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Trigolai Oct 28 2010, 8:01pm says:

Sent an email a while back about beta.... I am so excited right now.

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Trigolai Sep 7 2010, 9:02am says:

Desura's pro-developer, anti-extortionist stance makes it sound like win all over.

Would it be possible for me to recieve a beta key for this?

(Steam is getting on my tits since I went cold-turkey on skinner's box-fortress 2.)

Thanks in advance.

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Trigolai Apr 25 2010, 3:37pm replied:

Well, Chuck Norris Sucks IMO!

.....Trigonometry Happy was never seen or heard from again.

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Trigolai Apr 25 2010, 3:30pm replied:

Forgetting Reality are awesome, just had a sneaky listen to their stuff. The name couldn't be more fitting to a sci-fi theme if we tried.

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Trigolai Apr 24 2010, 7:55pm says:

Trig's New Top 5 Awesome Peoples List:

1. Leeswim247
2. Mr.T
3. Speedy Gonzalez
4. Gandhi
5. The Fonz

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Trigolai Apr 21 2010, 5:16pm replied:

Thank you, much love.

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Trigolai Apr 21 2010, 5:10pm says:

Using the English language in any way, shape or form to create, concept art, basic modeling (learning texturing), Ex-WC3/TF2 ladder player so I'm a balance freak, ex-WC3 mapmaker, addiction to retro pixel sprite drawing, 2D art/graphic design, rugged good looks* and this one time at band camp.... nevermind it probably wouldn't be beneficial to you guys in any way.

*this is most likely untrue.

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Trigolai Apr 21 2010, 4:59pm says:

Huge fan of Sci-fi (BS:G FTW).... but IMO generic Science Fiction is an overused concept in games. For this mod to work using a sci-fi theme its concept needs to be on a totally different level to Star Craft 2, Mass Effect 2 etc. and not just a rehash of of a couple game/movie's styles. *insert generic alien/storyline here*. People have to go "HOLY CRAP that's epic, why hasn't this been done before" and not "been there done that, bought the T-shirt".

You're probably thinking, but you suggested C&C generals 2 as the mod idea. Your right I did, but that was because I thought it would be much easier to build a mod from the husk of the awesome and wacky generals rather than build one from scratch (though I admit the latter seems way more fun to do). I am also of the firm belief that for a mod/game anything to be successful it needs to offer something to the player that can't be got anywhere else. Generals on a new engine would do this, and would bring in general's countless fans. If SC2 wasn't coming out then a sci-fi standard sci-fi rts would have been great. In our present situation though... We're gonna have to bring out the big guns. (For the record, I think an ultra serious modern combat setting is mega boring.)

I have the initial plotline and factions for a story I was gonna use for my planned SC2 custom map drawn up. Its pretty crazy and avant-garde and mostly lies on the "what is this, I don't even" side of the sci-fi fence. Actually, I expect it won't be to everyone's tastes, but I'll post something up on the weekend if you're interested.

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Trigolai Apr 19 2010, 5:42pm replied:

As far as I know, it hasn't.

But EA could do a Bungie and shut us down half way thorugh development when they decide to take a stab at screwing up Generals 2.

Bungie Boss: OMG their C&C generals halo mod is like 10 times better than our secret Halo Wars project. How dare they make a free mod that had been in development way before ours was even shown to the public.
Bungie Lawyer: I can shut them down for you.
Bungie Boss: Wait, you can do that?
Bungie Lawyer: Yeah of course, welcome to the world of complete corporate control.
Bungie Boss: Awesome! You up for a money orgy?
Bungie Lawyer: Damn Straight. 1,2,3 MONEY ORGY!

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Trigolai Apr 19 2010, 3:44pm says:

Total conversion you say.

Generals 2 (or something similar)
United States of America versus China versus Middle East.*

With a world domination gameplay mode ala C&C 3 KW.

*No faction are the good guys, just differen't perspectives, what I mean to say is: NO AMERICA AS THE GOOD GUYS. I'm American and I protest that for once please please make USA as evil as they really are in real life. I'm sick and tired of this propaganda in computer games where the USA are the good guys. There is no such thing as a Protagonist type country..... any country that has invaded another or uses violence in such a fashion is evil. Vietnam, Afganistan etc. All unjust ******** wars to fuel America's War-centric Industry which needs a annual war to avoid economic collapse (same principle as hitler's war-industry).

/Rant Over!

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Trigolai Apr 8 2010, 5:40pm replied:

@ApornasPlanet, Last time I checked hitler wasn't the biggest or strongest in the

However while I must say I like the origional picture that was voted on.... WHY THE HELL IS HE GINGER!!! :) Blond or black would be a better hair colour. Frick'n flaming Irish leprecaun fuhrer ftw.

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Trigolai Apr 7 2010, 8:05pm replied:

I agree with Feillyne and think that this should really be a 4 faction mod instead of tackling too much at once and going for 3 new factions. Get a quality release with 1 faction down before adding more. Believe me, its better for the mods survivability and the teams overall morale and mental health. I've seen too many good mods die through the development team biting off more than they could chew.

Got to say though I love the concept of the Mod, Sounds like the expansion pack Red Alert 3 deserved but never got.

If you're still looking for a writer, I might be your man. I just signed up on the forums (as PontifiKatze) so i'll post some examples, etc. next chance I get. I can also do concept art, aswell as being willing to learn anyting else that's needed.

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