Be prepared to create your own House and challenge the Seven Kingdoms in this adaptation of A Game of Thrones. A gritty world awaits you full of treachery and traitorous Kings, Lords and Knights. Will you survive the slaughter and take the Iron throne, or will you succumb to the traitorous ways that goes forth in Westeros and Essos.

If you encounter any bugs or need any support regarding this mod please visit our forums at

A World of Ice and Fire Dev Team.

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A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.6

I have released a patch for the Beta 8.5 released a few days ago. You can see the changelog below.


Fixed Ram head in scenes incorrectly positioned.
Fixed not being able to enter farmstead.
Fixed all quest notes not showing.
Fixed some tourney goers not having correct armours or weapons causing some not to move.
Fixed floating sacks in Long Lake village.
You now need 200 renown before you are invited to any tournaments. - This stops spamming quests you are not likely to win in early game.
Fixed an issue related to killed agents in battles. This also fixes problems with having to retreat.
Added more of UncleSamuel's dialogue/grammer/spelling fixes/changes.
Re-worded the character naming preferences on game start to be more understandable for people who have not followed the setting before.
You can now also rest at the Crossroads Inn.
Fixed some shader issues on some armours.
Fixed Citadel scene.
Fixed issues with the Night's Watch troop tree.
Reduced smoke omitted when burying the dead after battle.
Updated Jacobhinds moral code which fixes many bugs.
Halved the rate of border incidents.
You can now hire a maester at your fort.
Stopped some siege ramps being destructible.
Optimised all map textures.
Changes made to the wall scene to try and make sieges better.
Adjusted/fixed issues with various scenes.
Adjusted hair and beard shaders.
After the initial starting sequence your health will be refilled upon entering the map. This fixes problems when encountering hostile parties.
Lots of other fixes/optimisations/adjustments.

Thanks to everyone that has posted bugs and problems. It all helps to make this mod even better.

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.6

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.5

So here it is, the latest Beta of the modification A World of Ice and Fire for Mount and Blade: Warband. This release is packed full of bug fixing goodness and huge amounts of polish. Please do remember however that some bugs will still exist as is the nature of Beta products. Considering the short time between the last release, I'm very happy with the amount of work completed for this update.

Battle at dawn

Before I go any further lets take a look at the changelog.

