A modification for Mount and Blade: Warband, set in the universe of George R. R Martins "A Song of Ice and Fire". Also known as the popular HBO TV-series "Game of Thrones".

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Version 0.93 has been released on the 4th of July, 2013.

Posted by Cozur on Jul 4th, 2013

Version 0.93 has been released, grab it at:

A Clash of Kings 0.93


Companions now have completely new dialogue.
Some lords no longer hold the wrong fief.
Rain House and Claw Isle prison scenes have been fixed.
Bridge positions have been tweaked.
Volantis now have bridges connecting the various islands.
The Eyrie is no longer impregnable.
Lords should no longer receive reinforcements at an alarming rate.
Swords have been made a bit better.
Damage/armor modifiers have been tweaked.
Couple of items have been removed, they where superflous.
Tournaments have been fixed, should now show the correct score/timer.
Essosi lords have been given new faces, to make them more Essosi like.
Some Essosi lords have received new names, based on the dothraki and valyrian languages. Read more about those at www.dothraki.com
Tournament rewards have once again received an overhaul.
Companions have received new gear.
Ladies have been given proper clothes.
Did various tweaks to the world map textures.
Due to popular demand, the Starks have been given a new banner.
Stannis Baratheon has been given a new banner.
Added Caractacus' custom scenes for Stonehelm, White Harbor, Erenford and Oldtown.
Added Dragonstone scene.
Added Sharp Point scene.
Added new facial hair options.
Added new hair options.
Fixed world map crash.
Cattle now follows the player.
The Essosi names have been overhauled.
Added new system of water travel. Travel where the heck you want.
Did various map tweaks.
Re-did some facecodes.
The invading faction no longer looses all its units when they spawn.
Fixed various village scenes.
Improved map performance.
Re-did bandit parties.
Added new "elite" bandit parties. Rare.
You can now recruit lords to join your faction.
Fixed various dialogue options.
Fixed some flora hitboxes.
Small changes to the flora_kinds.
Made font slightly smaller.
Various music changes.
Various interface changes.


Future plans

With 0.93 released, we're moving ever so much closer to 1.0.

The plans for 0.94 are as follows:

New, improved, world map.
Various bugfixes, as always.
Various troop changes.

After that, hopefully, we can move on to 1.0.

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AFellowStalker Jul 4 2013, 12:05pm says:

Isn't the Eyrie supposed to be impregnable though?

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AlexWasHere Jul 4 2013, 12:24pm replied:

Go download 0.92 and siege the Eyrie then come back and ask that question again :P

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AFellowStalker Jul 4 2013, 12:39pm replied:

I don't understand.

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CreaturePirate Jul 4 2013, 3:09pm replied:

Just do it

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RandomZombi3 Jul 4 2013, 3:34pm replied:

The Eyrie had one ladder that was basically impossible for enemy troops to get all the way up. They'd stand on the ladder while archers pick them off.

The Eyrie may have been described as impregnable in the books, but it shouldn't be in the game. It's difficult enough without a bug to make it impossible. :P

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AFellowStalker Jul 4 2013, 3:36pm replied:

Well, it should be. I mean there is a starve out mechanic, and that is the purpose of the Eyrie. It's supposed to show that impregnable is impractical since they can't feed themselves in a siege for more than a few weeks and winter ***** them over.

Making the Eyrie basically impossible to assault is good, because when you siege it you should have to starve it out.

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Cozur Author
Cozur Jul 4 2013, 3:54pm replied:

It's still nigh impossible to assault. Have you tried it yet?

You have to climb a very small, very long, wooden ladder to the top of a mountain, while being continously pelted with arrows, bolts and spears.

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Swapper Jul 5 2013, 3:40pm replied:

Give me ten good men and i'll impregnate the bitch!

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CreaturePirate Jul 5 2013, 7:10pm replied:

Don't forget the climbing picks!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jul 4 2013, 12:22pm says:

Is it possible to see the troop tree anywhere?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Cozur Author
Cozur Jul 4 2013, 3:54pm replied:


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Johnny595 Jul 4 2013, 12:36pm says:

I got a weird bug... Leveled up to 24 at the char creation, and then the first event that is supposed to happen (the robbery), the merchant didn't shown up.

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Cozur Author
Cozur Jul 4 2013, 1:04pm replied:

That's because you used cheats to level up to 24.

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mangosofdoom Jul 5 2013, 12:48pm replied:

I got the same thing i had cheats turned off it just defaulted my character to lv 25 and made them a transexual viking for some reason... Not sure which one concerns me more. Also the thing with the robbery happened to.

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Guest Jul 7 2013, 10:04am replied:

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mangosofdoom Jul 12 2013, 8:27am replied:

It is a rather lovely dress. I've fixed it but yea :/

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antillies Jul 4 2013, 12:46pm says:

Woo! Thanks for the work you did to push this out, Cozur!

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Jorah Jul 5 2013, 2:59am says:

The new banner of Stannis Baratheon is nice. I'm looking forward to the 94 banners.

+1 vote     reply to comment
zdrmba Jul 5 2013, 3:24am says:

Are lords defecting right this time?I mean when their faction is defeated?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jorah Jul 5 2013, 8:09am says:

Bug! If I release a prisoner in Stonehelm he is still kept in prison, and when I speak with him, the dialogue has no end and I have to close the game.

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SuperWozza Jul 5 2013, 9:16am says:

I am A huge fan of this mod,however I am somewhat disappointed with the decline in armor available for the unsuilled .I know its a silly little thing to mention but I think that the scale and mail armor provided for the unsuilled suited game play and more importantly the look and feel of the game far better then the new leather and cloth armor. But anyway I cant wait to play this new version and keep up your amazing work :).

