Be prepared to create your own House and challenge the Seven Kingdoms in this adaptation of A Game of Thrones. A gritty world awaits you full of treachery and traitorous Kings, Lords and Knights. Will you survive the slaughter and take the Iron throne, or will you succumb to the traitorous ways that goes forth in Westeros and Essos.

If you encounter any bugs or need any support regarding this mod please visit our forums at

A World of Ice and Fire Dev Team.

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Beta 9 Release

I'm sure everybody's extremely anxious for the Beta 9 release. The download will be appearing here within the next day or two, so be sure to keep checking back ;).

This release has fixed the most bugs so far with hundreds which I haven't even documented. If you've been waiting to play a stable version, this is probably the one you should try. That said, I shall probably release a patch or two over the next week or so with any bug fixes I have inevitably missed.

Fire Sword

The Changelog

Fix some bugs in Jacobhinds moral code.
Change out some models/textures/shaders.
Changed/balanced all shields. Faction shields should block much more damage now.
Added new music and converted all to ogg. for better performance.
Added new items/models.
Factionised more items.
Fixed unable to progress Vary's quest.
Fixed Alfred dyeing when he shouldn't.
Re worked a load of random events. You now shouldn't loose any stats in any of them and others outcomes make more sense.
Adjusted items/gear for all bandits and peasants.
Fixed Lys troop tree.
Fixed issues with music. Each culture should play in the correct locations now. It was a bit of a mish mash before.
Adjusted some stats of items.
Afterdeath battle cam/battle continuation now also works in ambushes.
Completely removed the lag when re-entering the campaign map.
Reduced general lag/stuttering on the campaign map.
Found some more tourney troops without weapons.. so equipped them.
Changed most face textures.
Fixed many scenes.
Fixed some battle maps where you start right at the edge.
Fixed armies not engaging when you join an already ongoing battle on the map.
Fixed issue with not being able to attack some parties if you didn't have negative relations (ie Lannister quest party).
Fixed issue with weaponsmith in Qohor.
Buffed Valyrian weapons.
Added being able to whistle your horse.
General bug fixes.
Re-worked starting characters and gear.
Added quest 'Bridge and Bones'.
Added The Tower of Joy.
Added Illyrio's manse.
Added new quest 'Bolster the Black'. - Currently not finished. This is where the main questline currently ends.
Added new scene for Robber Knights Camps.
Added some new animations.
Adjusted/fixed some companion dialogues.
Added 3 new Valyrian swords.
Added Fire Sword.
Updated the formations and formai code to moto's new code from VC. Performance for me has increased 2 fold.
Updated info pages.
Added several extra npc's to various locations.
Changed scene for Qohor.
Changed/fixed Braavos great hall.
Fixed some cases where castle black was still receiving tournaments.
Added more sea routes.
Fixed Night's Watch villagers not having weapons and being incorrect troops.
Villages should now change culture when taken by new factions.
Changed dialogue for sieges and fixed some bugs related to this.
Adjusted/fixed ai mesh for Riverrun.
Adjusted siege menus to be more user friendly and fixed any bugs related to this.
Removed pre battle orders from sieges as this just caused issues.
Adjusted dialogues for having a child.
Your child will now slowly grow into an adult.
Fixed Sherrer having the incorrect terrain.
Added 5 new villages to Essos.
Added 5 new castles to Essos.
Fixed issues with Evenfall Hall scene.
Added Ambient Occlusion to some models.
Changed all names of Bandit leaders to be specific to origin.
Adjusted flora.
Possible fix for certain bandits/pirates whizzing around the battle maps at 100mph.
Lots of optimisations made with meshes.
Added Braavos town and arena made by Gokiller.
Added Sea Dragon Neck village made by cakeflirty.
Fixed double instance of some lord companions if they were taken prisoner.
Added slave troops to Essos. - Certain Essos cities use mercs as part of their armies, although you can recruit peasants and turn them into slaves for a quick cheap troop.
Fixed/changed the twins scene.
Fixed issues with master of whisper dialogues.
Fixed/Changed wildlings cave scene.
Fixed Fairmarket siege scene.
Fixed Vaith siege scene.
Changed Grassy Vale scene.
Changed Runestone scene.
Changed Crakehall scene.
Fixed issue with some flag meshes.
Fixed issues with some pic meshes.
Fixed some brothel keepers appearing twice in brothels.
Added Kings Landing scene made by Gokiller. (modified by myself)
Added Casterly Rock scene made by robercik8211. (modified by myself)

Lots and lots of other bugfixes, optimisations and tweaks.