Changed hair textures so many heads are not as 'silver'. Also fixed other issues related to hair.
Adjusted music for hunting.
Removed LOD's of animals when hunting.
Loads of changes to the campaign map.
Changed some village names to be more correct according to lore.
Added new Dragonstone armours made by Bloc.
Changed all Dragonstone troops.
Added some passive quests. These can be found through rumours throughout the world.
Changed a couple of companions to 'legendary'. They cost more but have increased stats and correct armours etc.
Adjusted cost of all troops. Troops from a different faction will now also cost more.
Fixes made to Custom Commander.
Fixes made to Freelancer.
Optimised texture sizes.
Fixed script errors in the Citadel.
Changed music type in Whore houses.
Fixed issues in Selhorys great hall.
Fixed Fossoways and Morrigens banners
Rubbish items will show less in shops now.
Reduced the amount of trophies.
Fixed Valyrian face and hair.
Added 2 traits to choose from. More may be added in the future.
Updates/changes/fixes to forts/outposts. This includes changes to all scenes.
Fixed some helmets and coifs showing beards through them.
Reduced map freezing when leaving scenes etc and going back to the campaign map.
Re-written code for calculating centre relation regarding religion. This fixes the bug related to villages hating you most of the time.
Re-written part of the code for random wars. Random wars are now back, but Westeros and Essos are counted as separate entities. Meaning they wont inter war with each other. WiP.
Swapped out a load of items for better textures/meshes. Also sorted brf files and removed un needed textures. Made some textures more general across the board.
Fixed bugs with Arrow textures, plus others.
Fixed issue with battle wounds if you are not player troop in battles.
Fixed issue with player sometimes spawning twice in taverns.
Fixed issues with Joining the Free Folk quest.
You will no longer be able to borrow money or buy land at Castle Black.
Re-wrote dialogues/text for persuading other factions when holding lords captive.
Added new tourney scenes.
Added new tourney heroes.
Tourney goers now wear their own gear.
Melees are now easier than other tourneys.
Added parts of TPE to make tournaments more exciting and to try and increase their importance in the world.
Removed some duplicated Lords/Ladies.
Changes made to weather to add more immersion.
Tourneys in Westeros will have different heroes attend than tourneys in Essos, though both will have a very small chance of either attending the other.
Castle Black should never hold tournaments.
Sorted all equipment for skills penalties and fixed any bugs related to this.
Having Ironborn veteran Reavers in your party will now increase players looting skill.
Reduced heavy and medium armour athletics skill penalty by half.
Increased amount of reinforcements for the Westerlands.
Decreased the amount of reinforcements for the Riverlands.
Increased leadership and tactics skills to 15.
Changed The Arbor scene.
Fixed Hunters Pass village having the wrong icon.
Changed all female face textures.
Changed some arena scenes.
Updated/fixed The Eyrie hall scene.
Added a new quest - Winter is Coming.
Updated a tonne of face codes.
Added and updated all dresses in the game.
Removed all Brytenwalda dresses that weren't needed.
Fixed error on prelude screen.
Start revamping all armours and helmets. Remove any other items not correct to the current time period.
Started revamping scenes.
Moved Dothraki locations and gave them proper Dothraki names.
Added new Tavern and Great hall to Braavos.
Re-wrote all siege text. This now makes more sense and reads better.
Fixed mystic merchant exploit. He now doesn't refill his inventory every time you re-enter the tavern.
Re-wrote weapon breaking code - yes again.
Fixed error with map_flag_15.
Re arranged the manage ship screen so you can now select all ports to send your ship.
Fixed red text errors in Pentos.
Changed all tents in camp scenes to be more fitting to the era.
Changed camp and entrenched map icons.
Fixed issue with Runestone map icon sometimes occurring.
Started going though all troops correcting names/spelling and changing army compositions slightly for more variation - Added Northern Pikemen, Changed Hornman to Trumpeter plus much more.
Started doing the same as above for weapons and horses.
Added two scenes by Ruthven.
Due to popular demand, you can now decide if you want The HBO name of Yara Greyjoy or the ASOIF Books name of Asha on game start.
Reduced amount of troops for the Night's Watch.
Doubled troops of the Free Folk.
Adjusted all map icons to be better placed. All should be easier to click now.
Added/fixed Ai mesh for Harrenhal.
Made changes to Pyke siege scene - this should hopefully be better.
Fixed Ai mesh at Banefort.
Adjusted Winterfell scene to be a little less resource intensive.
Fixed bug with wrong ladies appearing in Dragonstone instead of Storms End.
Four new pieces of armour added created by Thanewulfgharn.
Buffed Faceless Men.
Added Hornwood and respective village.
Added Lightbringer, Celtigars Axe and a Valyrian Scimitar all created by Thanewulfgharn.
Fixed red text errors in Casterly Rock.
Fixed red text in Winterfell.
Fixed red text in Highgarden.
Changed Kayce scene.
Fix some music uses plus added extras.
Removed the Kingsguard feature for now until its re-worked.
Added the Inn of the Kneeling man.
Added the Old Stone Bridge Inn.
Fixed the incorrect Ironborn flags.
You and your men can now rest at some of the special locations for a fee.
Fixed issues with custom battle maps not working every time.
Fixed a lot of inconsistencies, fixed some incorrect scenes, wrong troops in wrong places, inaccurate text, fixed some missing collision objects plus more.
Created and changed animal map parties to have the correct map icons.
Fixed a bug with moving terrain borders.
Added new plate armoured horses and armours from FI2.
Fixed issue with pre battle orders not always working.
Completely overhauled all Economies. Things should be much better now with items from different regions more apparent and trade a little more fun. - feedback welcome as more work possibly to be done.
Buying stone from the quarry now depends on your trade skill.
Re-wrote dialogue for quarry foreman.
Added new parties for The Black Ears and Sons of the Mist.
Started rectifying miss-spellings, grammar etc with huge help from UncleSamuel.
Added Moon Brothers camp created by Nate-Hawkings.
Added Jacobhinds updated less resource intensive moral system.
Lots of performance fixes. This version should run much smoother than the last.
Plus much more...

Inn of the kneeling man

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.5

A massive thanks to everyone that's helped with this release, most notably Nate-Hawkings, Thanewulfgharn and UncleSamuel. Don't forget you can keep upto date with the latest from the modification by means of either visiting our forums @, Adding me on Twitter @therealproduno or checking back here on ModDB regularly.

I have also been busy getting the new wiki set up and running. I have started filling it but will need your help to do the bulk. It can be found @

I was going to finish up by talking about the future, what I have planned and where I see the mod going from here. But there is already a huge wall of text so I will leave that for another update. Don't forget to review the mod if you enjoy it, or don't.. Though please do remember whilst writing your review, we are still in beta, this is an amateur project and bugs and mishaps will and do happen.