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AceRoccola Jul 20 2013, 10:25am replied:

Why do you keep saying "unsuilled"?

That clearly is not a word.

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Guest Jun 29 2014, 2:25pm replied:

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samslenders Jul 5 2013, 9:36am says:

The mod options aren't available anymore in the menu, is this normal Cozur?

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Guest Jul 7 2013, 8:58am replied:

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stathopoulos Jul 5 2013, 3:14pm says:

You show a couple of images with new armors can i get this in game?

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cooldude1122 Jul 6 2013, 1:11am says:

I know something that would be a cool feature in this mod and it is having children so when they becomes teens or adults they can be a vessel or a companion in your army or something like that

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Guest Jul 7 2013, 11:46am replied:

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ubcsboss Jul 6 2013, 8:51am says:

i noticed a bug. it says my party is out of food yet i have plenty of food in my inventory, i even sold th food i had and bought more from another market. this problem only occurred for me with the 0.93 version with the patch

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Guest Jul 6 2013, 10:11am says:

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Cozur Author
Cozur Jul 7 2013, 5:08am replied:

Did you use cheats to boost your level to ridiculous heights?

+1 vote   reply to comment
polpolik2 Jul 7 2013, 7:06am replied:

first time yes, i tried a new game and it still happens, i am lvl 1 with 5 levies versus 500 bandits packed in each other :).

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Guest Jul 6 2013, 3:02pm says:

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ubcsboss Jul 6 2013, 5:36pm replied:

Lol true, the best looking girl I've found that's available is arywin umber daughter of lord Jon umber of the last hearth in the north

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TheDoctor470 Jul 6 2013, 7:11pm says:

I Don't like the new main menu music how do i get the old one back.

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Guest Jul 21 2013, 3:17am replied:

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dissaeffect Jul 6 2013, 10:02pm says:


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Cozur Author
Cozur Jul 7 2013, 5:08am replied:

Download the patch you nitwit.

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Guest Jul 7 2013, 10:55am says:

This might have been asked before. But will you add the wall my good sir?
It would be a pretty simple concept. A big wall of ice. And some ruins and the three inhabited castles alongside it. Of course.
If i am correct. Then i understand why you dident add the Night's Watch.
They swear loyalty to no one. This is of course the main problem.. But a solution would be that you could start as a brother of the nights watch. Rise to the rank of Lord Commander. And there change the destiny and either remain there fighting wildlings or go out into the rest of westeros and conquer.
If you implent this idea, then i have some suggestions about the set up of the Night's watch. All listed below.

- Send Wandering Crows to gather thieves and other "volunteers" to the nights watch.
- Send Scouting Patrols north of the wall.
- Ask for help from the lords, In form of food, Wepons and soldiers

I might have missed something you have written about "The wall" and the Nights watch before, Then i am utterly Sorry.


+2 votes     reply to comment
Cozur Author
Cozur Jul 7 2013, 4:24pm replied:

Just send me the required code to implement all of your ideas, and I'll include it in 0.94

+5 votes   reply to comment
Guest Jul 7 2013, 4:29pm replied:

Well no need to be rude

+2 votes     reply to comment
CptData Jul 7 2013, 3:00pm says:

Am I the only one who wants to have Asha Greyjoy available for marriage? ;)

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Guest Aug 26 2013, 7:17pm replied:

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mageroo Oct 3 2013, 4:49pm replied:

how did you do that? Can she be a lord on your faction at the same time?

+1 vote     reply to comment
PostApocalypse Feb 8 2014, 12:57am replied:

I have been planning on trying to marry her. I saw that she actually holds a fief so perhaps it is done in a similar way to female players courting male lords. In that case it is just talking to them and asking about forging a lasting connection then proposing marriage. It may take a lot of work to get relations with her up near 100 and renown up pretty high as well. Joining her faction is probably going to be easier than convincing her to defect. Perhaps we can rebel together later on.

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mm9k Jul 7 2013, 3:07pm says:

This is the best mod because it has the best combat. I tried to play the floris mod, but the lancing system on horseback felt weird. Also, I really didn't like how every swing came from over head. This mod's combat animations feel so much more natural.

Cozur, can we please have the mod options back? Pretty please? And is there a fix for health bars? They aren't showing up even though they're ticked.

+1 vote     reply to comment
StriderPig Jul 11 2013, 10:57am replied:

The lancing system takes a while to get used to... but the combat seems identical? In this mod, my guy hits exactly like he did in Floris :P

Great mod - the battle maps are a million times more epic. Keep up the good work, Ser Cozur

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Kuubaaa Jul 8 2013, 4:50am says:

got the patch but tournaments are still broken for me. i cant bet, just says the value of the slider is invalid. i sometimes dont get my price, cant remember wich ones but some textures are missing at the start of the tourney. plus i only get 20 renown even when i finish first and it says i got 40

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appleby393 Jul 8 2013, 9:23am says:

Also Queen Margaery Tyrell says "I may never see my brother Sir Loras Tyrell,again...she is a prisoner in the Dungeon of Wyndhall." i know he's gay and all but still lol.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Col_Collins Jul 8 2013, 3:39pm says:

Not sure why, but ive been playing this mod since version 0.6 and never had any lag problem any where, but ever since version .92 or maybe the version before no matter where i am i get a weird lag, even if i have on lowest settings and im in a place small like a tavern it still has a unusual type of lag, it freezes for a fast second every time i look a different direction in game, i sure its something with my pc or maybe a corrupt file but ive re installed and it still does it. Anyone know what is wrong? or solution.

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