3d modeler and story writer currently developing New Dawn mod for sins of a solar empire (i use XSI Softimage Mod)

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4 comments by mangosofdoom on Apr 7th, 2011

Part one Moddb.com  I Awaken



I sat in my cell waiting for the right moment, I had no idea how much my powers had degraded over the eons so I needed for there to be only one guard. I tentatively touched the mind of the guards filling his head with thoughts, in particular hunger.
"Hay could you cover for me I need to grab something to eat" he said much to my satisfaction
"Umm... You sure that's a good idea I mean the commander said-"The other replied somewhat confused.
"Don't worry he hasn't done anything in like an hour if he wanted to get out he would have done so already." The first guard replied the other sighed in resignation.
"Fine but hurry back I don't like this guy he gives me the creeps" he said, the "creeps" I thought indignantly I thought I had a little more presence then that. The other said something quickly and ran out the door. I would need some time to prepare so once again I reached out and activated the intercom the static hiss caught the guards attention and he turned around and began trying to answer it.
"Ummm hello?" he spoke into the comm. getting only static. Now was my chance I began to draw upon the force allowing it to flow into my body. A black miasma began to rise from me. I looked at my arm to see it dissolve into a dark smoke like substance. I smiled if he thought I was creepy before he was going to be in for the shock of his life now.

I was a shadow, a humanoid cloud of dark swirling smoke. I drifted forwards simply passing through the bars of my prison. The guard continued to attempt to contact someone through the comm. I drifted closer, until I was right behind him. I rematerialized as he turned around. He saw me and his eyes opened wide in fear his breath caught in his throat. I smiled menacingly at him.
“Surprise” I said softly and I lashed out grabbing him by the face. I slammed his head into the wall behind him hard enough to dent it. I let go and he slumped to the floor, dead. I stepped back now I simply had to wait for the other one to return. I searched the first guard while I waited grabbing some grenades and other various bits of equipment such as a flashlight. Then I sat down and waited. Not for long it would seem as the door opened with a hiss.
“Hey man sorry about tha...” He froze as he looked down at the scene before him. I looked up and lashed out with the force sending him flying back into a wall darting out of the room before the door could close I made my way into the hall. Looking around I found a vent carefully removing the cover I slipped inside, reattaching the grate behind me.

I made my way through the vents with haste it would not be long until they found the mess I'd left of the guards and the first place they'd probably look was the vents. I needed to make my way off the ship but first things first I needed my weapon. I would need to find out where the storage room was. I looked down there was an opening below me covered by a grate. Through which I could see an engineer going about his business. Perfect I thought closing my eyes I began to let go of my corporeal body. I drifted down through the grate as a black smoke. The man remained oblivious to my presence, as he continued to fiddle with and open panel. I reformed behind him and tapped on the shoulder.
"Can't you see I'm busy" he said without turning. Smiling I walked up beside him put an elbow on his shoulder and leaned on him.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He exclaimed angrily before turning to face me. His eyes widened somewhat, He obviously didn't know what I was.
"Who the hell are you?" He asked somewhat unbalanced, this could work out nicely and be rather entertaining at the same time.
"Oh just a guest on this fine vessel" I said with a smile. The engineer seemed somewhat unbalanced by this. He looked at me quizzically.
"Was there something you wanted?" he asked. My smile widened.
"Why yes I was wondering if you could tell me where the storage room is" I stated inspecting my current attire as I did so.
"Ah yea it's just down the hall to the right, now would you please let me get back to my work." He said slightly annoyed. I patted him on the back and began walking away.
"I won't keep you any longer then" I said back to him. He merely grunted a reply. I made my way towards the corner my footsteps echoed off the metal surfaces. I began thinking of how I was going to get off the ship once I was back in possession of my lightsabre, and more importantly, how to stop the ship shooting me down perhaps I could overload the systems. I turned the corner and nearly knocked over a guard going the other way. The guard stumbled back slightly, and began to speak angrily.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" He looked up and saw me he raised his blaster. With a blast of force I sent him flying across and down the hall. Only for another squad of soldiers to almost trip over him as they emerged from a nearby passageway. They took one look at me and began firing. I darted back around the corner, the engineer was looking at me now, an expression of shock on his face.
"Hay is there another way to storage?" I asked calmly as shouts came from the hall. The engineer trembled.
"Yea just take a right at the other end of the hall" He stammered. A soldier came charging around the corner firing his blaster. I quickly grabbed the engineers wrench and threw it at the attacker. A dull thunk sounded as it hit him and he slumped to the floor.
"Thanks" I yelled as I sprinted down the hall in the opposite direction. The alarm sounding all around me.

