I am Mário, but also known as Wizardum and Wizzy. I'm a beginner/intermediate C# programmer. I'm working to be a Indie Game Developer using the XNA Game Studio tecnology provided freely by Microsoft. I'm building up my game programming experience, I worked on a 2D game development tool and I'm currently working on several game projects. Because IndieDB is so awesome I will use it has my own online portfolio. You can also follow me on Twitter: Wizardum

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Wizardum Jul 5 2012, 5:43am says:

Great job guys!
I'll be buying this game ^^

Also, congratulations Kim!
We have worked together in the past, you have always been awesome and have always surprised me.
You deserve all this success ^^

I have good hopes for the team and I'm looking forward to see more work from you! ;)

+1 vote   news: Cubey Trailer, Linux version and Cubey information.
Wizardum Jan 1 2012, 5:44pm says:

this looks great! tracking.

I wonder, how have you done the enemy's trail effect?

+2 votes   news: 2D Lighting System
Wizardum Dec 20 2011, 10:10am replied:

yes, lack of planning and I should have followed a design pattern like MVC or MVP.

I didn't even know what patterns where back then.

And I'm still considering which of those two patterns to use.

+1 vote   blog: Lunar Development Kit
Wizardum Dec 20 2011, 7:05am replied:

I only remember posting a screenshot showing the Desura site.
Where did I do that? can you tell me please?

+1 vote   member: Wizardum
Wizardum Dec 20 2011, 5:52am replied:

well that's because I'm developing a new one from scratch, a lot better in every way and free.

I'm happy with what I've learned with LDK but it was a pain to add new features or change the interface.

I'm surprised with the success that LDK had in a so short time, but I want to give you guys something a lot better than that and I want to give it for free.

So you think you can wait a little bit longer?

We are currently a team of two programmers and one helper designer and I don't want to divulgue any details on our project, but it is a big one and I'm really sure people will like it!

As soon as we got one of the editors somewhat done we will present the project publicly.

+1 vote   blog: Lunar Development Kit
Wizardum Dec 9 2011, 11:16am says:

the models look so amazing, why haven't I heard of this before?
I'm definitely tracking this, it looks pretty awesome!

I love this graphic style, I suppose a cel-shading effect is in the plans? it would definitely boost this up! At least I think so.

Keep up with the awesome work guys, I'm watching you ;)

+2 votes   game: Hero-Arena
Wizardum Nov 30 2011, 3:36am says:

I got it! Awesome work guys!

+2 votes   news: The 'Really Big' Bundle Is Here!
Wizardum Jul 2 2011, 8:54am replied:

same here :(

+1 vote   news: 2012 Independent Games Festival Opens Submissions
Wizardum Jul 2 2011, 5:26am says:

ok, this sounds awesome!
But what if I want to participate and can't be physically present in the GDC?

+1 vote   news: 2012 Independent Games Festival Opens Submissions
Wizardum Apr 16 2011, 3:33pm says:

very very specialized, programming only xD

+1 vote   poll: Do you specialize in one development role or many?
Wizardum Apr 12 2011, 6:35am says:

I'm really glad I found this!
Pretty much everything resembles the good old crash bandicoot, except for the graphics, it looks so much better this way.

Indeed an innovative idea.

I was going to rant about copyright stuff but then I noticed this was a mod xD
Nevertheless, a new crash bandicoot should be made with the current technology in my opinion.

Anyway, this looks awesome, I just think the game could be more fast-paced. Right now it seems like you're playing in slow-motion. Maybe it's the animations' speed or something, but even the jump looks very slow.

Regardless, congratz for a job well done!

+3 votes   news: Small update for the month of April
Wizardum Mar 22 2011, 12:40pm replied:

There are no plans for a beta public release of LDK

+1 vote   engine: Lunar Development Kit
Wizardum Mar 22 2011, 10:54am replied:

I'm not the one responsible for the character editor, so I don't know it's development status.
I'll ask James to post an update of the Character Editor

+2 votes   news: Lunar Development Kit - Update 3
Wizardum Feb 15 2011, 5:24pm replied:

it would be nice if you said that in english

+2 votes   news: Lunar Development Kit - Update 2
Wizardum Feb 14 2011, 4:59pm replied:

that will be featured in the next update ^^

+3 votes   news: Lunar Development Kit - Update 2
Wizardum Jan 30 2011, 6:08am replied:

Yes there is, I didn't include that in the description, but networking support is a must have nowadays.

+3 votes   engine: Lunar Development Kit
Wizardum Jan 23 2011, 6:24am says:

I've been wondering about the limits of mr. SamOne regarding players online and the world size.

