Be prepared to create your own house and challenge the Seven Kingdoms in this adaptation of Game of Thrones.

A gritty world awaits you full of treachery and traitorous kings, lords and knights. Will you survive the slaughter and take the Iron throne, or will you succumb to the traitorous ways that goes forth in Westeros and Essos.

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A World of Ice and Fire 3.0 Release

A World of Ice and Fire 3.0

Here is my little Christmas present to you all, i hope you have fun playing over your holiday period.

If you enjoy the modification, don't forget to vote for us in the Mod of The Year 2017.



Added a few more swords.
Added new wildling armours created by Kraggrim. (hat, boots, gloves and armour variations)
Added more optimised models by Marshal_157. These include lots of armours and all horse models.
Added new arakhs created by Kraggrim. (normal, long, short variations)
Added baratheon shields created by Kraggrim. (round and kite)
Added adjusted Dothraki women models adjusted by Kraggrim.
Changed some names of shields to be more generic across the board. No more old or heavy etc. These should be obvious from the stats and item information.
Added item information for crossbows.
Gave knights correct banners.
Items (mules, Camels) that give stat changes in foraging and inventory management, will now do so if they are in your inventory rather than just by being equipped.
Changed all Wildling gear.
Changed all Dothraki gear.
Changed lods for northern helmet. (optimisation)
Updated all wildling village, castle, towns npc's.
Changed Weapon Master to Weapon Mastery. This skill now has an effect in the speed at which weapons will break.
Slightly increased the stats of the Dire Wolf.
Added some new gauntlets and removed others.
Adjusted some trade prices.
Timber is now cheaper and more readily available, though it will take more to build your settlement.
Various lords or ladies are less likely to leave the safe haven of their homes. ie, Joffrey, Walder Frey, Lysa Arryn.
Hoof tracks (for tracking skill) are now much clearer to see.
Added some missing dialogues for some companions, plus expanded some others.
Updated dialogue for the Bridge of Bones quest to make directions a little clearer.
Tweaked textures of menus.
Redone how quests are counted for the main quests. This fixes issues with some being able to be completed or started twice.
Tripled the amount of looter parties on the map.
Wights can now lose their heads.
Added weather specific scenes depending on the party you are fighting.
Added new female body created by DtheHun .
Adjusted clothing for 'brothel dwellers'.
Added animated spectators at arenas.
Made brothels a bit more lively.
Towns will be more lively if a tournament is being held there.
Added some new npc's from the books and the show.
Added messenger system from VC - you can now send ravens.
Adjusted war systems.
Added Spanish language support. (Some lines still need translating)
Added new companions created by Tages Grey (Patreon pledges)

Ser Beron Grey
Mya Stone
Ser Shadrich the Mad Mouse
Lady Val
Hagen the Beautiful


Lys - Removed some floating objects. Added missing entry points. Removed lots of in-needed items hopefully this will help alleviate the crashing issues.
Added Chroyane created by Moose.
Added modified Highgarden siege scene by Moose.
Added modified Blackcrown siege scene by Moose.
Added updated Thenn Valley scene by Moose.
Fixed issue with Red Lake banners.
Added 18 new ambush scenes.
For some reason props were missing from the wall scene - this has been re-worked.
Fixed Kayce arena scene.
Fixed Duskendale arena scene.
Changes to Winterfell arena scene.
Fixed issues when exiting the lords hall at acorn hall.
Adjusted prison door in Saltpans.
Fixed prison at the Dreadfort.
Added weirwood trees to most northern locations required.
Modified several scenes, added extra animated agents.


Fixed issues with Volantis troop swords.
Fixed all issues with item information. Some were not showing at all, but now are. Some were incorrect and have been corrected.
Fixed some items that were not giving the correct stat changes.
Fixed issue with Volantis soldiers armour.
Added missing entry points to Frostfangs Camp.
Fixed crashes whilst trying to raid villages if you have the direwolf companion.
The Tickler and Varys Spy have had the incorrect flags removed and are exempt from realistic casualties. These 'should' now work as intended.
Companions no longer get annoyed if you fail the tournament quests. (for sure this time!)
Bridges and Bones quest will now correctly finish if you fail. Also removed the pointless extra quest and logs related to this.
No wars should start after completing the quest Bastards and Broken Things if the factions are already at war.
Added the correct entry point for the master at arms at the Twins.
Fixed some incorrect dialogues for companions.
Fixed issues with Syrio, Anguy and Barriston.
Dongo or Wun-Wun can no longer join tournaments. This will stop them being able to ride horses.
Fixed some issues regarding player feasts.
You should no longer be able obtain a quest book in anything other than the quest.
Wights and Whitewalkers can no longer drown.
Various text fixes and changes.
Fixed starting next to lord opponents when starting a duel.
Fixed issues with prison breaks.
Lady Selyse Florent is no longer bald.
Lady Maria Velaryon is now spelt correctly and has Valyrian features.
Fixed some coding errors.
Removed some unused global variables.
Fixed errors showing when using decapitation.
Switched armourer and weaponsmith positions at Lannisport.
Fixed horses sometimes spawning on chairs.
Fixed starting next to the enemy when in an ambush.
Some code changes to A Lannister always pays his debts quest. This should always succeed now.
Fixed multiple lord companions being spawned.

