***DOWNLOADABLE MAPS ARE LOCATED UNDER THE 'ADDON' TAB, ENJOY*** I am a C&C fan, successfully built and launched several popular maps online for Warcraft 3 in the past, and I plan to launch a ***Command & Conquer: Generals; Zero Hour; Rise of the Reds Expansion Modification*** specific Map pack that WILL NOT BE OFFICIAL TO RISE OF THE REDS... for now at least. The Map Pack will consist of over 50 unique maps [thus far and another 25-50 planned out]ranging from cliche team and free for all styles to comp-stomp challenges, to aquatic maps. All categories will be split up to allow choice in preferences. This project has been getting worked on since November 4th, 2012 and I am achieving progress quickly. This would be why I need testers. MESSAGE ME TO JOIN THE TEAM!

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Rise of the Reds

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Comrads, this mod is the best one made for Generals Zero Hour! The fact that there will be a European Faction along with the 3 modified vanilla factions and the already great Russian Faction. I love how this mod keeps the game flavor and actually feels like a Generals expansion game rather than a game mod and its not even finished yet! I just started playing this mod (1st mod actually) and I played abunch others already, but this one is my favorite and I am eagerly waiting for version. 2.0 (but do not be like EA and rush the launch, ruining the potential and current quality of the "mod"). There are some things I would suggest to change and fix to make the current features more tasteful and I will list them below, but they do not change my choice of rating the game as the mod is not yet finished.

-airborne transports such as the hunchback and osprey are not able to carry vehicles (not even light vehicles)and if this is fixed, it would be nice to have a Chinese airborne transport capable of carrying vehicles

-on non-ROTR maps, russian AI self destructs

-rewrite and create new skirmish medals to include the new additions provided by the mod.

-GLA palace had one irreplaceable use; it could be garrisoned and serve as a hardy bunker on the front lines, perhaps another structure could fill this roll? Perhaps the tunnel exits could have a 2 man pillbox built into it to make the tunnel exit more effective (currently they are useless).

-more armor for GLA like you did in Shockwave since SW and ROTR "are one in the same".

-World Builder crashes when a terrain height tool is selected.

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