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Hangover and a cold

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Hangover and a cold... After a birthday celebration- I didn't get drunk, so I can't remember anything, but I drank 4 types of alcohol: beer, mint, champaign and rakia (ракия) (similar to vodka, but it has different flavors, depending on what is brewed of). While trying to consume some of the remaining alcohol, finishing with beer, I stayed on a bench for 3-4 hours in the nice cool night- at one moment I found that I am cold- not chilling or cool- cold. Of course, I cached a cold.
And now I have a cold and a hangover, my head hurts, my throat hurts, I have low energy and I am feverish...
Never mix alcohol- especially with beer. And I have been told that, but I had totally forgotten.

That's hard to belie! I have made 2,742 comments for less that 3 years! INtense! has made 2,766 since 2002, me since 2009...
I wander how many people can shout "IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAND" when asked "What is the number of your comments posted in moddb.com ?"...
And now, just to cross the 300 characters minimal limit: Trololololololololololololol Trololololololololololololololololol Troololololololololololololololololo

I have been working on a storyline for a game I'm planning to create somewhere in the future. This is a part of the storyline- it's a part of a part (part-ception FTW) of the diary of the bad guy:

Gas project: day 001
A few weeks ago I found that there is an abandoned gas project in Bunker 46. The gas was meant to work as a deadly but pleasant hallucinogen. Based on the research, I made before I decided to visit the bunker, I assume they failed to make it deadly. I'm visiting the bunker next week.

Gas project: day 007
I have arrived at the bunker.
There is something strange in the air...
If they are not lying, my assumption is correct - they failed to make the gas deadly. The idea was to make the hallucinations not allow the ones who are poisoned to notice that there is something in the air. They have been trying to make it deadly for months, but they can't remember why they abandoned it... But, why?
The dwellers set me up with a nice room. They even agreed to allow me to work all alone. Thous guys are too kind! I wouldn't be surprised if their gas causes people to become too kind.
There are pieces of broken glass on the lab's floor, and the air is stranger (if the strangeness of the air was the strength of the smell, in this room the smell would be stronger). Hmmm...

I haven't posted anything on my blog in a while. And here is some stuff:
Fallout New Vegas gameplay:
currently it sounds like a tutorial on "how to play this game"

Some voice acting made by me:
Voice acting test - Mod DB
Decided to try making some voice acting. When I listen to myself while talking, I sound good at voice acting. But when I listen to a record, I have a neutral feeling for my acting. I'm 18 years old and my voice may not sound like it should. What do you think?

I have also spent a few hours of my life recalling the good old times, when I was still going to kinder garden and used to play Super Mario on an Nintendo. Now I play on a PC with one hand- I don't have a joystick. Too bad the second half of my early childhood is in the end of the 90-es. I don't remember those times well and many say that they were great...

At first the Internet had a different purpose- communication. Communication for busyness mostly.

But this has changed. Today the Internet has no purpose. Today the Web is a world made of zeros and ones (0 and 1). A world with SIMILAR rules as the real world. Banning "Internet piracy" in the Web is literally the same as banning sharing in the real world. Who knows, this might be the first step.

Banning different rights has been done long long long long long ... long long before the appearance of the Internet. This is something normal. And the ones giving the bans have good reasons for that in many cases. But ones that don't like it rebel against that until they win or they see that the ban makes things better for them. So this is not a new problem.

The problem is that the ones supporting the idea of banning Internet sharing are media developers (musicians, artists, game developers, movie makers etc.). They all get TONES of money from this. But many of them are just greedy (but they are not that good at the art called Greed). They don't seem to care much about the money they get from the live entertainment they can give us (concerts, movies in cinemas, art exhibitions etc.).

In reality you can buy a movie, gather with some friends, go home and watch the movie. The same thing happens with all other media. You can copy it on an empty storage item, give it to others etc. This sharing happens in the Internet. Many people call it "Piracy". Others call it "sharing". I call it "a free commercial". This way the developer becomes famous really fast, people start paying to see him preforming live or on a big screen or on a different place. Think about it. The developer must NOT pay for this commercial.

Games... Let's use Minecraft for an example. This game's pirate version allows pirates to play in single player mode and in pirate servers. There aren't many pirate servers and they are not really reliable. Many pirates have bought the game because they like it. This makes the pirate version much better than a demo version that you can play for 60 minutes or until you beat the first level or a series of levels. The pirate version allows the player to get a real taste of the game, and when he goes to the shop, he knows for what is he giving his money. This is another example of that why I call Internet piracy "a free commercial".

