Flagship is a real-time strategy game set on a galactic scale, played from a first person perspective. Command your fleet from the bridge of your ship, explore the stars and expand your territory.

Humanity had only just begun its expansion beyond the solar system when it came face to face with a thriving and hostile galaxy. After a disastrous defeat the Sol system was lost and the remains of the human race were forced into a backwater system. With limited resources and a skeleton fleet, it's up to you to rebuild what has been lost, or forge a new empire from the ashes.


Can I play this without a VR headset?
Absolutely, the game can be played on a normal monitor.

Will there be multiplayer?
For now, Flagship is a single player game. We are excited by the possibilities offered by multiplayer though, so we'll be taking a serious look at adding it after the initial release.

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Hello everyone!

Wow, it's been 4 months since our last update, that went by awfully fast. We knew updates would be slower but I didn't plan to leave it so long. TL;DR: We're still hard at work on Flagship.

A month or so into my work on the core game systems I realised the current code wasn't really going to support what needed to come. Flagship started out as a rough prototype, and all the work done since then has been retrofitted onto the original code. By the time we ran the Kickstarter we had something of a vertical slice, but the code was inflexible and getting increasingly difficult to work with (also known as spaghetti-code). Sorting all of that out has cost a few months, but the game is in much better shape now and performing better than ever. It's also laid the groundwork for reading in game data from external text files - which not only makes localisation a lot easier but also means modifying unit, weapons and faction stats is just a matter of editing the appropriate file.

Core game
As for the core mechanics themselves, resource management is a lot more fleshed out and the system now keeps track of the human population, food, water and metal across the galaxy. Metal is required to build units (we may rename that to something more generic), while food and water are required to keep the human population alive. Each planet and station will have its own requirements that grow with the colony. A percentage of the human population will join your military, so keeping your colonies happy will be important (conscription is an option for those that aren't). At the moment resources have a flat percentage per-planet (based on planet type), but we're working on the probe system that will allow you to find richer deposits of ore, more fertile farmland or underground lakes etc.

Combat is coming along too, we're not quite ready to talk about how it works yet but we're keen to move away from the standard RTS paradigm of moving units around a map and hoping you've got more guns than the enemy.

Overall there's still a lot of work to do, but things are starting to click into place and I'm really pleased with the progress we've made.

Unity 5
I don't think we ever formally announced it, but we moved to Unity 5 a few months ago. There are various benefits to the latest version of Unity, but I'm most impressed with the new Global Illumination and physically-based rendering systems. We aren't making full use of either at the moment, but the game already looks much better. In the past I had to fake bounced light by setting the global ambience value, whereas now the ambient light on the bridge is automatically affected by the surrounding space.

The top image is with ambient light turned off, this is roughly how it would have looked in Unity 4 (I say roughly because the screenshot was actually taken in Unity 5). The others are examples of the new physically based rendering in different environments. Unity 5 also has better physics performance, built-in support for VR and an integrated UI system that's the best I've ever used. Speaking of which;

UI improvements
The old UI has been ported to Unity's new system. It's a lot more efficient than the system I was using before and does pretty much everything we need right out of the box. We're still roughing things out, UI design is a tricky business and the fact that we're operating in world-space presents some challenges. Luckily, a benefit of the new UI system is that we can dynamically switch between world-space and screen-space, so those not playing in VR will be able to view any of the in-game UIs fullscreen if they want.

The current state of VR
You may have heard that Oculus formally announced the consumer version of the Rift, due for release early next year. More importantly for us, they've also announced their input solution, which for us was a pretty major piece of the puzzle. We're currently using keyboard and mouse input, which works okay but isn't ideal for VR for various reasons. Luckily Oculus will be releasing motion controllers in the second quarter of 2016. We're yet to try them ourselves, and there's no word yet on a developer kit, but I'm fairly certain this is the input solution we'll be using for VR. Using hand gestures to manipulate the map and interacting with the world using your hands is what we've always wanted for Flagship.

