A child growing up to become a man| Runs into battle, always a plan| And he feels he's losing his mind| Every fight demands another, gear to grind| It all seems insane, a blitz of a fight| As an enemy is conquered, he proves his might He lays upon a hill of those shot and killed| Some pass it off, some say he is skilled| He wipes the sweat off his brow, the blood off his blade| Time has passed and its been another day| As he feels he is stronger, the journey is not at end| He loads a gun and rushes in, patience low with wounds to mend| As dusk turns to dawn he stops to rest| Yet always more to do, to win, to beat and best| His rest is short and his return is swift| A guardian back to squander his gifts|

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WCCC Aug 13 2015 replied:

Thanks a ton! Every bit of support goes a long ways!

+1 vote   mod: Hatchet
WCCC Jul 24 2015 replied:

Would NOT run with shifter. This is generally not anticipated to be shifter compatible. Shifter has a notorious amount of issues with some key mutator functions, related to some funky stuff with their game info, if I had to guess.

For reference, TNM & Nihilum have the same compatibility issue at least in part, whereas zodiac, RS2020, hotel carone (I believe), and most custom launcher mods I've made don't have this issue.

+1 vote   download: Broop Mod Public Release V1.4
WCCC Jul 5 2015 replied:

Atrey has been working hard to code this guy from scratch himself, without the use of native code. He did, however, add some features to the UCC importer to greatly streamline the import process.

+1 vote   media: Video Codec for Unreal engine 1, debuts in Hatchet
WCCC Jun 28 2015 replied:

Most impressive analysis. I have to admit a lot of that sounds dicey with replication and hack-y with convo bypasses. For the latest broop I'm working on I just took time to transcribe all couple hundred or so of the datacubes by fraps screenshots and retyping by hand, and I've specifically re-included datalinks only, but without any window and visual cloggage, so it currently just matches missionID$DataLinkTag (roughly speaking) and translates that into the proper conversation audio file and plays it per-player on the player (if their listener status is engaged in broop brofiles), but it seems in MP you need to have the host include said convaudio packages in the serverpackages.

Undoubtedly, your method is better though.

Sweet work on it all, regardless. I look forward to seeing someone take a more comprehensive swing at cooperative campaign gameplay, as broop mod (especially public, as it's a lot of cut fat that makes the package tasty) is rather minimalist and pro-time efficiency in its design approach. Hell, in theory broop mod's approach is so minimalist it might be partially or even largely compatible with your coop, in theory. But I'd have to test that one first hand off into the future lol.

You have my interest for sure. ~WCCC

+1 vote   media: Gameplay Footage #1
WCCC Jun 27 2015 replied:

Lol I have your email in a text file on my desktop. Voice acting is still another phase away, but you are on my radar, for sure!

+1 vote   mod: Hatchet
WCCC Jun 26 2015 says:

But how does one play conversations in multiplayer? I was under the impression such things, along with parsing text from information devicse, was totally non-MP capable code. Nice work though, that's for sure.

+1 vote   media: Gameplay Footage #1
WCCC Apr 17 2015 says:

Thought I'd drop a comment for the devotees here, I'm getting into the last stretches of rehab. In a week or two's time I'll be back on Hatchet ASAP. Taking my recovery very seriously, god forbid I re-injure myself and we're pushed back another few months.

+1 vote   news: Update From Atrey
WCCC Apr 6 2015 replied:

It says to "summon" classic items. For maximum clarity on this, spawnmass does not work for anything outside of 2027. Spawnmass does not support package prefixes in any mod I'm aware of, and there's technical reasons as to why.

Technicals as to why:
Summon cheat is rigged to read package prefixes like "DeusEx." and so forth, but spawnmass uses a "name" type variable instead of a "string" type variable (string doesnt support successive command info unless it's parsed, but name does, so the devs used this for an easy way for you to specify quantity after item name, in case you didn't know you could do "spawnmass rocket 25" or whatever) which does not support spaces, periods, and so forth. Simply A-Z 0-9... so package prefixes are not compatible with spawnmass. For a mod to make spawnmass compatible with package prefixes, they would also need to rename the command to something else, or else the code compiler would whine about "spawnmass definition varies from original"... so it's pretty conclusive, except possibly for mods that change the DeusEx.u file.

+1 vote   member: WCCC
WCCC Mar 10 2015 replied:

Yes, it is planned to be VERY sizable. Hopefully it's worth the wait.

+1 vote   mod: Hatchet
WCCC Mar 1 2015 replied:

Happy to hear it, we appreciate the feedback!