This makes Internet piracy one of the best tools for commercial stuff. And if you use this tool right means that you are starting to master the art of Greed.

There is also another problem. The Internet's current dwellers are mostly young people. For them the Web is a real world. And the ones that make organizations and bills for banning some of the users' rights are old. For them the Internet is a tool for communication. But they also get paid for making bans. And we all know that the youngsters (including me) and the old people can't understand each other no matter what.

So, yeah, this is another misunderstanding. Different people have different visions about it. For me the name "Internet piracy" is wrongly given to "Internet sharing". But I do understand why do others think it's piracy.

In my country things are OK. A part of the money you give for storage devices is going to the media makers. One of our best torrent trackers has a deal with our cinemas: A movie is released in the cinemas. A copy of the movie with a good quality is not allowed to get uploaded until it appears on the movie shops. Also the movie cannot get uploaded if it is from our country.

Eventhough I call it "Internet piracy" thought I don't like the term, I still use it because most people use it.

Too bad that the Source is only used by Valve for commercial projects. No one else can use it for commercial stuff. Because the Source engine is optimized, it doesn't require a powerful PC and can achieve great graphics.

Alice: madness returns: Let's see, it's a cartoon styled 3D game that requires Direct 11 to run with maximum FPS. The models aren't much detailed, the effects aren't really the most advanced you can see, and it runs with average 30-25 FPS on my PC.

Half Life 2 ep.2: The models are more detailed, the effects are not something that make" you go " WOOOOOW! DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!". FPS rate: it's so much, that it makes you think that real life is laggy.

So if I have to make a ratio between the two engines, it will look like this:
Half Life 2 graphics : Alice graphics = 1:1
Half Life 2 FPS rate : Alice FPS rate = 3:1

What is "Spicy horse" didn't use the engine the way it should have been used, or the engine (Unreal engine) is not really optimized? Because I have seen equally AMASSING graphics in both Source and Unreal.
And also it's REALLY f**ked to see the same quality of graphics in different engines that have different requirements.
Or it's just me with the wrong vision about the situation.

So, write in the comment section what do you think.


AlekZanDer Blog

Just Achieve It! XBOX 260 Achievement Generator

9000... This is not something really much anymore...

I've alway wanted to do that!
I've alway wanted to do that!
I've alway wanted to do that!
I've alway wanted to do that!
I've alway wanted to do that!
I've alway wanted to do that!
I've alway wanted to do that!
To see other stupid stuff please press "Blog" in my profile...

The book of Eli

AlekZanDer Blog

A really nice film, with a really nice idea and really nice music (fit's perfectly with the movie). So here are some nice things:
I have found a little mistake:
A little mistake
The beginning is filled with some nice frames screaming to become the logo of the movie:New logos?
And what the hell is Team Fortress doing in the movie?

  1. The Pyro appears in the beginning of the movie (but according to the movie it's actually the Sniper with a gas mask).
  2. The main hero is the Sniper (he's got the Huntsman and a machete).
  3. He stabbed the Scout in the throat.
  4. Then the same Sniper killed the Pyro with the same machete.
  5. The Soldier appeared somewhere in the middle of the movie, but he got killed by the Sniper's machete during a car accident.

So in the movie you can see the Sniper, the Pyro, the Soldier and the Scout. Inform me if you can see other TF classes in the game.
Pyro and Soldier
Stab in the throat
And don't mess with Eli, or else that:
Don't mess with Eli...

In a matter of fact, medicine heal fast but they have side effects. But if you use herbs, you will heal slower but with no side effects. And that's a fact.
So this is how to keep healthy:

  1. Don't listen to your doctor if he keeps giving you only medicine. Find a doctor who knows how to use different plants as medicine. (My doctor told me to drip a few drops of lemon juice in my nose from time to time, if I have snivels. It's not really pleasant, but it works.)
  2. You must try to keep fit while you are sick (don't let your sickness keep you in bed all the time)
  3. Breath as much clean air as you can (if you stay at home all the time, you start breathing your sickness).
  4. Stay in the cold as much as you can, in order you organism to create an anti-sickness shield, and to make your self resistant to low temperatures.
  5. And the most important one: Be a masochist now, and you will feel no pain after that!
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