Buy direct from Desura for single copy of standard game files. Deals for Steam keys etc must be bought via the publisher at the official website or Thank you & enjoy! ** VERSION 1.4 now available - with Fr, Esp & De subtitles + minor fixes. Note - v1.2 save games will NOT work with this version, v1.3 saves WILL ** The Cat Lady contains strong adult themes and is recommended only for players over 18. From Harvester Games, The Cat Lady follows Susan Ashworth, a lonely 40-year old on the verge of suicide. She has no family, no friends and no hope for a better future. One day she discovers that five strangers will come along and change everything... This suspenseful psychological horror game features stylized artwork, a simple keyboard control method and English voice acting, plus a compelling, atmospheric 70 minute soundtrack by Micamic. Windows PC. * NOTE: Unfortunately Screen 7 & Harvester Games cannot offer Mac support. TCL is for Windows PC

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matneee says

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An astonishing game - I've never played anything else quite like it. While this game is very much about the story rather than the puzzles - although I've got to say I loved the combination lock - the tone and sheer imagination put into that story is almost peerless. There's very little that's nice or comforting about much of The Cat Lady, in fact it can be downright nasty in parts. And yet by turns it's also moving, touching and even on occasion shows a remarkably human sense of humour. But above all, it's never less than utterly captivating.

If I had to split hairs and was forced to criticise, I suppose I could say that the voice playback quality is a little on the grainy side. I could say that the resolution is a little on the low side. But then again, the actual script and art design are truly excelent, so I frankly couldnt care less.

Ultimately this is a game that credits you with intelligence, maturity and empathy, that manages to tackle themes ranging from the fantastic to the repugnant, and yet somehow manages to do it with characters that are both down to earth and, ultimately, likable.

In short, games this good don't come along very often. If you're OK with the thematic content, it's practically essential.

Amazing game, great storytelling, good writing, the atmosphere is REALLY good. The interface is not the classic point n click that we are used to, but after some minutes it starts to feel very natural and a great choice for the design of the game.

One of the best games I've played this year, sometimes it feels a little low-budget but this game has so much creativity and "love" into it that you will just inmerse into it without thinking much about some minor flaws.

The author must be crazy, but he has made a really good game!

This game is a must have. One of the best indie games I've seen so far.

A really nice game, has a nice story line that keeps you on the screen until your brain can't take any more of excitement and twists. The demo was fantastic and I hope this game can get more positive reviews in the near future.

We need more adventure game like these. Love the art style.

Amazing story, unique artstyle, and an overall enjoyable experience.
I'd say you should give it a try.


Usually you read all these indie games reviews where people say 'Unique experience' or something else and you don't pay attention to them, because they really don't mean anything at all. But in case of this game it is need to be said UNIQUE EXPERIENCE and it does mean it. It crowls into your mind and awakens all the thoughts that perhaps were haunting you for years or perhaps are hidden in your subconsciousness. The thoughts that anyone had at least once. The thoughts that are really hard to get rid of.

'-I want to die but I have to live.
- It's funny, because most of the time it feels like I want to live but I have to die'

O jogo trata temas como o suicídio, mutilação e a depressão (e outros temas bem pesados), por isso recomendo apenas para pessoas já maturas.

O que falar desse jogo, cara? Esse jogo é simplesmente fantástico, velho! Se você é o tipo de gamer ''PEW PEW, BOOM, MORREU, MORRI, QUE GRAFICO RUIM, AF'' pode passar longe desse jogo, acredite, você não vai gostar (talvez goste, vai saber).

Esse jogo conta a história de Susan Ashworth, uma solitária mulher de 40 anos que se suicida. A trama conta com uma história envolvente, e contém uma forte mensagem moral. Tem disponível no jogo três finais possíveis. Todos eles (na minha opinião) ótimos e com uma mensagem fantástica. Posso falar sem medo de me arrepender que foi o melhor jogo que já joguei na minha vida. Esse jogo me ajudou e me fez questionar sobre coisas do meu cotidiano e o modo como trato a vida. Esse é um jogo indie simples, com gráficos 2D, e mesmo assim é um jogo lindo, que prova que não é necessário gráficos exagerados e nem ''pew pew'' pra se fazer um bom jogo.
Recomendo fortemente! Precisamos de mais jogos como The Cat Lady. The Cat Lady é mais que um jogo 2D, é uma obra de arte.

Obs: Se você for daqueles que não entende o propósito de jogos como esse, melhor nem baixar, porque esse jogo não merece um voto negativo.


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