+1 vote   mod: Hatchet
WCCC Jan 8 2015 replied:

The Gamespy master server has been shut down, but there's a community fix availabe. Fix on this happening here:


I can't vouch how many servers are still running, but that should let you see for real. If you doubt me, just google it for yourself.

EDIT: Also under the impression there may be more than one take on new "master server" to fix things. I realized I had another that was added via an in-server fix some people were cool enough to offer. Not sure if there's any difference between them, really.

+1 vote   mod: Soccer Mod
WCCC Jan 7 2015 says:

Thought I'd take a moment to state that this MP Mod only needs the map in the server's listing to run. No gametype conversions or any of that jazz- it works right out of the box... Just for the map collectors out there who don't want to dedicate to more serverpackages/serveractors and other junk.

Hope you enjoy it, guys!

Quick edit: To be clear, you need to install all the files, though.

+1 vote   download: DX Soccer Mod
WCCC Jan 7 2015 replied:

Wow, holy sh*t. No kidding. Tell him Hi, and I'm sorry about the early days when I got into the habit of calling him Nicky. Good times though, good times. I'll PM you my email for privacy reasons. Funny coincidence, and good to hear about him again, it's been a while.

For live vanilla MP?

I can't say if people still play, I know I'm always busy so I mod more than play, and my plat time is almost exclusively testing mods.

+1 vote   mod: Soccer Mod
WCCC Dec 30 2014 replied:

Excellent! I'll keep that in mind, we'll be needing to do some networking in the mean time for once we start doing convos and voice acting.

A demo is a good idea that's crossed our minds a few times, but it'd have to be a pretty limited chunk since it's an open-world experience. If done right, it could be pretty handy for inserting some hype... we'll see what happens once we've modeled our characters lol.

Those guys are gonna wait until we have a complete list of clothing and "part types" so we can produce a single "mega model" and use skeletals to animate all our characters in one go lol. The order in which our goals appear in this project is definitely a bit sticky, suffice to say...

I'll add your email to our contacts list. Thanks again!

+1 vote   mod: Hatchet
WCCC Dec 30 2014 replied:

Yeah, you've been one of our older followers, so it's good to see we're holding your interest.

Currently we've done most of the base mechanics (weaponry revamp, crafting, shops, quests, etc) and now we're shifting into level design now that we have the pieces to place down for making Hatchet-styled levels.

I would expect at least another few years of development, honestly. We have a lot of ground to cover for a lot of big ideas. We do, however, keep a very routinely updated developer's blog on things because unfortunately a lot of mods for Deus Ex suffer from poor communication, infrequent updates, and a LOT of going dead on development. We produce routine updates both to keep the fans informed and let you all know the mod is alive and kicking. Hopefully we'll have some mapping featurettes to show in good time.

As always, thanks for your time and support!

+2 votes   mod: Hatchet
WCCC Nov 20 2014 replied:

The way I see it, that gatehouse face is being shown because that guy just had his shoulder bitten by a giant worm. Riveting work as always!

+2 votes   media: Basilisk05
WCCC Oct 31 2014 says:

Side note: Ignore the book icons on the belt. Whipping up those new beasties right now!

+1 vote   media: Gear tale Time 5/10
WCCC Oct 23 2014 says:

Simply staggering. I look at any corner of these screenshots and just think "How do the gods of BSP approve of this", but it's awesome, no getting around that!

+2 votes   media: DXMP_WW2_Basilisk
WCCC Oct 23 2014 replied:

Depends what total conversion we're talking, to play devil's advocate here. Some mods (shifter, smoke39, hejhujka's hardcore mod) may use or ask for an install method that overwrites vanilla, which notably creates issues for uninstallation for the non-tech savvy and creates multiplayer incompatibility.

That being said, some campaign-style mods do partial file conversion (2027 and TNM both used modified vanilla files) but may do so by shoving them in a NEW directory and calling a "load mod folder first" style of loading, which allows it to not override vanilla yet still modify function when running the mod.

My advice: read the instructions, see if it makes any overrides to vanilla, and if you're unsure or think it does, refrain from doing so (unless you're okay with using backup files or reinstall later) and try out some nice ones that don't.

CyberP is very right though, there are some excellent total conversion mods (overriding and otherwise) out there for Deus Ex. I was hesitant for getting into them for a while myself, but found I was very happy at some discoveries, such as Smoke39's total conversion mod, which is mind-blowing in countless senses.

