Developer of mods for Men of War series and IŁ-2 Szturmowik.

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Only Steam version would be available. That's because game has a lot of patches and I need to keep the mod compatible with it.

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It's in the description.

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Well, my mods works only with Steam version of AS2. They're optimalised for the latest patch.

Anyway thx for your support.

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Only current version is supported - for today 3.252

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How should it work? Multiplayer game mode was turned off by game developers few years ago bucause of Gamespy shutdown! It happened to all MoWs except AS2!

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A lot of them were removed in 1941 or even in 1939. German Eagles and SS runes hardly left.

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But a lot of issues will appear, because of changes beetween 3.201 and the latest game version.

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Same as with Uprising mod. It's impossible.

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You need to update game to new 3.205.2 version by Steam autopatcher. There's no other way to play it.

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This project is on hold because MoW AS multipleyer is turned off by game developers. Project is moved to MoW AS 2

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Only Armoured Fist

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Wow, very useful skill.

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Try to restart it and make shure that you completed all the main tasks.

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@Normand Skirmish replaced MoW's SP campaign in Assault Squad series.

@eyangsuro Valour doesn't affect vanilla skirmish mode. As Normand said it gives only 5 bonus skirmishes for SP.

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You can do it in your own by changing type of gun in t35.def file. Dont waste Normand's time, man.

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Nie umarł, lecz został zrobiony.

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Brak ściągniętych aktualizacji gry. Masz wersję 1.022.1 musisz ściągnąć patch 1.11.3 i 1.17.5 ze strony Cenegi. Niestety MoW nie aktualizuje się sam i trzeba bezpośrednio ściągać ze strony polskiego wydawcy gry.

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Mybe you have Valour patch 17 and your buddy patch 16?

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That's because Beta Patch was removed by game developers.

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Mybe this one is better?

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What do u think about this gun ?

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Oh, great! :)

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Take what you need to give us Polish Army because our mod is dead :) If you are not shure about credits read readme.txt or PM me.

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After u have to activate mod in game settings/options in main menu.

Anyway MoW's multiplayer game mode in turned off. Only MoW: Assalut Squad 2 works.

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Probably because of SEGA

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Ktoś z Was gra jeszcze w legendarną grę jaką jest IL-2 Sturmovik? Zrobiłem do niej pack misji - są też misje na P-11c! Jeśli nie macie to w Empiku teraz jest wyprzedaż gier i IL-2 1946 CE kosztuje 10 PLN.

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