I wanted to know how many players online can your engine support without any significant lag. I'm not sure how this multiplayer thing works so I'm curious.

And I'm also curious about how huge would a regular world map be.
I know one of Bethesda Softworks first games had the biggest world of all games, with around 50km I believe.
What are the limits for this engine?

I have quite a good idea of how this game would look immersive and reaslistic, and could even compare it to the world of Avatar, but it will depend on your answers.

Thanks for reading.

+2 votes   game: REFUSION
Wizardum Jan 22 2011, 2:32pm says:

I'm actually wondering if a game like this can withstand a great number of players online in a huge map.

By great number of players I mean over 64 players online. I would like to know the limit of players that the engine can withstand with no significant lag.

And by huge map I mean really huge.
I've heard one of Bethesda Softworks first games had the hugest map, with around 50km. I was curious about how big a regular map in Refusion would be.

I got a general idea of how this game would look really immersive and realistic. I could it even compare it to the world of Avatar, but it depends on your aswers.

Thanks for reading.

+6 votes   news: Upcoming Video and Q&A
Wizardum Oct 30 2010, 7:13am says:

it's definitely a cool feature!

Slow motion on the last mortal strike makes everything much more immersive!

Good job! Keep it up! ;)

+2 votes   news: Ragdoll knockouts test (HD)
Wizardum Oct 16 2010, 9:17am says:

yah, I'd definitely go for UDK. It has all the tools you need! and suports a lot of platforms.

If you have a team, or at least can do a bit of everything, you're good to go! ;)

+2 votes   news: New thoughts
Wizardum Sep 8 2010, 7:22am says:

I think she's kinda ugly lol, with all that muscles and such.

Unless that was your initial idea, I'd suggest a more sexy-looking girl ^^

+2 votes   news: New Character Marie
Wizardum Aug 31 2010, 5:33pm says:

wow um PortuguÊs por aqui
isto hoje em dia é dificil de encontrar

bem boa sorte para o teu projecto, segundo li, estás quase a acabá.lo.
Fico à espera ;)


+1 vote   member: DJ_Link
Wizardum Aug 30 2010, 7:58pm says:

Simple game, pretty cool effects actually.

The gameplay is a bit odd, I believe it's because the collision radius of the cell is a bit too high, maybe lower it, the player can enter it a bit, but eventually gives it more freedom to go around.

I would also suggest to throw up some different colors, there is one type of enemy right now, so add up more enemies and distinguish them with different colors, and maybe when they hit the cell, the cell becomes the color of the enemy.

The things that the enemies drop should have some effect when they disappear (when you don't get them in time), like a little particle explosion or just a fade away effect.

Also I discovered a bug. After you play the first time, when you go play it again (without quiting the game and executing it again) no enemies appear anymore.

Well after saying bad things, I must say I really like the main menu, the blurriness, the stuff moving around, a very nice touch you put there.

This is a game that needs some improvement, and I stated here what I believed to be the things that could be improved.
But the game is yours and of course you decide what to do.

I hope I didn't offend you in any way.

The best of luck to you,

+1 vote   game: Cell.Protect
Wizardum Aug 30 2010, 7:27pm says:

Promising indeed!
It was a bit odd to play though, well it's not like something we are used to so.

But you have a good concept here!

I just hope you guys keep up the good work, like you have been so far, and looking forward to see this final released.

Btw is it commercial or freeware?

+1 vote   game: Warp Speed
Wizardum Aug 30 2010, 1:28pm says:

This game is just amazing!

Made me remember when I played tower defense games on wc3.

But this is a whole new experience!
Just for the small action trailer I can say it features really good environment, creature design originality, the sci-fi theme looks actually pretty awesome, the towers build themselves impressively!
What more can I say?

I will say that I'm going to track this game, to check on future updates, and I'm grabbing the demo.

But wait, where's the demo?

+1 vote   game: Sanctum
Wizardum Aug 30 2010, 1:09pm says:

this is a quite beautiful cave!

You guys are doing a great job here, and if I heard right, this is all placeholders.
If that is so, I can't imagine how it will look like when everything is done!

Congratz and keep going!

+2 votes   media: ORION: Prelude
Wizardum Jul 14 2010, 4:22pm says:

if you (just an example) worked with the XNA framework to make your games, you could make indies for the Xbox360, so there you go.

Still, indies seem more popular on pc and I had only played a few on pc.

+2 votes   poll: I play indie games mainly on
Wizardum Jul 12 2010, 1:42pm says:

We are currently developing the game. I'm coding all the base engine of the game, so it will take a bit before we get something to show.
But it will come.

For now you just need to know it's a 2D top-down space shooter with, I hope, a new twist: Color. I'm not going to say anything else =)


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