Fingerbones is a short psychological horror game that focuses on storytelling and mystery. You begin in a mysterious abandoned building, pitch dark save for the golden light filtering in from the windows. As you explore, scattered notes begin to tell a disturbing tale.

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Lunaticraze says

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Graphics: ★
Gameplay: ★
Story: ★
Music&Sounds: ★★
Atmosphere: ★★
Fun: ★


When I downloaded and first started this game, I expected a longer and more point&click style game. Instead it turned out to be a 3D interactive game, much less point&click than I thought of it to be, and it ended way sooner than I would have expected or hoped for. I was scared even though there was no real reason to be, because the music and the sounds created an atmosphere unlike I have seen in any other game I have played so far. This game doesn't need scary music to make people shiver, because the story, and especially the sounds, make one deadly afraid of what will happen. Every moment that nothing happens creates more tension and anticipation of something to happen.

I can only recommend this to anyone, horror fan or not, and hope the developer gets support and makes more games. Absolutely fantastic game.


whitewerecat458 says

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I wanted to give it a 9 but I'm new here and not allowed. As others said this is indeed different sort of game where the horrors lie in imagination. The pixel graphics design was a very interesting way to go and I think that it meshed well with the theme. The ambiance sent shivers down my spine while my horror grew as I began to imagine what had been done as I followed the trail of notes. Fingerbones a very good, short atmospheric horror game and I enjoyed playing it very much (though I admit one of the passwords through me for a while.)The only thing that dragged a little is running up and down to type passwords and investigate rooms. Other than that I found it a very enjoyable play and highly recommend giving it a go!


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