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Work continues on Arania - Forgotten Lands and I'm nearing the release of Alpha Patch V1.1, and that should be released by this tuesday.
Here is a list of new features that will be within the 1.1 release:

. Quest "The King's Mercenary" fully operational
. Port Skye Bank and Inn and Weaponshop all fully operational
. Boat will work on 'fresh water' (It's a lighter shade than the salt water sea)
. Location 'The Abandoned Tower' added - Ties in with Quest "The King's Mercenary"
. Enemies added: 'Bandit' and 'Bandit Leader'
. Sleeping at the Port Skye Inn will cost 25g and will recharge all of your stats and cure poison.
. Experience requirements for each level changed so that it will take longer to level up (1.0 was simply far too fast, and personally I could reach level 20 inside 30 minutes)
. Gold Rewards from creatures such as spiders and bats and rats will be reduced severely to tie in with the fact that they are weak and shouldn't really have that much money on them.

There will be a few other changes within V1.1 but the aim of this update was for the boat to work and get the basic starter quest finished.

V1.2 is gauranteed to have double the content that 1.1 is going to contain.

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