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 9

If anyone with weak computers has issues with the first scene crashing. Let me know and I will upload a fix for this.

A big thanks to everyone that has had input in the creation of the Beta 9, that includes those that have donated, the ones of you who have made scenes, reported bugs and issues and tested the dev/test builds. You guys have helped to make the mod bigger and better.

Please don't forget to visit out Patreon page:

Our forums to post any issues:

Our wiki page:

Or add me on Twitter: @TheRealProduno

I hope everyone has fun playing the new build whilst remembering we are still in Beta, bugs and balance issues do still happen. Though we are much much closer now to a final release ;)

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.5

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.5

News 18 comments

News related to the release of A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.5. What's planned for the future and anything else.

The next update

The next update

News 3 comments

Information regarding the next update, bug fixes and other mish mash.

Beta 8 Release

Beta 8 Release

News 19 comments

News on the new Beta 8 release which should be available for download shortly.

Beta 8

Beta 8

News 14 comments

Information on the upcoming release of Beta 8 for A World of Ice and Fire.

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A World of Ice and Fire Beta 9

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 9

Full Version 82 comments

This is a stand alone download for the mod so you can go ahead and delete your previous version. A couple of known bugs which I will try and fix A.S.A.P...

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.6

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.6

Patch 52 comments

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL BETA 8.5 BEFORE DOWNLOADING THIS PATCH!! Make sure you copy the contents of this file into your A World of Ice and Fire module...

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.5

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.5

Full Version 34 comments

This is a complete version so you can go ahead and delete your old folder. Please bare in mind some bugs may still be present, if you find any and you...

AWoIaF Beta 8

AWoIaF Beta 8

Full Version 57 comments

This is a full release, so you can go ahead and delete your older versions. Please read the known bugs below.

Beta 7 Final Hotfix #2

Beta 7 Final Hotfix #2

Patch 132 comments

Heres the second hotfix for the Beta 7 Final. No need to download Hotfix #1 as this contains all the fixes that one did. Just install over your Beta 7...

Beta 7 Final Hotfix 1

Beta 7 Final Hotfix 1

Patch 37 comments

Extract the contents into your A World of Ice and Fire module overwriting everything. Its always best to start a new game after patches.

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produno what are the most known womans able to be wifes? daenerys is possible?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

weak computers fix pls :c

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So when you have a baby you need to give it to your wife for it to grow up?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Great mod, really enjoying it. It has a lot of charm.
I have started my own kingdom but can only recruit vale troops from pretty much every village on the map. Does anyone know why that is ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is this happening only for your and vale's villages or everyones? if only for yours and vale's you can change your faction culture if not idk :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The above is my account (forgot to log in)
It's all villages, villages in Dragionstone now give me vale troops for example. How do I change culture ? I don't have the staff member to change it :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
produno Creator

You should check the changelog ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Never mind I understand why I can only recruit those type of troop. Once a faction takes over a castle the villages turn into the victors troop type. Bit of shame that the deceased faction troop becomes extinct.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Produno you might already be aware but I think the weaponsmith in Qohor is still bugged. I did notice he said he could only reforge so I was wondering is there a quest to get some old valyrian sword and have it reforged or something along those lines.

Also the wiki lacks information but this is a small issue.

Although there are lots of bugs and unbalances still in the mod I still find it very fun to play. Good job it is one of my fav mods.

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great fun mod. It just needs more places and villages

Feb 23 2014 by Rometotalwar11

Lowest Rated (17 agree) 1/10

I always try out GoT mods, but now I have actually played some time on this mod, I can't play any more. It's utter rubbish. I'm sorry, I am going back to Cozur, at least he can code.

May 8 2014 by Sirjoot

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Latest tweets from @therealproduno

Slowly working through the bugs. A couple of weeks until the hotfix.

May 4 2016

A massive response to the Beta 9. I've had lots of PM's, posts and comments. I will try and answer as many as I can! Thanks :).

Apr 28 2016

Beta 9 is now up on ModDB

Apr 26 2016

Beta 9 coming tomorrow. #GameofThrones #mount_and_blade #AWoIaF

Apr 25 2016

Beta 9 Test Build. Apply Here:

Apr 14 2016

RT @Mount_and_Blade: Bring on the Viking Conquest mods!

Apr 4 2016

Beta 9 is about ready. Just testing and bug fixing.

Apr 4 2016

The next update includes merging all Westerosi and Essos factions and making the mod VR only.

Apr 1 2016

New dev build on the forums. Possibly the last one until the public release.

Mar 23 2016

RT @GRRMspeaking: Season 6 Is Coming

Mar 9 2016

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