A game and mod enthusiest, I enjoy science fiction greatly, but any deep, immersive universe with an immense backstory is my cup of tea. Example: ME Universe

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Mar 19 2014, 4:04pm says:

This is General Oraka[static]Reapers[---]citadel fleet[---]nihilated[---]council killed[---]no escape[---]

This is Admiral Hackett! General, I'm sending the Alliance sixth fleet! Hang tight!

Oraka:[---]too late[---]the Citadel[---]overwhelmed[---]cannot be stopped![---]cannot be sto--

Tech: We've lost the transmission, sir.

Hackett: Damnit! Spread the word, we're assembling the fleets. We don't have much time.

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Jan 26 2014, 12:40am replied:

So, we just gotta kill them before they leave. Works for me. All ships, open up!

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Jan 26 2014, 12:34am replied:

SSV Julius Ceaser: Reading you Atlanta: standby incoming transmission...

Harbinger: Is submission not preferable to extinction? Submit now, or die.

Ceaser Actual: This is Admiral McAuliffe of the SSV Julius Caesar. Harbinger says, "Submit now." Nuts! All ships open up! Victoriam in Unitáte!

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Nov 10 2013, 5:30pm replied:

I can see that. However, it is worth noting that this is Arcturus Station as shown in official Mass Effect media. I know for certain it's in Mass Effect: Evolution. Probably in an art book as well.

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Nov 10 2013, 5:26pm replied:

Arcturus Station was the capital of the Systems Alliance, seat of the Alliance Prime Minister, Parliment, and Headquarters of the Alliance Navy before the Reaper Invation of 2186. Arcturus is located in the Arcturus Star System. Three mass relays exist in system making Arcturus a major crossroads and vital strategic location.

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Nov 4 2013, 1:38am replied:

So this is what Cerberus was up to. I'll talk to the defense comittee; see if we can't get Shepard reinstated with the reapers and now Cerberus on our doorstep.

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Oct 7 2013, 6:19am replied:

Ain't no party like the reapers' "party" 'cause the reapers' "party" don't stop!

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Oct 5 2013, 5:55pm replied:

I already predict nightmares...I have only a couple friends who play Sins and my internet sucks most of the time...*gulp*

Goodbye Genetic Diversity.

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Oct 5 2013, 5:40pm says:

Spartains never die...wait...wrong universe...

Unfortunately, this comment doesn't work with Reapers...

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Oct 3 2013, 1:17pm replied:

Stop watching?!?!? This Mod?!?!?!?!?! In the words of Captain Taggart: Youtube.com

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Oct 3 2013, 1:11pm replied:

Agreed. You guys are doing an awesome job with the mod. I wish you guys at DotR the best for the mod and in RL too.

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Sep 25 2013, 2:15am replied:


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Zjin_Kee_Kim Sep 21 2013, 1:21am replied:

I just double checked, and I made a couple mistakes: it's Wales. The University of Wales. He attended graduate school at University of Wales Cardiff...so he was only a student!? He does teach. He's the Director of the Nuclear Sciences Institute at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Also, his paper was published in 1994, so that was 19 years ago.

Sorry, that's my mistake. It's been a while since I did the research on him. I was fifteen when I stumbled on his paper. That was five years ago...

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Sep 14 2013, 1:04am replied:

While it's true that science fiction is still fiction, it's important to remember that science fiction is grounded in science ant that scientific advancement is the result of the human imagination.

@ 212leader & DarkAssault:

Actually, I was under the impression that there is a working railgun on at least one ship (not sure if it's a cruiser or destroyer...) in every carrier battlegroup of the United States Navy. The current prototype is the Blitzer Electromagnetic Railgun or EMRG, and is produced by General Atomics.

If you want to watch their commercial, here it is:

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Sep 14 2013, 1:01am replied:

Hey, what can I say? I love theoretical technology. It's interesting. A lot of people like discussing finer points of science fiction, and many more who aren't sci fi fans look at us and say, "what's the use? It's called science FICTION for a reason! It's fiction!" They blow it all off as entertainment, but look at how many different things in our lives have come from science fiction:

A submersable warship was featured by a man known as "the father of science fiction," Juels Verne in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" in 1870.

Beam weapons using focused light were featured in H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" in 1898.

Besides Mechs, Gundam Seed features genetically engineered humans (yes, coordinators are real).

Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, one of my personal favorites, featured laser-read optical-data-storage-discs, genetic engineering, AI, and cybernetics to name a few.

The most astounding things in my book are the tech that has been so often written off as fiction that now is becoming a reality. H.G. Wells' "Heat Ray" was thought impossible since light is not coherent, but we have lasers today.

Juels Verne's submarine was impossible for several reasons: no one could create an electric motor powerful enough for such a vessel, and even if they had, batters were not advanced enough for such a task. Steam power wasn't feasible because your air supply would be used by a conventional boiler, and no one had yet thought of heating water into steam through nuclear reaction.

Now, European scientists claim to have cracked cold fusion, and if that isn't enough NASA is conducting research with Warp Drive, AND getting real results. Miguel Alcubierre, a Mexican physicist who teaches at a university in Scotland published a paper on how Warp Drive would mathematically work in General Relativity. In the 21 years since, his theories have spawned several others and NASA has begun research.

