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usndiesel Dec 13 2014 says:

This is an absolutely spectacular piece. Paramount needs to hire you all to make the next Star Trek game.

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usndiesel Jun 19 2014 replied:

This glorious mustard colored ship will be pounding those who oppose Cardassia soon.

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usndiesel Apr 3 2014 replied:

What do YOU mean, you people?

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usndiesel Apr 2 2014 says:

This is a screenshot from Sacrifice of Angels 2 isn't it?

You are mean...very very mean to tease such a thing. I want this for real. OPTIONAL ADD ON

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usndiesel Mar 17 2014 replied:

Actually Constitution class ships were seen in TNG in the destruction of Wolf 359.

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usndiesel Mar 17 2014 replied:

Ahh, but for all you know the Galaxy X design originated from the necessity and experimentation of the Dominion War. After all the Galaxy-X nacelle phaser pads did come about.

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usndiesel Mar 17 2014 replied:


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usndiesel Mar 17 2014 replied:

I love that it uses Majel Barrett's voice. It may be choppy but it maintains the feel of being on the bridge. Another actor would lose a little bit of that Star Trek feel.

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usndiesel Mar 17 2014 replied:

All seem like very good reasons and let me better understand why things are as they are. I absolutely love this mod, its one of the best things to ever happen to Star Trek games. Keep up the great work!

One last thing, i notice the computer voice sounds a bit jagged sometimes. When they say "new system detected" or things like that it sounds very choppy. Is that from piecing together different excerpts of Majel Barretts voicework?

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usndiesel Mar 17 2014 replied:

I would LOVE to see this. Some may think she looked like a Frankenstein...but that phaser lance was amazing. I'd love to see her in game.

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usndiesel Mar 17 2014 says:

You've got the Excelsior, Miranda, Constellation, Centaur, and Shelley Class in game. You gotta give us the Constitution.

The Enterprise-E got a refit between Insurrection and Nemesis that added additional weapons and shields, that could be a nice upgrade.

My favorite upgrade that you have included in your mod has been the Galaxy and Excelsior upgrades. I love that not only do they improve the performance, but their APPEARANCE updates. With that in mind, we've seen several iterations of the Miranda class...the Saratoga in STIV which had no rollbar, and the Soyuz version from TNG. Perhaps the Saratoga could be the base version as it has no rollbar, the Wrath of Khan Miranda could be an upgrade, and the Soyuz with its many extra gun platforms could be the pinnacle of the design that however leaves the vessel underpowered by placing too much strain on the tiny warp core.

With all the hangar bay doors on the Constellation, it could serve a role as a large shuttle carrier (which could carry 5-6) alongside the Shelley (which could carry 2). The Akira was also designed as a carrier with almost 1/3 of its saucer a hangar bay. Although it might not be a carrier, it should certainly have a shuttle capacity of perhaps 3 squadrons. It would be neat the see the equivalent to an aircraft carrier in the game.

One of the bigger gripes with the game is still the Pirate faction. Two of the pirate ships (one being the Ravager) are essentially the same ship just on its side. I'd like to see more variety. The Maquis raider would be fitting.

To give the game a better feel, Planetary defense forces should be more diverse. That would make it feel like different cultures are controlling these planets. Maybe one planet has a Breen fleet with STO's Chell Gret and Plesh Brek ships, another might have the Ferengi , Orion, Hirogen, Tamarian, Tholian, or Fek'liri ships from STO in orbit. Currently the pirates are composed of STO's Gorn and Naussicaan ships.

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usndiesel Mar 12 2014 says:

Galaxy Class saucer separation coming soon????


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usndiesel Mar 3 2014 says:

Couple Bugs still are misspellings:

Utopia Planitia is spelled Utopia Planetia on the Fed Research

I've also noticed some misspellings in ship descriptions.

Also the Fed and Klingon military and civilian lab icons for building are flip flopped. This can cause you to click one thinking your building a civ lab only to realize it was a military lab. Consider placing them uniform across all races to avoid confusion.

Also, For the Pirate screen, maybe change the icon to a Maquis emblem rather than the pirate face of SoaSE.

Overall, the mod just keeps getting better and better guys, you are awesome!

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usndiesel Feb 23 2014 replied:

Well its the repair drone ability that comes with capturing a service bay. The model looks very unfinished and the lack of ability to shoot it is a bit bothersome.

Please don't take that as criticism, I love this mod and I wish EA had hired you all to make the game instead. Just a observation

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usndiesel Feb 23 2014 says:

I think i've found a bug. Occasionally when NOD AI attacks my base a cargo helicopter lands. It can't be targeted and seems to be a glitch. It doesn't look well skinned which makes me think its unfinished. It is a cargo helicopter with a giant cargo hold below it and seems to deploy repair drones.

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usndiesel Feb 19 2014 says:

Any chance in the future you could make a new model for the Temple of Nod? I always thought the one in Tiberium Wars looked absolutely horrible. Its bland and ugly. The model from Tiberian Sun was so sleek and looked amazing.

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usndiesel Dec 26 2013 says:

I have noticed when you cancel construction on buildings it sometimes crashes. Also the voice of the computer (Planetary System Detected) is glitchy sounding. Other than that...this is incredible. The models are incredible, the music is great, the feeling is great. You've outdone yourselves.

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usndiesel Dec 25 2013 says:

MERRY CHRISTMAS....I love you.

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usndiesel Oct 28 2013 says:

This is amazing

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usndiesel Oct 2 2013 says:


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usndiesel Sep 13 2013 says:

Can't wait, one of my few gripes has been how the models look closer up.

Also, what about some more modern Klingon and Romulan ships. I know they have the Negh'var and Vor'cha, but alot of their models are very old TMP type ships.

However, the game is great, I love it!

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usndiesel Jul 28 2013 says:

-Antimatter spread (as seen in Best of Both Worlds)
-changeable pods for the Nebula class (could call it mission modules)
-Exhaust tracking torpedoes to combat cloaks (STVI)
-Saucer Separation
-Cloaking Device (for defiant)
-Quantum Slipstream (Voyager)
-Android Crew (makes crew more efficient)
-Mark XII Phaser Arrays (Upgrades from Mark X for more damage)
-Probes (Allows longer sensor range)
-Picard Manuever (Creates a brief duplicate)
-Riker Manuever (spray enemy vessel with metreon gas to slow and damage over time)

-Wolf Pack (Bird of prey gains 2 wingmen birds of prey, all three controlled as 1 unit much like fighters)
-Disruptor cannons (for the Negh'Var which allow some bleed through of damage from he shields to the hull as seen in DS9)
-Engine targetting (STIII)
-Wanton Aggression (allows a brief period of time with increased rate of fire)
-Drunken Ambassadors (STV - Allow Klingon diplomats to be slightly more friendly, improving relations)

-Plasma Torpedoes (upgrades Romulans to Plasma torpedoes which cause heavy damage)
-Battle Cloak (allows temporary use of both cloak, shields, and weapons STX)
-Borg Technology (Allows vessels to take on Borg qualities such as regenerative shielding, enhanced weapons, at the expense of speed - Star Trek)
-Cunning spies (allow Romulans to target a vessel or station and place a spy aboard, allowing them to see that planets sight)

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usndiesel May 11 2013 says:

Sooo much beauty

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usndiesel May 10 2013 replied:

Same issue here too

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usndiesel May 8 2013 says:

Me likey.

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usndiesel May 7 2013 says:

This is so beautiful. Armada was one of the best star trek games of all time. When this comes out i may actually take a pause from Fleet Ops.

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