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wolve Jun 4 2012, 4:34am replied:

not sure if the mp will be picked up on to be honest,i guess if we get enough support for it then toploader and MrD might consider it.

were as me i'm toploaders bitch ill do whatever he wants me to lol :P

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wolve Feb 26 2012, 7:17am says:

ok guys ive put this on hold for a week or so for two reasons,one my dad passed away recently due to cancer but won't be cremated till the 5th of march,in good news though i get my broadband back on the 2nd of march so i can start updating again :)

allso thanks to some of gamefans great coding skills i should have some great new things in,breakable turrets,drivable cars new arcade game types ect

so sorry for the hold up but things will be worth it :D

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wolve Feb 26 2012, 7:11am replied:

theres loads of levers and such further inside that you have to mess with i think......ill have to look i forgot lol

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wolve Feb 4 2012, 6:09pm replied:

yep yep and yep :)

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wolve Feb 2 2012, 7:12am replied:

ok ive decided to do some new damage types (or at least try to)

by that i mean i want a microwave gun to make people blow up and explode (like original soldier of fortune) to be able to rip people apart with new gory effects and some other crazy stuff i can think of,animations effects ect not a problem.

its getting it to work via code i'm psuhing with at moment but i'm sure ill get there.

more to come :)

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wolve Jan 1 2012, 10:15pm replied:

all weapons from ED/AWP/postal 2 can be used :)

gotta love RWS for that :D

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wolve Jan 1 2012, 10:11pm says:

crappppp sorry the lack of updates,my main p.c and backups are in storage,and i can't get to them yet,so for the moment this is on hold.

well a realease is anyway,i can allways redo things ive lost fairly quickly,just i'm on a crappy dongle and need my broadband back to upload everything.

ill try and update more often too

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wolve Mar 22 2011, 4:24am replied:

AWP is weapon overkill,everyone crashes eventually,unfortunatly theres no fix for it :(

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wolve Feb 12 2011, 11:29am says:


guess i'm late on this

ok firstly you need AW (apocalypse weekend) to play AWP,if you don't have that go get it or you won't be able to play this.

@haruku-x NO just NO,just what sort of an ******* do you think i am?

and yes it was true i'd find funny as hell :)

@blackmambo AWP tends to crash due to amonut of guts flying around ect with "general collision bug" to stop it freezing try updating your Direct X,if that doesn't work try changing it to openGL

ok the cheats for fudge pack vertion are:
unlock cheats = GottaBeFuckingKidding
display stats = sup
super kick = mightyfoot
all sharp weapons = bladey
no clipping = ifeelfree
fly = likeabirdy
god mode = set p2player bgodmode true
lots of cats = meowmix
pitchfork = balesomehay
knuckle dusters = superpunchout
double barrel = doubletrouble
spike stick = rapestick
baseballbat = batterup
super delux cheat = Kamek0wnzj00

rest of cheats will be on menu when you pause game (default esc)

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wolve Feb 11 2011, 10:29am says:

ok peeps this is still been worked on by myself (and only me so far as oagh is away for a while)

so far i have got:
map points and a fully working map in (custom map provided by SilverDragon)
map markers and custom errands
The Gremlins are back,feed them they will multiply (i know your suppose to get them wet,but i couldn't code that think overlord with minions)
based on stevens mod vertion,so has choppable pawns.
new effects from fallout1(user not game),and some of my own
custom clothes pickups.

To Do:
more gore
some new weapons
add reload key to GUI menu so players can change it (at moment its stands as "T")
new enemys some done some to be done.
fix bugs with que's and the darn 8 streams error.

will be a good couple of months before release,but you can check the progress here

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wolve Feb 11 2011, 10:17am replied:

your going to love the new update then :)

i have the map working and i got quest markers in,screw the milk its suppose to be Christmas we want beer :D

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wolve Feb 3 2011, 9:10am replied:

same thing,its broke you got a bad download (i'd check for viruses too just in case)

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wolve Jan 17 2011, 2:02pm says:

awsome just awsome,not played with it yet just looked in editor and screenshots

but from what i have seen very nicly done 10/10

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wolve Jan 5 2011, 3:35am says:


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wolve Dec 17 2010, 9:35pm replied:

he's working with us on coding for postal MP mostly 1409XL patch

i'm on my own with this at moment,so progress is kinda slow

ill update as soon as i can

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wolve Nov 6 2010, 4:47pm replied:

Not a chance i'm still working on this quietly in the background :P

i should update this more

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wolve Oct 27 2010, 6:26pm replied:

AWP won't play without AW,AW won't play with STP

so STP is needed,i'm on win 7 ultimate 64 and have all playing and working

sounds like you got a broke disk

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wolve Sep 21 2010, 4:12pm replied:



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wolve Sep 21 2010, 4:08pm says:

谢谢 :)

+1 vote   media: New weapon models & character models ....
wolve Jun 4 2010, 8:14am replied:

i "think" this might be it,if not ill rip postal x one from disk and upload it

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wolve Apr 21 2010, 10:05am says:

