Concentrating on the late medieval period, Age of Chivalry: Hegemony replaces or significantly alters each of the civilizations in the original game, while adding a number of new ones, allowing the player to control Central and Western European states. Many new units and technologies have been added and gameplay dynamics have been changed considerably in this complete overhaul of Age of Empires II.

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•Tactically rich
(You can play alot, if you're a thinking creature, you'll find something always new)

•Dynamic (PvP can happen at korean speed, spam click wont save you from strategic mistakes tho)

•Sometimes funny (Wierd and variable situations happen, when AI is in the place specially)

•Brutal rape AI that gives you brutal challenge
(Does surprise you sometimes with intellect)

The rest:

•Eye pleasing (what AOC can give)
•Creates discussions for old friends, due to what said in gameplay*


buildings, units, system, great at all of this bro
u totalle made a new different game actually, i like the system, guild buildings, and the desition to pick just one upgrade and last age, admire your work

Age of Chivalry takes the winning formula of Age of Empires and adds focus and detail. Instead of civilizations from broad swaths of time and space, it selects very specific European countries from a more compact timeline. Throughout, it embraces a very high attention to historical detail.

The basic structure remains very familiar, with skirmishers, light cavalry, and the same siege units, though things tend to be moved up an age. But it adds complexity with castle-trained knights in addition to the lower status militia and medium cavalry. Crossbows bolts are far more damaging than an arrow, but a longbow can fire much more quickly. Many countries can supplement their armies with quickly raised mercenaries, whether they are German-speaking knights, famed English longbows, fearsome Swiss pikemen, or skilled artillerymen.

These countries are seeded with more distinctions than the basic game, with more bonuses, weaknesses, unique units and technologies that correspond to composition and vulnerabilities suffered in history. Burgundians can raise exceptional expensive troops, but are very unimpressive when their florins run low. Florentine militia, abiding by the Scuola Braccesca, are without peer; but must use mercenaries if the need arises for knights.

These differences are heightened with mutually exclusive technologies that align with different political paths. The Swiss choice is quite minor: better light troops or better heavy pikemen? The Bohemian choice completely redefines their army: either a Holy Roman Emperors' heavy cavalry, or the innovative Hussite rebels.

Even the basic mechanics can change for a few countries. The princely, urban, and rural states have their distinct government buildings, which act as a research center, tiny castle, or a barracks, with different lategame technologies found at each. Scotland distributes its stable units between the barracks and archery range. Some countries have cheap, small, weak castles; others have expensive, large, and strong ones. Occasionally, a country can gain access to a troop an age before any opponent. Brandenburg alone does not upgrade their archers to crossbows, but has access to both simultaneously.

There are also significant cosmetic differences between countries. Numerous new buildings graphics of excellent quality are added, some unique to a country, others shared several states. An astonishing number are based on particular buildings, whether the Danzig Krantor, the Belfort of Bruges, or the Palace of the Doge. Regional names are added for various troops and buildings: you'll rarely see 'knights', but many times Ecuyers, Ritters, Grietmannen, Schilknechten, Rytirs, Lovag, Scudieri, or Ridders.

If you don't learn enough history from playing the mod, it even incorporates excellent essays in the history sections about each country, some of the historical troops and buildings in the mod, and many battles covered in its campaign.

Age of Chivalry is a very in depth look at Medieval Europ, within the classic Age of Empires format. It's full of high quality material and historical detail, down to renaming all the knights in some campaign missions after nobles present in that battle. It's quite well balanced and has a tendency to update with new content and improvements. There's no reason you shouldn't try it out.

New civilisations,technologies,units and buildings AND graphics.This mod is perfect even if you are not good at the game.The only flaw is its AI.But you need to get used to it.Great mod.


Can't say how the mod affects multiplayer but for singleplayer this is a blast. A huge amount of new assets to play with which most importantly look good so they fit into the game and stat wise are also making sense. Many new civilizations with their own unique look and buildings and units make this for me a true AoE3.

A lot of effort has gone into this mod, an effort I greatly appreciate as its outcome is fantastic. Many thanks.

the game is really well but if there could be a patch or an update in French would still be better

Super MOD!!! I like it, becuase it have many civilizations (Poland too (: ).

******* awesome!

Age of Chivalry Hegemony is te best mod for Age of Empires II. Congratulations to creators Kor & Andrew, & all people works on it. This is beta versión... can you imagine will be the final version? Without much ado, it is clear the good work and be positioned as one of the best mods ever for Age of Empires II. 100% recommended. Beautiful style, good balance, UserPatch included, not really historical accuracy but, is imposible to have all.
Please forgive my english

The best mod for Age of Empires 2 you can find. I give respect to the guys who keep working on this mod and are still keeping it alive. Had an amazing time trying all the factions and playing around with the new EVERYTHING haha

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