+1 vote   mod: Hatchet
WCCC Oct 16 2014 says:

This game is highly inspired and related to some of my favorite gaming content to date, but man this is currently still a dry play. I admit after much mucking about and circling, I have my doubts about the combination of open world, randomization, and progression based elements. Forked out the 5$ or so for the early access price, and I will look forward to its finished release. Additionally, the maker was blazing fast at replying to an issue I had personally. The heart and sweaty labor is abundant, and I'm sure this piece has a ways to go, I hate to admit I'm skeptical, but I'm hoping for the best. Good luck!

+1 vote   game: Lenna's Inception
WCCC Oct 3 2014 says:

Also side note: frangible rounds that were used against first target I just realized shattered and were in halves on the ground near him due to armor level. Fun fact.

+1 vote   media: Low Tech Weapons Demo
WCCC Sep 23 2014 replied:

Missed out on this chain of comments. Anyways, here's my late feedback on these:
-Sloppy is pretty much MTMF's middle and last names. These were mostly done for experimental purposes in relatively lazy insertion methods.
-Too easy? Agreed. This can get pretty lax, but usually playing on higher difficulties ramps ups the mods challenge several fold. It's still not perfect and probably less hard than realistic base, but the tanky enemies hopefully balance it all out. Real bullet sponges, sometimes.
-Never encountered that glitch. Very interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if odd things occurred with the inventory because of this mod, but I would really hope otherwise.

+1 vote   download: MTMF: MSBorderlands V1.2
WCCC Sep 14 2014 replied:

Yeah, it's good to be moving again steadily on stuff after a long slow. Also been busting away some of the must elusive (and rare) of bugs with relative ease... expect some great stuff soon!

+1 vote   media: Quest Screen Preview
WCCC Aug 24 2014 replied:

Haha, you should've seen the first draft. Our current is a 10 sided cylinder with 6 sided chutes, and 3 sided points on the body, head, and 3 areas of fletching per side. The OLD version was a 9 sided cylinder with 5 point chutes, with an odd 2-sided head, 5 sided body, and 3 fletching bits that didn't line up very nicely. Although it was trying to save poly count, it had to be revamped with 3 sidedness for the 3 pieces of fletching, 6 sided chutes to decrease the "blockiness" and 10 sided cylinder for the sake of symmetry, as it has 5 rounds stored total.

+1 vote   media: Dart Ammo Models
WCCC Jul 10 2014 says:

Ooh. Just noted some audio lag and me forgetting I had standard quality rifle at one point, not high quality. Oops. Conclusion: Gun's balancing is highly acceptable- since a higher quality model would've done better vs hardcore opponents like seen here.

+1 vote   media: Gust Rifle Demonstration
WCCC Jun 30 2014 replied:

Haha. Glad you think so too. It's amazing what one extra line of code can do to world detail lol.

+1 vote   news: Hatchet Monthly Update July 2014
WCCC Jun 25 2014 replied:


+1 vote   media: Arsenal Reskin Completion Demonstration
WCCC Jun 25 2014 replied:

Thanks. Lore is an important part of forging a believable world, so precise or thoughtful writing, even on the tiny things, helps to develop the world a step at a time.

+1 vote   media: Gust Rifle Blueprint
WCCC Jun 21 2014 replied:

An update was released a wee bit ago to v1.2, which has some smaller tweaks... and I'm not sure where the file can go from here, as prettymuch all of these instabilities aren't clear where they're sourced, and the features list is about as good as it gets. If anything does come up, it'll be updated along side in the public release as well as the private version, so there isn't anything new being left out. I don't really do blogs, but ModDB is about as close as its comes, but this mod is also far too small for its own mod page.

+2 votes   download: Broop Mod Public Release V1.4
WCCC Jun 9 2014 replied:

A lot of the models could use reposturing or revamping. I know the aging 10mm is like prime target #1 if we ever backtrack to improve models... but for the sake of progress combined with the fact that the only thing more demotivating than modeling an endless slue of weapons is re-modeling them, weapons are really being given the no card to being redone at the minute. Additionally some of the more realistic postures are somewhat less compatible with iron sights than less realistic ones, and we kind of do some of the pistol anims as held with one hand and reloaded with 2 hands, which is a mini DX homage in itself.

That running animation is gonna get revamped more than one could imagine. Maybe crouch move because it's kind of minimalist, but honestly the run one is the most important and awkward atm. Something about the otherwise consistent rotation makes the fist reaching its peak do a bit of a flick upwards, or so it appears and/or is being played by the anim system... but there should be a combination that is pleasing.

If it was high-time to revamp some of these postures though... yeesh. The carnage that would ensue. Like the difference between the old N16 and the M460 as well as the AK4T7 based LMG, it's not even anywhere close.

+1 vote   media: Hands Mini Demo
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