Agent X bring real-life weapons to UT in a nice way. Every weapon is replaced by a real one. You'll find pistols, submachine guns, rifles... and also some exotic things, such as grenades, proximity mines and a huge rocket launcher. The armor is also replaced. It's needed to say that just the weapons are realistic: the unreality still exists, so you can take a lot of shots before dying.

The mod also has some nice features: "Realistic Gunshots" makes the game more realistic, so shooting in a leg causes less damage then in the chest, while shooting in the head you inflict double the damage. There's also the "Bullet-Delay", which removes instant hits from the game adding a small delay depending on the distance.

In addition, Agent X brings the 5 standart UT gametypes plus 3 new ones.

Featured weapons

  • Melee Knife (slash and throwing modes)
  • Walter P99 Pistol (with and without a silencer)
  • Spas 12 Shotgun
  • Remington 870 Shotgun
  • Mini UZI
  • Heckler & Koch MP-5 PDW (with and without a silencer)
  • Colt M4a1 Assault Carabine
  • Automat Kalashnikov Model 47 Rifle
  • Tactical Rocket Launcher
  • High Explosive Grenades (HE if you didn't recognise it)
  • Commando Sniper Rifle (with nightvision)
  • Anti-Personnel Proximity Mines
  • Featured gametypes

  • DeathMatch
  • Team DeathMatch
  • Assault (very cool with Agent X)
  • Domination
  • Capture The Flag (with a few additions)
  • LastManStanding
  • Commander
  • The one who achieves FIRST BLOOD is promoted to Commander and gain 2 frags. If you die, you lose 4 frags.

  • Skill To Kill
  • Every time you kill somebody you gain 3 Experience Points. If you are killed, you lose 5 Experience Points and if you commit suicide you lose 7 Experience Points. If you have a high Experience Rating you have certain advantages over the player with a low Rating (like damage, health, armor, accuracy etc). Colors as dynamic ambient lights represent your levelexperience.

  • Ambush
  • A normal Team DeathMatch played in rounds.

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    AgentX 2.4

    12 years ago News 5 comments
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    Agent X 101

    Agent X 101

    4 years ago Full Version 0 comments

    This is one of the earliest Agent X mod, while it shares the same theme as the other versions, the weapon layout is different as well as the models, also...

    Agent X 2.0

    Agent X 2.0

    4 years ago Full Version 0 comments

    one of the firsts agent X mods who is completely different from the latest ones.

    Agent X 2.3

    Agent X 2.3

    4 years ago Full Version 0 comments

    Some people didn't liked much the 2.4 version so here is the 2.3 version for download

    Agent X 2.4 (UMOD)

    10 years ago Full Version 1 comment

    Agent X 2.4, Umod version.

    Agent X 2.4 (RAW)

    10 years ago Full Version 0 comments

    Agent X 2.4, Non-Umod version.

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    syythe Mar 14 2012 says:

    there is a bug in the .int file of agent get stuffswapper or arena match to recongize that agent x is there you need to edit the object=(undercover.w_(whatever) to undercoverITEMS.w_(whatever). this has fixed many probelms with getting agent x weapons in a non agent x match..a.k.a zombie killing grounds...i love using the spas in there... anyway i wantd to let you guys know i found the problem and fixed it..

    +1 vote     reply to comment
    L3d Jun 29 2011 says:

    wasnt the latest versoin a sdk that needed compiling ,i rember i did mine, way cool 8))

    +1 vote     reply to comment
    1n5nm0m1c Jun 20 2010 says:

    I love Ambush, but I see that you cant play with other weapons replacing AgentX's weapons or bots won't do it anyway, so how would i get Ambush with out AgentX's weapons.

    +1 vote     reply to comment
    TheArmyGuy Dec 24 2009 says:

    i love this mod i just wish u could use these weapons fot monster hunt

    +1 vote     reply to comment
    Blade_Sword Jul 15 2015 replied:

    Maybe with stuffswapper, sorry for the 6 years late answer

    +1 vote     reply to comment
    Sagesrage Jun 7 2009 says:

    Neat mod, Nice weapons to, quite a bit buggy, But still excusable. Either way i enjoyed playing for a while. 8/10

    +1 vote     reply to comment
    pyronious Apr 2 2009 says:


    I really like the mod! definitly one of my favorites.
    I found this when i was on one of my mod-download-install trips on Moddb :)

    But.. a few thinks bothered me:
    *infinite grenades when you simply hold the mouse button :)
    *the Overpowerness of the AK-47 ( the OPness and the inaccuracy match, tho)
    *The inaccuracy of the M4 was dissapointing.. i couldnt hit a elephant from 2 meters :(
    * and a small one, the SPAS12 does not have an pickup/putdown animation.

    great mod anyways! :)

    +2 votes     reply to comment
    AcidGlow May 24 2008 says:

    This mod got boring so fast...

    +1 vote     reply to comment
    Thorodd Aug 31 2007 says:

    There are really a few things to fix, but its a great mod. Are there any servers wth AgentX?

    +1 vote     reply to comment
    banamaman Jul 13 2007 says:

    there are a few bugs here and there, as well as a few things that i would like to see "changed." the biggest bug that i found was with the grenades, if you just repeatedly click the primary fire really fast, you can toss obscene amounts of grenades rapid fire. upon stopping, your ammo is only decreased by one grenade. some of the things that i don't like are how much your 1st person view shakes while firing, the fact that the translocator is taken out of the inventory, and the lack of spread on the shotguns. i noticed some issues with the weapons firing rates; the AK-47 fires at an extremely irregular rate, and is less accurate than it should be. the P 99 is also a tad slow and inaccurate. the Mini Uzi fires quite a bit faster than the M4 and MP5 (not to mention it's much more accurate than both of them.) the following is just me being picky, but i feel like i should say it anyways. the green crate pickup mesh is used too much, when i go to grab it, i don't know if im grabbing shotgun shells, mines, grenades, or what. i thought the first person meshes could've been more "efficient." a lot of polys that aren't seen in-game are still included in the meshes. the 3rd person mesh for the Mini Uzi wasn't skinned properly. a Remington 870 comes standard with a stock, and has a longer barrel. an Uzi only has a 25 round clip, not 30.

    i would like to see some secondary fire added to a few of the weapons. the AK-47 for example can fire in two modes, automatic and semi-automatic (as controlled by the switch on the side. i believe the M4 also supports a three-round burst mode in addition to automatic.

    +1 vote     reply to comment
    syythe Mar 14 2012 replied:

    a note on the green crate is have to look at it to know whats in it..but then again when you look you die right?

    +1 vote     reply to comment
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