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Sep 2 2013, 9:31pm replied:

Electronics? Doubtful. On the other hand a simple mechanical system like the ones in the original Hiroshima and Nagasaki devices could be used: it simply slammed two hemispheres of uranium or plutonium together to create the explosion. In such a scenario, you simply design the mechanical lock or safety to break on sudden deceleration (impact). The impact breaks the locking mechanism and the time it takes for the halves of the reactive core to come together would be less than 2 milliseconds, but by the time they come together, the round is already throught the shields and either embedded or past the armor.

It's worth noting that the maximum velocity of a Mk V SMAC or Super MAC Gun like those stationed above Reach and Earth had a maximum velocity of about 4% the speed of light (0.04C). So, it wouldn't be 1/3rd light speed. Light travels at aproximately 186,000 miles per second.

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Sep 2 2013, 9:14pm replied:

Physic's Rant Follows:

Assuming that we're talking at sea level, yes: the nuclear warhead should drastically increase the effectiveness.

Unfortunately, if the nuke detonates on impact, then it will detonate against the covenant shield. It'll increase the damage, but not as much as you are likely imagining.

Because an explosion's damage comes from the rapidly expanding mass (the shock-wave) created by heating of the surrounding mass, the denser the mass, the more powerful the explosion. That's why a depth charge detonated in atmosphere has less effect than when detonated in water.

Since space is mostly empty, the damage from an explosion has to come in the form of shrapnel or radiation, so, using nuclear shells could actually decrease the MAC's effectiveness.

HOWVER, there is still a way to make the MAC more effective using Nuclear warheads. Use a delay fuse. The MAC round penetrates the shield, punches a hole in the exterior armor, and then detonates INSIDE the ship. The ship has an atmosphere and solid superstructure that would be torn asunder from within.

So, WHY haven't the Weapons Engineers of the 26th century realized something that a college Theater major figured out?

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Apr 9 2013, 9:52am replied:

God, help us all.

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Feb 20 2013, 9:23pm replied:

*Prothean Recording 48000 BCE: The Citidel...overwhelmed!...Act of desperation...the conduit...All is lost!...Cannot be stopped! CANNOT BE STOPPED!

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Feb 20 2013, 10:33am replied:

Like an SMAC from the Halo series?

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Feb 20 2013, 10:26am replied:

Didn't the codex say that the Geth, unbound by the treaty of Farixen, were only limited by time and natural resources and have, as a result, built almost as many Dreadnoughts as the Turians?

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Dec 16 2012, 8:01pm says:

"We are LEGION. The time of our return is coming. Our numbers will darken the sky of EVERY world. You cannot escape your doom."

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Dec 4 2012, 8:35pm says:

Wow, that's AMAZING. I agree with Raeman1901. Deffinitely IWHBYD material for the mod!

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Dec 4 2012, 12:05am says:

Awesome Script. As an actor, I would LOVE to get a chance to audition for this... XD

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Dec 3 2012, 1:14pm says:


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Zjin_Kee_Kim Nov 15 2012, 10:50am replied:

There was a guy at my dad's college who wired a urinal so that it would shock people when they used it though... XD

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Nov 15 2012, 10:13am says:

It looks like the Reverent, but sounds (and fires) like the Mattock???
And the "shuriken?" it sounds right, but has the model of a Predator???

Otherwise, I approve. Just wanted to point out that the weapons aren't quite right. Then again, I am a ME Fanboy...

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Zjin_Kee_Kim May 1 2012, 12:41am replied:

Yeah, that it does.

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Zjin_Kee_Kim May 1 2012, 12:34am replied:

I agree. While it is possible for the Normandy to take out a cruiser and it's fighter compliment, it would require careful timing...Normandy would have to lure the fighters away and pick them off one by one. The primary reason that the collector cruiser and the Oculuses (or is it Oculi?) lost against the Normandy was because most of them got caught in the debris field and then Normandy could take out the Cruiser with two salvos. And I don't remember seeing any General-ARea-DEfense-ANti-ship batteries firing on the Oculi at the Collector Base or the Cerberus Fighters at Grissom Academy.

If I were the strategist, I would make an attack run on the Cerberus Cruiser--almost ignoring the fighters--at high speeds firing the Thanix Cannons and disruptor torpedoes in one salvo, targeting the main power-plant, then jump a short distance away at FTL. In all likelihood this would take down the shields and cause reactor meltdown, or, worst case scenario, leave the ship badly damaged. If the cruiser was still kicking, turn around and make a second attack run which would guarantee a kill. Once the cruiser is destroyed, I would jump out leaving the combat zone. As I understand it, most fighters aren't FTL capable and rely on a larger ship for transportation between systems. This almost assures that all hostile forces are killed. Even if the figter's do somehow find bastion, the real prize, the cruiser is history.

By the way, Lord_Set and team, you are all doing an awesome job. Keep it up!

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Zjin_Kee_Kim Apr 30 2012, 11:53pm replied:

If I remember, The Civilian Fleet Provided long range artillery support since it contained the "non-combatants." Although every ship in the Quarian Fleet was "Jury rigged for battle," they are essentially "glass cannons."

"Mounting dreadnought guns on a live ships with no armor, doesn't make it into a dreadnaught... no surprise there."--Jeff 'Joker' Moreau

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