Progress Report

Progress Report

News 9 comments

Progress report and information regarding A World of Ice and Fire modification.

A World of Ice and Fire 2.0 Release

A World of Ice and Fire 2.0 Release

News 53 comments

Information regarding the release of A World of Ice and Fire 2.0.

A World of Ice and Fire v2.0 Information

A World of Ice and Fire v2.0 Information

News 54 comments

You all keep asking me for information on the release of the next big update A World of Ice and Fire 2.0, so here it is.

A World of Ice and Fire v1.3

A World of Ice and Fire v1.3

News 50 comments

News regarding the release of A World of Ice and Fire v1.3.

RSS Files
AWOIAF non map shaders - ALPHA

AWOIAF non map shaders - ALPHA

Patch 11 comments

If you have a mac and have issues with the map shaders then try this patch to remove them.

A World of Ice and Fire 3.0

A World of Ice and Fire 3.0

Full Version 121 comments

A World of Ice and Fire 3.0. This is a full release so you can go ahead and delete your old folder. This is not save game compatible with older versions.

A World of Ice and Fire 2.51

A World of Ice and Fire 2.51

Full Version 171 comments

A World of Ice and Fire V2.5. This is a full version so you can go ahead and delete your old module folder. This is not savegame compatible with saves...

A World of Ice and Fire Hotfix 2.2

A World of Ice and Fire Hotfix 2.2

Patch 119 comments

Another hotfix for A World of Ice and Fire 2.0. This contains all the fixes from 2.1 so only this one is needed.

A World of Ice and Fire 2.1

A World of Ice and Fire 2.1

Patch 21 comments

Hotfix for A World of Ice and Fire 2.0. Your 2.0 saves should still work here. PLEASE INSTALL 2.0 FIRST.

A World of Ice and Fire 2.0

A World of Ice and Fire 2.0

Full Version 97 comments

A World of Ice and Fire 2.0. The changelog can be found over at my forums. Please see the description for info.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 10,437)

Hi guys, I have a few questions:

Is there any way to marry Margaery Tyrell? I've tried sending Renly to the Wall but she leaves with him.

I tried to create alliances with other kingdoms through ravens or messengers but it says that my relationship with them is not high, how can I raise the relationship apart from freeing the lords?

I have raised my relationship with Sansa Stark to 100 (as I always do when I start a new game) and then marry her but this time she has told me that she will not leave her family ... wtf is happening?

Thanks for all, I'm waiting for an update, I really love this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

try eloping with her

help factions in battles to raise relation. you do not lose relation with whoever you're fighting when joining battles

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I've tried the option of eloping with her but she finally tells me that she cant leave her family (maybe because the North is at war with The Westerlands, The Reach and the Iron Islands?) I dont understand, it's the first time that's happening to me.

I thought that by helping in battles if I lost relationship, I'll try that, thank you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There are sooo many things you can put in the mod to make it much more realistic. Not big things but many little things, simple things that can make you feel the game like you are living in it. I see options in this mod which are the same in another 10 mods. Thats not bad. But to make the mod much more realistic and to truly update it you have to put more options for us. Not the same old **** we have in every mod. More options when you conquer a castle more options when you talk to a lord or a lady when you take a prisoner when you are ready to fight etc. I dont say that you dont have a lot already. But you should put more in any new version of the mod. What about being able to torture your prisoner? Or choose how to kill him? What about the iron throne? When you are the king of the iron throne you should really have tons of options for everything and everyone. So much more.. Look this huge text.. and im just getting started. I know about this stuff a lot. I could give you many suggestions on how you can make this mod truly special and the best there is. But it will need a lot of work. You can make this mod ten times better but first you need to want that bad. Prisoners enemies allies factions castles villages ladies babies marriage war peace etc.. all these can be upgraded to the next level. MORE OPTIONS is the key. And its also what is really challenging to get done.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+9 votes

you can kill prisoners, and you can use their flesh for food for your army. there is already extra diplomacy options. there's really nothing else you can add without breaking the mod. oh, and you do have special options when you own kings landing, such as making wildfire and sending lords to the wall. i think you are mistaking this mod with a clash of kings.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i didnt say that we dont have much options. I said that we could have more in every new version. it wont break the mod it will make it better. and there are always more options for everything. Its a bald move to try this and a difficult one aswell. But its the best way to make me and others play this game 24/7 :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

the banner of house Blackfyre removed? i like that banner, I chose to be a Targaryen but didnt want to be a part of the Targaryens, be in a semi-doomed or doomed house is better

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

literally the first banner on the top left

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The eligible Mormont ladies never seem to leave their home, not accompanying Maege to feasts in any instance that I've attended one (and it's been dozens at this point). Is this an intended feature? With so few maidens to pursue in the North, this is a bummer. I'd like to marry into a family that I actually care about, rather than just the random turds who show up to feasts, who are so few and far between anyway. Is there some other way to meet a lady? This is an area that severely lacks. I know that comes from the main game, but still.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

there has to be feasts at bear island for them to show up

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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great fun mod. It just needs more places and villages

Feb 23 2014 by Rometotalwar11

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