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We have officially taken to a facebook page to post our updates on our new game "Exoletus", and we'll be posting some more casual gaming news from time to time as well.
As a note, the admins will be Infinitus Designs team members only atm.

Hopefully we can build up a community there and, in time, promote our game through facebook.


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Well,, it's been quite some time since I was active here, but I guess you could say I'll be returning to my old activity levels very soon, as Infinitus Designs is about to enter Alpha with it's new game, "Exoletus"!

Although I'm going to refrain from putting out too much information about "Exoletus" at the moment, I will say that it's a zombie survival sandbox, and that it should be onto in about a month's time.

Stay tuned!

10000 visitors!

Traslogan Blog

Well, today I logged into to find I had 10000 visitors (not one over or under!) :D

in realization that I'm obviously still getting viewers, I'll begin blogging a lot more on my upcoming game since I obviously have people still seeing what I blog about.

As for this, I'd reccomend people follow me to keep up to date with village tales over the coming weeks and months.

And thankyou for visiting me! :D

This Weekend

Traslogan Blog

That's right folks, this weekend we'll be submitting our next Infinitus Designs game to

This is by far our biggest project yet, and we will most definitely take over 6 months to complete it (possibly A LOT more)

From those who have heard the idea already, we've taken much positive feedback, so we hope the moddb community responds as positively as well.

Until the weekend!


An upcoming game

Traslogan Blog

Finally, after a long wait I have decided to create another game. We're also welcoming a friend of mine, Chris Cormack, to join Infinitus Designs, and He and I will hopefully have our new game up on inside the month.

Now, I'm being rather vague due to the simple fact that we are still planning the game and have yet to gather some starting content. It's also for the sake of making sure our idea isn't stolen.

I can tell you all now that our new game will be a 3D Strategy/Simulation game. Anything more would be too much I'm afraid.

Please, stay tuned for my next blog in which I will talk about my upcoming game some more.

Hey folks, it has been a hell of a long time since I did anything on!

Well, I'll say it now, I'm sorry for leaving you all here without me, and I hope you will forgive my absence.

To make it up to you guys, I'd like to say that I'm working on a new game now and, although still in its early days (hence not on yet) I will be putting it up on the site soon hopefully!

When you see my new game pop up, tell your friends and make sure they watch the game and my profile on for all the info!

Arania - Patch 1.1

Traslogan Blog

Work continues on Arania - Forgotten Lands and I'm nearing the release of Alpha Patch V1.1, and that should be released by this tuesday.
Here is a list of new features that will be within the 1.1 release:

. Quest "The King's Mercenary" fully operational
. Port Skye Bank and Inn and Weaponshop all fully operational
. Boat will work on 'fresh water' (It's a lighter shade than the salt water sea)
. Location 'The Abandoned Tower' added - Ties in with Quest "The King's Mercenary"
. Enemies added: 'Bandit' and 'Bandit Leader'
. Sleeping at the Port Skye Inn will cost 25g and will recharge all of your stats and cure poison.
. Experience requirements for each level changed so that it will take longer to level up (1.0 was simply far too fast, and personally I could reach level 20 inside 30 minutes)
. Gold Rewards from creatures such as spiders and bats and rats will be reduced severely to tie in with the fact that they are weak and shouldn't really have that much money on them.

There will be a few other changes within V1.1 but the aim of this update was for the boat to work and get the basic starter quest finished.

V1.2 is gauranteed to have double the content that 1.1 is going to contain.

I really did forget about good old unfortunately. I wish I had remembered to blog...Sorry!
So much has happened in the last 6 months. I've gone from casual wurm addict to smalltime game developer...In my spare time of course.
I started on a project called "Arania - Forgotten Lands" the other week, and it's now my big hobby besides playing Wurm Online (and unreal tournament).

You can find out more on the new company page for Infinitus Designs on!

Man you gotta love having an adventure-side to your wurm lifestyle...I'm back at yet another site for yet another village, and I still have no idea how long I'll last.

I'm kinda getting a reputation for the DIY-revival expert on Wurm now, so obviously they are aware of my movements.

Time to get cracking on another village: New Vagrant 3

Seems that more villagers are leaving.
That'll teach me to count my eggs after the hatch, they all ran away! D:

Tbh it's a good fresh start though, lets me get on with the deed terraforming and lets me setup a bit more before I get more villagers in. I mean, it's not like no villagers will lower my sanity on wurm any further.

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