbacks, we kinda get "whachu tellin me" :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

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Hey dude one of the best storys ever realy i loved it. mostly the storys dont chalenge me becouse the puzzels were'nt hard enof but this was perfect. There where many of em and they was pretty good. but i got some questions:
1. when u use the drill to get the key out of the guys head and opened the door there where standing that i need to search for veigirls 3-episode not too old book was i supposed to look it up on the internet? becouse i did.
2. what is the name of the eninng song???

Hope u wil answer soon, have a nice day :))) (sry for my bad english and no , at all)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

good mod, thanks!
9/10 because it's a little too hard for my taste

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i forgot to tell you something..when i went to that place which is full of water,i entered to the most of these rooms,but i got stuck in a room of them and i couldn't get out!:( so i loaded the game.. was this a bug? or there was a way to get out and i didn't know it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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