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wolve Aug 26 2008, 8:38pm says:

just popping in to say hello,so hello :P

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wolve Jul 17 2008, 8:12am replied:

sorry i'm late on this my emails not telling me off new massages here,feckin thing anywho i use the fudge pack vertion,ive uploaded it to RS forums download that one as it sits in its own folder (i.e postal2STP/AWP)

heres link don't forget to get the emshes too from same thread

have phun :)

+1 vote   member: wolve
wolve Jun 21 2008, 3:11am replied:

go to forums and download my vertion of AWP ive uploaded from fudge pack,it seems to fix this problem as its its own .exe

+2 votes   mod: AWP (A Week in Paradise)
wolve Jun 17 2008, 11:09pm says:

thanks :)

+1 vote   media: Colt Python
wolve Jun 17 2008, 11:07pm says:

the gun was a nightmare to uv map and skin :(

+1 vote   media: Missed the hit
wolve Jun 17 2008, 11:04pm says:

i think this is one of bodycore's looks familier but i don't remember doing this so must be,good work :)

i still say we should add the maggots though :P

+1 vote   media: Disturbing
wolve Jun 17 2008, 10:59pm says:

those macs look so awsome <3 cjundead for modeling them :)

+2 votes   media: Dual
wolve Feb 5 2008, 5:15pm says:

modofmods 2 for AWP since alot of people requested this i thought i'd do a new vertion :)

get it here

+1 vote   member: wolve
wolve Feb 5 2008, 5:13pm says:

hey dude sorry about the delay,i lost the file and have made a second one
get it here :)

+1 vote   member: Dr.Psycopath
wolve Feb 5 2008, 5:12pm says:

your wish is my command :)

this is vertion 2 btw,the first one is lost

+1 vote   member: blaise365
wolve Jan 24 2008, 5:44am replied:

lol i have redbull and i'm on it :P

+1 vote   mod: Dead Epidemic
wolve Jan 6 2008, 9:25am says:

chainsaw,its only thing ive found that will put down one of thease tough guys,that and guns to legs head shooting them won't work (personally i think it makes it a little too hard and should be altered for new patch,ill make a note of it)

+1 vote   download: Eternal Damnation Patch
wolve Jan 6 2008, 9:20am says:

military zombies are tough,use anything you have at them or run like joe ****,its only answer unless of course you cheat :P

+1 vote   mod: Eternal Damnation
wolve Dec 30 2007, 2:24pm replied:

well theres the forums (link to right) and theres the moddb page

+2 votes   news: EDD Eternal Damnation Is Doomed
wolve Dec 14 2007, 6:51am says:

"The only thing is that because zombies have been dead for a while, the blood is thickened, so you wouldn't have THAT much blood everywhere"

zombie was female and it was bad month :P

lol nah ya right,but it looks good i guess thats main thing :)

+1 vote   media: BOOM HEADSHOT!
wolve Dec 14 2007, 6:41am replied:

easy fix,but thats in the next huge patch thats nearly made,this patch only fixes the subway crash bug ;)

+1 vote   download: Eternal Damnation Patch
wolve Dec 12 2007, 8:42am says:

we rock :D

+1 vote   media: Dead Epidemic Testing
wolve Dec 4 2007, 6:05pm says:

thanks :)

we will :P

+1 vote   media: Spas-12 Shotgun
wolve Nov 10 2007, 11:10pm says:

so realistic and under a 1000 polys too,what program did you use to make that milkshape or 3ds?

+1 vote   media: Sofa
wolve Nov 4 2007, 8:48am says:

tim wambolt did the "wigger" voice as you call it.

for the crash you need the patch visit the forums and use the search button.

+1 vote   mod: Eternal Damnation
wolve Oct 1 2007, 1:03pm says:

Quote:For cheats, visit the forums.

+1 vote   mod: AWP (A Week in Paradise)
wolve Sep 27 2007, 5:31am says:

yeah after a certain time of inactivity the file gets deleted,unfortunatly i no longer have the file to upload either :(

+1 vote   mod: AWP (A Week in Paradise)
wolve Aug 31 2007, 11:40pm says:

weapon skins :D

CJundead did the modeling :)

+1 vote   member: wolve
wolve Aug 28 2007, 7:28am says:

at a guess (and only a guess) i think kamek made it for AW because he didn't realise RWS would let him include the files needed,like they did with ED,probably because he never thought of asking.

ED is compleate and released,just no ones updated page yet though a patch for free roam and extra stuff is been made,and noing me i'd probs end up deleting page lol.

i dunno how much RWS made of p2 or aw or the fudge pack,i don't really care either just as long as they keep making kick *** games :)

fudge pack is all seperate games on one dvd you get the option to install them all or chose which ones you want,as for requirements recommended is 1.2GHz pentium three 384mb ram 16x dvd-rom and a 6mb Gcard

allso 7 gig's of hard drive space

and the differance between postal2 and STP postal2 is singleplayer only were as STP has multiplayer,thats the only differance.

+1 vote   mod: AWP (A Week in Paradise)
wolve Aug 25 2007, 2:21am says:

looking so good :)

if you want i can do a simple map and export all the weapon anims out to jpg ect for you,if you havent allready,allso if you want a custom weapon not allready in game (new axe,gun whatever) lemme know :)

+1 vote   mod: Eternal Damnation is Doomed?
wolve Aug 17 2007, 7:32am says:

intresting,the main feature of your mod is shadow,which came from stevens mod (and i'm betting without his permission) what about new weapons game play features,multiplayer and so on?

shadow as the main feature isn't much good,and if its stevens it doe'sn't work on terrain (unless you use bsp terrain) and tends to crash the game

ask steven if you can use this code,and i'm sure he will help you out with updates to it and fixes.

+1 vote   news: Media Update !
wolve Jul 25 2007, 8:47am says:


BF2 eat your heart out,this looks wow simply wow

+1 vote   mod: Insurgency
wolve Jul 15 2007, 10:07pm says:

good point,ill get some of the weapons screens up there.

there still to be animated yet so they will only be renders,the mission with satan is actually a mission :)

0 votes   mod: Have A Nice Day
wolve Jul 13 2007, 5:31am says:

@diboss13,erm wrong thread lol

but just download eternal damnation,works on stp.

you can't have the weapons in regular STP because of the damage types using severablity,however if you have AW and AWP then you can have the ED weapons in there (check out the RS thread for a how to)

+1 vote   mod: Kill all emos
wolve Jul 13 2007, 5:22am says:

@farcaspadcfiaasdaadadadasdf whatever lol

scott from scotts home has some step by step video tutorials :D

+1 vote   mod: AWP (A Week in Paradise)
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