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Lucius... A game I very much looked forward to playing. Banned in my country, I had to go through a friend's account to gain access to it, but the effort seemed worth it. The concept: Amazing. The graphics: Alright. The gameplay: Acceptable. The bugs: HELL. The game has a very nice concept - it really brings a bit of change into the world of horror games. However, the amount of bugs encountered in this game make it unenjoyable. To be honest, if I hadn't done this for YouTube, I would not have continued at multiple occasions.

Too bad, because - again - I really enjoyed the concept of this game and was very much looking forward to playing it.

If you're interested, here is my full playthrough of the game! (Link to the playlist)


The Cat Lady

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This game is one of the best games ever. When I first played it ages ago, I was so impressed I hovered over it for days after completing it. The way it is made, in its abstract way, portraying mental disorder, depression and hardship, and never really giving you a real clue at what's truly happening, is mindblowing. The end of this game is absolutely amazing. It's one of the most motivating endings to any game there is, and the idea to end it with the words "Press Any Key To Live" just makes you feel like by going back into real life you're continuing the game.

This game and its story really stay with you way after finishing it. Every time you think back, you feel a hint of motivation and joy.

I have to say, this has become one of my favorite games of all time.

If you're interested, here is my full playthrough of the game! (Link to the playlist)



Game review

I have to admit that I was fairly disappointed by this game. There were some great reviews and everything pointed to this being a great even though short psychological horror game. I didn't mind the graphics, which are quite bad, the music that never seemed to really change, and the sound effects that were literally almost non-existent and when existent looping in very short loops. It's an indie game, right?

However, I was expecting a somewhat more thrilling story and a little more gameplay than it ended up being. It took me just over 10 minutes to get through the game, and not even the implications of rape and murder were really getting to me the way they were delivered.

In the end, I recommend the game since maybe some people really enjoy it and it's not terrible, but for myself personally this was just disappointing.

My playthrough, for anyone who's interested, can be found here:


Knight Kunibert

Game review

Fabricant: Episode 1

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Finally got around to playing it, very very good job :) Loved it!



Game review

It was extremely short, only one location and nothing much to do. I liked the way it was executed, but in general I just don't think it is enough for a game - it was just by far too short.

I am sorry for the bad rating, as I understand that this was just meant as a mother's day gift, but I really just can't give this more because it was incredibly short, uneventful and would have been boring if it had been longer.



Game review

I would recommend this for girls only, since boys don't usually play games as pink as this. For a young girl though, it is quite interesting, a nice change to the usual, bloody games of today. Nice idea, and good voice acting. The two endings make it even better.

My playthrough:


Bad Dream (Series)

Game review

Played through all games, rating 6/10.

I like the story, even though I never actually managed to understand what's going on. The graphics are unique but very low quality, and look like they are just quick sketches. Respect for the music, sound and animations - those I love.

If you're interested:


When Light Faded

Game review

Decent. Good for people who want to start getting into horror games, and don't mind a repeatative pattern. Extremely short and the graphics aren't always very well executed. Lots of empty rooms with missing stuff.


My gameplay:



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Very good but short game. Amazing graphics, and I love how it is an interesting game, even if it is only placed in one single location.


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