You take the role as Lee Hawkins, a young man from Cyprus which goes on a trip to Gothfair Village in hope to solve the mysterious events that has occurred in and around the village. Lee, just like his grandfather, believe the events may have something to do with the remains of the crusaders influence. Little does he know that this trip will reveal more than he could ever imagine.

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Wow this was you're best mod easily, I loved Dark Case and this one prove's it you really worked hard on this mod.

All the original and new ideas, make's this mod one of the uniquest I ever played and experienced. I love the town, bar, my room where I can sleep and do stuff. Everything is executed perfectly!

Story was really intriguing and so interesting I lost track of time how long I have been playing this, everything is well done with story wise and how plot thickens and all those twists are really well made.

Puzzles are top-notch in this one, sometimes I really have to think and sometimes everything make's sense and if you think hard, you can't get stuck all the time. Well.. I have to ask few times hints, because couple finding items and events, annoyed little bit and I was getting frustrated and stuck long time, but just a few times. My favourite puzzles are "analyzing areas and machine-puzzles". That was so refreshing and new I didn't get bored even one second. Everything is just planned smoothly and you just used so many elements what we need to solve this puzzle and progress further. Amazing!

Gameplay is really interesting and kept me going a long time in one sitting, whole story took me over 4 hours to complete it was really enjoyable and long one. Chapters splitting is always smart and tell player how close you are to the final part.

Scares... are just.. really freaking terrifying, whole atmopshere is builded so interesting and scary, I was thinking "Whenever I walk somewhere I never was safe" that was my feeling and it's really good you executed this well, because it's really hard to make player fear so much and this mod did it superb. I jumped many times, okay couple cheapscares, but sometimes those monsters "popped-out" I manly screamed little bit it was that terrifying. Whole slowly builded atmosphere is something really hard to make and this one did the job easily, this is what im looking in the mods nowdays. Well done, sir!


- Music
- Map Design
- Scares
- Puzzles (complex ones too)
- Atmosphere, really terrifying
- Story
- Town, own room creativity with different events
- Bar which contains "buy-in system with coins"


- Couple annoying "finding item moments"
- Sometimes I needed litle more hints for the puzzles

Really awesome mod for an awesome creator! Thanks Kaernk for making this, this is my favourite mod of 2015, easily!

9/10 - Thrilling ride with different experience unlike any others


I give this CS 10/10. It was complex CS which took me a lot of hours to finish (about 10-15). Let’s start with negatives:

•If you put wax roll into different phonograph it broke the game (I couldn’t move and had to restart).
•Enemies put right into my face, no place to run in several cases, could probably be handled better, you don’t always need to put them in front of you to be scared and try to avoid them.
•Final boss fight- it got stuck when you die in the blood gas bugging the event making your breath double time and shortening the timer before instakilling you again and again, after 4th death it was impossible to get to the orb, needed to reload whole fight.
•Too many locked inaccessible doors, vast sometimes empty places.
•Sometimes too many hints and sometimes none at all. (Jefferson’s mansion spent looking for key).


•Story line was amazing, no irrational running from place after amnesia or laboratory experiments.
•Original approach, day-night cycle, detective investigative approach, use of money etc.
•NPC- enemies, villagers, landlord, naked drunkards – no words, loved it.
•Soundtrack, fitting music in appropriate places.
•Great job with scripting, mapping, great atmosphere
•Puzzles – finally something challenging, wouldn’t change that

To conclude: Incredible job for one man CS. Loved the whole concept, puzzles and it took a lot of time to complete it as well. You were able to hold the atmosphere for the whole time. I encountered many scary and funny moments. It must have taken incredible amount of time to create those maps. You did great job, one of the best CS! You should be proud, I sure am.


ShiningBlader says

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I'm very pleased for having played this CS. It has everything: Long durability, challenging puzzles and monsters encounters, good design and a good plot to tie everything together.

I really liked the day/night cycle and how some quests could only be done in specific parts of the day. That is something that very few CSs tried to do. Also enjoyed the morality system and the fact that I had a choice in how approaching Alma and the option to actually talk to her in the first place.

