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I love to study warfare and history in general, play with LEGO bricks, watch almost anything Sci-Fi, and experiment with various mods. I am a board game designer in spare time, when I'm not recording/editing the Matt & Zach Show or doing stuff with the gaming makeshift clan known as JSSG. Also, Please refrain from excessive profanity on my page, thank you! If you see a "Vadronus Prime" running around, that's my alternate gamer-tag. (Long version of Vader91 really) The Free Voice from Vegas Itself!

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TF2 Weapon Reveiw: Machina
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Suggestions to Valve to improve: You hear a cheering fanfare whenever you kill multiple targets. It's a little loud and can quickly get annoying when you have multi-kills (triple and so forth). So I would suggest either lowering it's volume or just remove it completely.
Overall rating: 5/5
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continued from description. Widowmaker next!

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Weapon: Machina
Class: Sniper
Slot: Primary
Update Release: Manno-Technology Bundle (8-18-2011)
+ Full Charge: +15% Damage Per Shot
+ Full Charge: Bullet penetrates players
- Only fires when zoomed
- Fires tracer rounds
Review: This is probably one of the best weapons to hit the game in a long time. I can tell it was at least somewhat balance tested before release, and it definitely makes up for the piece of crap Bazaar Bargain released in the Uber Update. Though I question the choice in art-style (heavy futuristic), it still looks nice and I don't mind at all having it at my side.
Strategy: This weapon is designed for Snipers who take their time with their shots. With the full charge being able to hit multiple targets, it's a godsend on Payload maps and against turtling engineers (yes, it can penetrate buildings by my testing). Also, the full charge can deal (in my observation) a whopping 195 bodyshot damage, more than enough to take most classes out of commission with a single hit. The weapon isn't without it's well thought of cons however. The inability to use no-scope shots can be annoying when faced with an enemy within mid range and quickly taking down engineer buildings. Also, though the railgun-like tracer round is very cool looking, it reveals your position to the enemy a little to well. Overall, a weapon that rewards Snipers with patience, while still retaining a weak side to keep it out of the “Over-powered” category. When using the Machina, it is almost necessary to bring the SMG for mid-range fighting. However a Razorback isn't a half bad choice either since you have to wait a little longer when scoped in order to get the nice damage boost and penetration, perfect for a back-hungry Spy. Since using the Danger Shield or Jarate is questionable with this weapon, when it comes to melee avoid using the Bushwacka, since it only works well when you have Jarate on hand.
Suggestions to Valve to improve: You hear a cheering fanfare whenever you kill mult

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