I leaned up against a wall panting running and a thousand years in stasis do not mix well. Alarms continued to sound and i could hear yells down the next hall. This wasn't working, the entrance to storage was down that same hall and without weapons or a firm control over my powers I couldn't hope to win. I began to ponder a solution when one dropped into my lap as a soldier came charging around the corner and straight into my fist. Catching him as he slumped to the ground I quickly looked around and began to put on his armour.  

CH2 The Inquisition  

I strolled down the hall as confidently as i could trying not to fidget with the uncomfortable armour, no wonder these guys were all so uptight. I moved up to the one that looked like he was in command. I saluted him.
"What are you doing here private?" he barked at me.
"Sir, I'm here to check the storage room, sir!" I responded deciding I'd be washing as soon as I got the chance, I could actually feel my skin crawl.
"I'm sorry but I'm going to have to check with the commander about that" he replied tapping in the number to open a channel. I sighed it would seem ideas that run face first into your fist are not good ones but at least it got me nice and close, time to try something, electrifying. I placed my hands on two of the soldiers shoulders both who looked at me quizzically. Then lighting arked from my hands into their bodies which convulsed and fell to the floor. I slammed the officer against wall with a blast of power. I began running towards the door I didn't have much time now. I reached the door and rather then stop i blasted it off its hinges with a massive force push. The door smashed into the opposite side of the room the bang echoing down the hall. I looked around and found my lightsaber. I picked it feeling the familiar shape of it in my hand. Looking around I found my cloak and put that on over the armour no time for a fashion change now.

I ran out of the storage room to be greeted by a hail of blaster fire. I lept back into the room as the shot continued to rain down. I smiled now I had a solution. I turned my lightsaber on, its red blade illuminating the room with its hellish glow. I took a deep breath and charged from behind the door frame. The blaster shots came hurtling towards me I ran towards my attackers as fast as I could, deflecting shots as I went. I was closing on the group. Rather then running headlong into them at the last moment I dropped and slide between the legs of one using the force to launch the surprised looking soldier into the ceiling, still sliding I sliced off the leg of another who dropped to the ground screaming. Maintaining my momentum I pushed off from the ground and kicked another in the side of the head sending him crashing in a wall. Landing a soldier took a shot at me, I deflected it took a step forward and lopped his head off. One pulled a vibroblade and took a swing, jumping out of the way of his clumsy swing, I then stepped forward and cut his hand from his wrist, quickly adjusting my grip I changed the direction of my slice and impaled him. He stood there eyes wide. Drawing my lightsaber from his body I switched it off looking at the carnage. Then a blaster shot fizzled past my head and hit a wall sending sparks flying. Turning I saw another soldier some distance away. Switching my lightsaber on I threw it at the opportunist. The weapon hit him impaling him through the heart. He dropped the the ground the now inactive lightsabers hilt clattered to the ground. I ran forward and scooped it up and once more changed into a shadows and disappeared into the vents again leaving the carnage behind me.

I clambered through the vents again, I sighed, this was getting old quick. I continued my epic struggle against claustrophobia, then decided to expend the extra energy and began to transform into a shadowy cloud of black smoke. Now this was more like it I thought. With that i began gliding through the vents with ease. Then suddenly there was a massive disturbance in the force, My form immediately solidified and I dropped rather inelegantly through a grate into a heap in another hall way.  Rubbing my head I changed back and headed back into the vents. That was strange I thought to myself. I found a quiet place and re-solidified. Closing my eyes I began to sense the disturbance in the force. I found the source and began to investigate it was....strange. It was defiantly the dark side which I found somewhat comforting, but something was...wrong. The source was far to stable no fluctuations at all as if it was artificial not even alive.

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nightovizard May 14 2012, 5:13pm says:

Check the updates in task force

+2 votes     reply to comment
Naga_Sadow Jul 23 2011, 5:20am says: +2 votes     reply to comment
Wolfmann Jul 22 2011, 2:40pm says:

hello I am putting up a mod team for Star Wars Force of Corruption and we could use you... Would you be interested in being on my team?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Elite222 Jul 6 2011, 12:49pm says:

Hey dude if you ever get freespace 2 message me ^^

+2 votes     reply to comment
thebigfoot Apr 18 2011, 6:45am says:

buddy, how detailed do u want the ship and how big is it in meters?
btw, is this the highest res image you have of the texture?

+2 votes     reply to comment
mangosofdoom Apr 18 2011, 6:49am replied:

yes i want the detail to be very high yse that is the highest resolution i want you to try and make it as awesome as possible

+2 votes     reply to comment
thebigfoot Apr 18 2011, 6:54am replied:

mk.. cause it's very pixellated... btw im prob gonna move name. oh and check ur emails

+2 votes     reply to comment
noing Mar 3 2011, 7:11pm replied:

lol indeed

+2 votes     reply to comment
mangosofdoom Mar 3 2011, 8:30pm replied:

i guess balanced with no focus on a particlar field.

+2 votes     reply to comment
noing Mar 3 2011, 10:23pm replied:


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