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I love to study warfare and history in general, play with LEGOs, watch almost anything Sci-Fi, and experiment with various mods. I am a board game designer in spare time, when I'm not recording/editing the Matt & Zach Show or doing stuff with the gaming makeshift clan known as JSSG. My main project right now is March of the Reds; a strategy/tactical card game based on what would happen if the Cold War went hot in 1989. Also, Please refrain from profanity on my page, thank you! If you see a "Vadronus Prime" running around, that's my alternate gamer-tag. (Long version of Vader91 really) The Free Voice from Vegas Itself!

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The ZCN Jupiter-Class Modular Dreadnought

The Jupiter-Class is being designed to serve as the ZCN's Top Ship-of-the-Line, serving as their premier warship.

The "modular" nature of the vessel means that there will be additional sections of the ship that can be added to the chassis for expanded roles.
So far modules planned include:

BSG-style hangar nacelles

an Assault Frigate-inspired engine addon

A Weapon Addon Spar, again inspired by the Assault Frigate

An Expanded Cargo bay for ground forces or industrial roles

The ship class will already be an intimidating battleship with a natural hangar bay, the modules are just icing on the cake allowing the same ship design to perform various fleet roles (carrier, interceptor, siege, support, etc). The Jupiter will also have a large interior expansion bay (for additional mission equipment), a decent cargo area that will have industrial equipment (assemblers, refineries, etc), a concealed and armored command bridge, and the usual ZCN package of super-heavy armor/shields/weapons. The Jupiter is also planned to take a lesson from the Borg by being able to repair and even completely reconstruct damaged or missing sections of the ship using NANITES!!

"If we ever NEED anything bigger then the Jupiter, Heaven help us we're screwed."

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