As for the characters, This CS has plenty which adds some more depth to the plot. Also appreciated the fact that Lee has to stand up against nearly everyone at different parts of the game. So it is like, everyone is a boss.

Concerning Voice-Acting, I liked Alma the most.

As for puzzles, there were some difficult ones like in chapter 1 where you have to scroll through a hole in the wall to go around a locked gate. It was difficult to see at first but fortunately it was fixed in the 2.0 Version. The same could be said about the locked chest in the library in chapter 2. It is interesting how a few pointers can turn a headache-inducing puzzle in a very simple one.

I must say I loved the trivia event where you can see Elizabeth through the window. I think most others CSs would benefit from it as having some characters walk around outside of the map's boundaries can add a little more life to the quiet environment. It really didn't change anything it was just a small event made for the flavour but that is why I liked it so much. It really goes to show the effort put in this CS.

Also appreciated the soundtrack used for this CS. So much I had to ask the developer the name of 2 songs used in this CS because I just liked them so much and they fit the mood nicely.

The only flaw in this CS is the oil. I found lots of maps being very dark and had to bump the gamma to 1.5 by chapter 6 because I had no more oil. This is really an issue even very early in the game as by chapter 1 you only have found like 1 sack of coins and you couldn't buy much oil with it.

There were also a couple of jumpscares here and there but really, who cares at this point? This is 10/10 material and is not a bunch of jumpscares that is going to change that.

Conclusion: it was big, it was nicely done and I appreciate the effort the developer put in it and as such I'm eagerly waiting for his next CS.

Despite some mediocre voice acting and a few tough puzzles, this was a scary, long, well executed and above all, incredibly unique mod. This is one of the longest mods out there (at least 5 hours) but good gameplay, a fantastic story and intriguing new features made sure it never got boring. The following is a list (no storyline spoilers) of unique elements in this story:
- day/night cycle (actually important to story)
- dialogue between characters
- some non-linear story elements
- new music/ textures
- new monsters (kinda)
- optional tasks
- choices made throughout game impact ending
- level variety
- very long
Overall this was probably one of the best mods ive ever played ( and ive played alot) simply because of how it was able to blend the originality of other great story's like A Late Night Drink or Destiny Rebellion with the scare factor of Lost the Lights or The Attic in a way ive never seen any other mod even attempt. Also had a great story. Only small issues where quality of voice acting and some hard puzzles. Definitely a must play


An amazing experience from the beginning to the end


theristantejadharma says

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Easily one of your best creation. A new and original story, side quests, living npcs, easter eggs, this shows that you worked really hard on this mod. I love how few of the characters in your previous mod (Alma, Isaac, Michael) is referenced or appeared directly in this story, also each environment is unique. The village, the dungeons, the mines. The soundtrack is also nice. Despite that, the voice acting could've been better (I know you hired free voice actors and not all are superb). Overall, a really good CS definitely want to play it again


As this is one of my first Amnesia mods I've played, its hard for me to give comparisons. I do recognize the amount of effort you have put into this mod and how different this mod is compared to others. However, I feel that this is an exercise in futility as you repurpose horror assets into tasks they weren't meant for. It gives a very inconsistent tone in atmosphere.

Tl;DR = A in effort, F in execution


One of the best custom stories I have played. Great job!


Good job!


Awesome cs. I didn't find the story just as exciting as in, say, The Great Work for example, but that's just my opinion. However it made sense and there was a lot of notes and other things to find. Gameplay was super fun with well manufactured money system.

This story deserves 10/10 just for its length and gameplay value. Voiceacting was mediocre (I enjoyed Isaac's part a lot :-D). I got medium ending, apparently missed a few too many moral points (didn't find 2 of the waxrolls, some of the secrets I found, some I didn't). Took about 7 hours. Might play again some day!

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Wow this was you're best mod easily, I loved Dark Case and this one prove's it you really worked hard on this mod. All the original and new ideas, make's this mod one of the uniquest I ever played and experienced. I love the town, bar, my room where I can sleep and do stuff. Everything is executed perfectly! Story was really intriguing and so interesting I lost track of time how long I have been playing this, everything is well done with story wise and how plot thickens and all those twists are…

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