I woke up another dark and nasty night. Was it even night? Don't know. The only thing I could tell for sure, 'twas pretty dark in there. I was locked in a small prison cell. The man next cell was crying as his soul was leaving his weakened body. What will I do? Wait for death as that guy? No. The only thing I'll do, is everything to GET OUT ALIVE...

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GoodGamePlayer says

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A long and great custom story. Difficult puzzles, I would say. Good map design, too. The only thing I hated was to search for the key and the hand-drill at the end. I feel like half of the custom stories creators say to themselves: "The player will need to search for something to allow him/her to continue. So let's forbid any helpful lights and make the area as large as possible."


This custom story was scary as hell!


adise says

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great, but a little too hard

Here's a 2/10 just for making a map. It isn't a good story, and when people are trying to tell you the problems, you seem to get offended and give some lame excuse, or say that it isn't a problem. Stop acting like it's fine the way it is, take advice and fix the errors, or just don't respond with your attitude. Don't know how this has an 8.


MasterXD says

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It is a really good story. Good puzzels and good maps, but the last room was a bit "too big". It was difficult to get around and if you throw all the books down in the hole then you can't proceed furter.
But anyways... It was a good story.


just bad, terribly bad. to many glitches. not scary at all. puzzles r annoying not fun.

i got stuck at closet next to deadguy


I think its an amazing custom story! Very nice!


Meki says

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I have to give this a 10/10 because it's just awesome. With almost no bugs (well, spotted only two):
- In the Offices level it is possible to jump between the bars so you don't even need the hammer from Storage level (which was very frustrating with all those enemies and jump-kind-of-puzzles). So I did it and later in the custom story I realised I needed the hammer to break a lock in the room with roman numbers on the floor. That's why I was unable to complete this CS but I could see that I still had much in front of me, from youtube walkthrough.
- In the Offices level again, it is possible to get stuck in one of the rooms. When you get inside, the door closes behind you and you cannot open it. In that room there is just one large and one small table, and some fish, nothing else. A youtube player had the same problem and had to restart (I did the same).

I dont enjoy what gives me a massive headache

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