Imagine a world where the Allies didn't win the war, nor did the Axis. Instead, the war just continued on and on in an unsteady stalemate. Welcome, to the world of 1949. In this world Germany decided not to bomb London, but instead continued its attacks on Britain's airfields. Then, the Russians lost at Kursk. Finally, D-Day fails. With these victories, Germany has managed to halt the Allie's progress. In the Western Theatre, the Allies and the Axis each plan the invasion of the other's vital territories. In the Pacific, Japan and the United States are dueling over tiny islands with giant fleets and atomic weapons. Now, the stalemate is about to be broken. Germany is preparing an all out invasion of Britain. As tough and valiant as the Allied troops defending the Sceptered Isle are, some of their leaders are beginning to that they will be unable to hold against the Wehrmacht.

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America's Sieg Rifle
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I like the rifle model and i think your doing a fantastic job so far :D however i do hope and im sure the textures are unfinished but it does need some refining for the brown to look good maybe give it a pattern from the time, im sorry if i sound like im being a critic haha i really cant wait to play this mod

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lol mod is still alive

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how do i download this mod?

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Step 1: Aquire a time machine...

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That soldier looks like he's strumming an air guitar.

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Well, at first I said I wouldn't, but I finally decided to just go ahead and do it. Here are two new additions to the mod which people wanted, but I had said I probably would not do: a new rifleman texture and the Sieg Rifle. The new rifleman texture is by Jesus of Calgary, and the Sieg was modeled and skinned by me.

Weapon Description:
The Sieg Rifle is a VERY obscure assault rifle that was devised for the U.S. Coast Guard by one of its own members, James Sieg, sometime around 1946. From what little is known about it, it was a bullpup rifle, which apparently had almost no kick. In fact, the weapon was purported to pull downwards rather than upwards, so the person firing the weapon would merely need to hold the barrel steady with their left arm. Though perhaps an exaggeration, the weapon's description will be taken into account.

In terms of gameplay, the Sieg Rifle is an expensive mid-game Doctrine weapon (replacing the Ak-47 in the Army of Tomorrow). It is a fully-automatic firearm which works best at long range. One could use it as an assault weapon (indeed, it is an assault rifle, with both full and semi-auto capabilities), but it would be unwise unless the unit carrying this weapon has received the body armor upgrade (from the same Doctrine). In most cases, though, this gun turns the unit wielding it into a "glass cannon" able to shred and suppress enemy troops from cover at long range.

Behind the Scenes:
This model and texture were very difficult to make, since there are only a couple of photographs that have ever been taken of the Sieg Rifle. I'm running into the same problem with the Wimmersperg, but I'm confident I will come out on top.

The unit texture made by Jesus of Calgary is intended to reflect America's latest strategic decision in 1949: to leave England on its own, and instead focus on battles in Southern Europe, and (if worst comes to worst) North Africa. Expect to see British forces use more greenish colors while Americans now use more brown

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