The next update

The next update

News 1 comment

Information regarding the next update, bug fixes and other mish mash.

Beta 8 Release

Beta 8 Release

News 17 comments

News on the new Beta 8 release which should be available for download shortly.

Beta 8

Beta 8

News 14 comments

Information on the upcoming release of Beta 8 for A World of Ice and Fire.

Beta 7 Hotfix #2

Beta 7 Hotfix #2

News 10 comments

New on the Hotfix #2 for the Beta 7 Final. I hope you enjoy the hard work thats been put into this hotfix. As usual any bugs or suggestions please head...

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A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.6

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.6

Patch 35 comments

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL BETA 8.5 BEFORE DOWNLOADING THIS PATCH!! Make sure you copy the contents of this file into your A World of Ice and Fire module...

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.5

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 8.5

Full Version 23 comments

This is a complete version so you can go ahead and delete your old folder. Please bare in mind some bugs may still be present, if you find any and you...

AWoIaF Beta 8

AWoIaF Beta 8

Full Version 57 comments

This is a full release, so you can go ahead and delete your older versions. Please read the known bugs below.

Beta 7 Final Hotfix #2

Beta 7 Final Hotfix #2

Patch 132 comments

Heres the second hotfix for the Beta 7 Final. No need to download Hotfix #1 as this contains all the fixes that one did. Just install over your Beta 7...

Beta 7 Final Hotfix 1

Beta 7 Final Hotfix 1

Patch 37 comments

Extract the contents into your A World of Ice and Fire module overwriting everything. Its always best to start a new game after patches.

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 7 Final

A World of Ice and Fire Beta 7 Final

Full Version 66 comments

This is the full download for the Beta 7 Final. You can go ahead and delete Alpha 6 before installing this.

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i dont know who as the best between ACOK or AWOIAF (a World of ice and fire)
1/not a beta
2/more on books
3/more quest
4/better armor

1/dont lisen comunity
2/having less cool thing then AWOIAF
3/boring after cople hours

1/lots of cool stuff
2/better looking units ( i love the show armor)
3/more good ideas
4/better castle

1/only a beta
2/textures bug

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Produno: perhaps this is already known, but somethimes while in combat there are alot of red messages in the left side, which overflows so that you dont get any other messangers in combat or on the map for a while.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How do i get personal banner man in my army? cant seem to find how to get them

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i dont know how many f***ing time i question do you plan or did you add a quest for the bolton *spoiler* takeover of the north

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
produno Creator

Calm down :). No its not been added. Ive not decided what quests to do yet.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

yhea im sorry to be violent but house bolton is my best house so pls do add that mission you can add a mission to raided winterfell and then play as an archer in the Red wedding that will be cool
oh by the way is there renly death ?

and last thing realy cool mod :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Your favourite house! Shocking! I want the Boltons wiped from the face of the earth!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

seriously house bolton is the most class house in all westeros flag and i prefere to see the bolton who control the north raver then those bastard of stark

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

Goodness buddy, aren't you a little ball of anger.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


I have a problem, I cannot cross the boxes, disable party morale if they not are rested and the decapitations, under mod preference, when i do and press done, it unchecks again when i go into the menu again

do anyone else have that problem? I have had that problem for many updates now, but it still have not been fixed

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
produno Creator

Yeah i just forgot to remove them. Moral or decapitation are not meant to be toggable. Ive accounted for the moral by adjusting other game elements.
Decapitation has been removed.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Why was decapitation removed? Can you make it toggable again?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

ok, thanks!

but do morale still decrease if you dont set up camp?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
produno Creator

Your morale will decrease the more tired your men get.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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great fun mod. It just needs more places and villages

Feb 23 2014 by Rometotalwar11

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I always try out GoT mods, but now I have actually played some time on this mod, I can't play any more. It's utter rubbish. I'm sorry, I am going back to Cozur, at least he can code.

May 8 2014 by Sirjoot

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Feb 4 2016

Anyone that has donated can get the latest dev build over at my forums. ;)

Feb 3 2016

RT @JustHadOneJob: If video games have taught me anything, this cat has a side quest to offer me.

Jan 30 2016

Beta 8.6 released!

Jan 28 2016

Working on a hotfix.

Jan 27 2016

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Jan 27 2016

Beta 8.5 now released.

Jan 8 2016

RT @GameOfThrones: 4.24.16 #GoTSeason6

Jan 6 2016

New Wiki up and running. Feel free to help fill it!

Jan 4 2016

@ertacaltinoz hey, fancy doing some Game of Thrones artwork for my mod? Get in touch so we can chat :).

Jan 3 2016

Still working hard on 8.5.

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