We had previously planned to integrate the Sixense STEM system, but due to various unfortunate setbacks they still haven't shipped any hardware and it looks like they won't start shipping until late November. We're still keeping an eye on it though. Potentially it could still be a great input system, but with the exception of OSVR, the major VR players all have their own motion controllers and it's hard to see how the STEM fits into that ecosystem.

I'd just like to reiterate at this point that you won't need a VR headset or any motion controllers to play the game, we're designing it so that it can be played with a normal monitor using a keyboard and mouse.

Moving forward
We still aren't ready to talk release dates, but we are aiming to release something to coincide with the release of the Rift, providing the game is good enough by then. I think we're still on target for that, but game development is unusual in that the workload grows exponentially the closer you get to the end. We probably aren't going to be sharing many screenshots or videos for a while, partly because we're still pinning down our final art style (most of the art assets that you've seen up to now have been placeholder) but mainly because we're saving it for the runup to release.

We'll try not to leave it so long before the next update, but rest assured that Flagship is still being made until we say otherwise. As always, we really appreciate the kind words and support we've received over the last few months. Until next time!

Flagship Status Report

Flagship Status Report

News 29 comments

We know it's been a while since our last news update, and some recent press mentions mean that some of you are just discovering Flagship; many of you...

The Future of Flagship

The Future of Flagship

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Thanks for the all kind words and messages of support over the last few days, it really means a lot. Our last update raised some questions so we’ll...

Star System Scale Demonstration

Star System Scale Demonstration

News 6 comments

We've put together a video demonstrating the huge scale of star systems in Flagship.

Kickstarter Updated - New Beta Tier

Kickstarter Updated - New Beta Tier

News 7 comments

We've add a new beta access tier to our Kickstarter.

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please reply so i know this game is still in the making. i really hope this game isn't dead.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
UrbanLogicGames Creator

To quote myself, "Flagship is still being made until we say otherwise."

Reply Good karma+2 votes

okay, im sorry, i really wanted to make sure. i hope it's release soon, my money is ready.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I seriously cannot wait for this release. This has everything I've been looking for in a space game. I just hope production hasn't stopped.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I just wanted to come here and say I hope you guys are still making this game. 2 years later and honestly it looks better than other games that have been under development for years and have millions of dollars. I think a lot of people would throw money your way if you guys decide to do a kickstarter again. PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME A REALITY

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Any chance of a update soon? Even a picture would suffice.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Every day I hope for some new bit of information, a new screenshot, anything. But I'd rather wait years patiently for a great game than be disappointed by a rushed profit scheme. When this is a full release I'll be one of the first to buy it. In the meantime, eh, have you guys seen Pulsar: The Lost Colony? It seems you've inspired folks in more ways than one.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
UrbanLogicGames Creator

We won't be this quiet forever, there's just a lot in flux at the moment. :) We'll start releasing new material once we've started finalising the new direction, to be honest the whole website needs a reboot as a few key things have changed.

I actually bought Pulsar a while ago but haven't had a chance to give it a try, it looks great though. If I remember correctly they actually announced their game before we did, so we can't take any credit for influence there. I think the confluence of tool maturation (Unity in particular), Kickstarter and the general boom of the Indie scene meant that those of us who've been dreaming of bridge simulators just started building them ourselves. There are others in development too, Solitude springs to mind, I'm sure there's others I'm forgetting.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

This is the game I've always dreamed of. I wrote a long rant about how absurdly excited I am for it, but no, I'll just leave it at this instead.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

I'm curious what you guys intend for combat. Will it be based on targeting specific systems, firing all over the enemy ships with random crits or something else?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
UrbanLogicGames Creator

Targeting subsystems is already in, ideally we want the player to be making decisions based on ship class and situation. In practice, making those decisions interesting and dynamic has been a challenge, but that's what we're aiming for.

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