The REAL Fudge pack/postal x vertion

i got permission to do this a while back,but untill recently haven't

whats the differance? this one sits in its own folder with its own exe

and a few mods need you to have the fudge pack vertion

should allso help with the problems a few of you have been having

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wolve Apr 19 2010, 4:17pm replied:

not quite dead no i keep coming back to it,but it is on hold for moment

there is a beta out though,if you check comments links in there (or youtube postal oblivion links in that too)

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wolve Apr 15 2010, 11:23am replied:

thanks :)

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wolve Apr 4 2010, 7:32am replied:

LOL no i'm 30 this year :P

getting old :(

still feel like a teenager though hehehe

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wolve Nov 4 2009, 1:59am replied:

download ED,and copy Bio_blood from there

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wolve Oct 2 2009, 2:52am replied:

its more than a patch its an entire new remake,new AI features means we have a companion that will help you out,new mounted guns aka left 4 dead style,maps have been overhauled the zombies are now killable without having to search for the head.
hence this will be renamed to ED:Regurgitated (or something like that)

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wolve Jun 13 2009, 9:58pm replied:

well that depends,beta testing isn't as fun as you first think you could test the same map 20 to 30 times over and still find errors that you haven't before,its boring work,but if you've got a great imagination and are a little crazy can use photoshop and or max/maya then i'm allmost certain we can find a use for you :)
join forums and see what's available ;)

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wolve Jun 11 2009, 3:11am says:

nice,low polys a little too low though i'd higher that a bit just to get the round bits a little rounder

-1 votes   media: New props
wolve Jun 10 2009, 3:15am says:

to be honest guys ive no idea,but i'm starting to think it is i haven't heard head nor tails from morpheus in a long time :S

+1 vote   mod: Have A Nice Day
wolve Jun 10 2009, 3:11am says:

don't forget to thank gamefan for the duel weapon code ;)

+1 vote   mod: Postal 2-Time for Punishment
wolve May 19 2009, 4:07am says:

hmm textures,i'm on it boss will give me a nice break from all modeling ive been doing latly

+1 vote   media: Textures
wolve Dec 22 2008, 10:04am replied:

just a minamanute

click postal christmas and download links are in there,note though that there it is still in beta mode and needs alot fixing.

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wolve Oct 16 2008, 11:38pm says:

dave put ya specs back on,any idiot can tell the fat chic is a survivor because thats not a dress.......its a curtain :)

+1 vote   media: Time to Kick Some Ass
wolve Oct 12 2008, 3:33am says:

can i get a hot number 2 to go?

+1 vote   media: Flame On!
wolve Jun 17 2008, 11:07pm says:

the gun was a nightmare to uv map and skin :(

+1 vote   media: Missed the hit
wolve Dec 14 2007, 6:51am says:

"The only thing is that because zombies have been dead for a while, the blood is thickened, so you wouldn't have THAT much blood everywhere"

zombie was female and it was bad month :P

lol nah ya right,but it looks good i guess thats main thing :)

+1 vote   media: BOOM HEADSHOT!
wolve Jun 17 2007, 3:44am says:

it's funny neuro cos just as you was submitting this i was doing self same thing lol

no wonder it wouldn't let me :/

+1 vote   mod: A Very postal Christmas
wolve May 24 2007, 4:36pm says:

yeah,its a "happy meal" :D

+1 vote   media: Breaking the Law
wolve Jan 18 2007, 1:50am says:

the eye candy and the renders are looking awsome,very nice work :)

+1 vote   article: Matrix Q3 Updates...
wolve Dec 5 2006, 4:20am says:

i have tears streaming down my face,that was the best 17 mins of my life.

your seriously ****** up dawg but man i ****** love ya :D

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wolve Nov 21 2006, 8:29pm says:

funny enough i just got a p.m about this from Neurological,i never even noticed it :(

but two things have drawn my attention to this.

1. your looking for a modeler,and i got recommended (thanks neu)

and secondly nothing to do with the mod but it would seem your a love hina fan,just like me :D

you want me?

i'm yours ;)

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wolve Nov 3 2006, 4:11am says:

oh i only just noticed this sorry for delay :/

@scorpian,i work mostly on the unreal engine,i did at one point make a couple of mini mods for quake years ago but nothing coding wise,mostly milkshape modeling and texturing.

i do mostly work on the unreal engine for postal2:STP,on there i do mostly all of it,though my mapping skills are a little iffy,i do some coding for unreal but never attempted it for quake3,to be honest i don't think i would be of much help,but i will ask about and look up on code in quake3.

@warnhammer course i will,but you have to be a little more detailed on what it is your trying to do :P

+1 vote   member: wolve
wolve Aug 24 2007, 11:28am says:

well The "patch" will be a total overhaul all the crap thrown out (i.e bugs and things that just don't make sence) and new stuff added in,one idea we have is a random feature,idea is after on average 25% an easteregg will happen,so say you fight the demon guy at end of the museum and he owns your ***,you start again go back and its now a mutated zombie with chainguns for boobs that looks hidiously like your step mother :D

note thats just one idea,but i'm sure "miniboss" will let us have that one :)

allso there will be other stuff but i'm not giving you guys too much info yet ;)

@pwnzrd can you give us a little more info on that please?
thanks :)

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