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Enemy Front

Game review

Firstly, Enemy Front is SP only game like almost all of the CI stuff. They did a lot of cheap realises. MP is dead, so dont buy this game if you are not SP-player.

Enemy Fornt is a better version of Mortyr. This series is about commando who takes part in special/partizan operation during WW2. Probably nobody know this game, exept Poles. Motyr has only SP campain, no MP.

And now CI games realised abroad a better version of Mortyr - Enemy Front, calling it "great game wow, next Crisis". They always describe like that. Cheap games witch you can buy in newsagence for 4$ too. But non-Poles didnt know about it, they expected good MP and CoD's style SP. But Enemy Front is like Mortyr - you are one men army killing hordes of Germans. So that game is big disappointment for people who trust CI that they will made game of the year.

The main disadvantage of EF is bug and crash fest. You've got to preapare that 50% of map loading get stuck. Another bad aspect of game is that soldier's equpment is unhistorrical. You can find Stg-44, Sten Mk2 ,Panzerfaust or Germans wearing camo pants in 1940. Wz-35 AT Rifle has 5 round mag but in real life it has 4 bullets. Also German SMG-gunner skin is a diseaster - hakenkreutz on arm suggest Hitler's guard. But on helmet you can see Wehrmacht signs. Any way on the uniform you can see sign of artillery but also tankcrew one...

Some people complain about graphics. It just OK, not the best, not the worst.
Also players complain about stupid AI. AI is copy-paste from one used in Mortyr: Operation Thunderstorm, Terrorist Takedown 2, Code of Honor 2 and games like that. So prepeare that German soldiers act like Afgani partisans in MOH: Tier 1.

But this game has also good sides. Firs one is really beautiful presentation of buildings in Warsaw like Pasta or Saint Cross Church. Next possitive aspect of game is that you can find weapons like Weltrod, DeLise, Browning Wz-28 or Lightning SMG. They are not present in common FPS serieses.

And why to but this game? Campain. It isnt difficult but long enough. I really enjoyed my time playing it. You can take part in historical battles in Poland, year 1944 and fictional ones in France, Norway and V2 complex. This deffinitly good game for people who like Rambo-style playing, like me.



Mod review - 2 agree

Before DMS decided to publish AS 2 they should give this game to Normand and approve his changes.


Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

As we know AS 2 was published because of Gamespy shutdown. To make AS 1 MP-playable devs had to move it to Steam. But why AS 2 is so expensive?
Also a lot of reported issues havent been fixed!

+ MP moved to Steam
+ some new vehicle models
+ better graphics
+ Map editor

- no Storyline Campain
- bad AI
- soldier's gear is unrealistic and not historical (blue feldgrau, kepi caps on winter, flying helmets, incorrect rangers weapon ... bla bla bla)
- unrealistic weapon accuracy (espacially you can fell it playing sniper missions)
- non WW2 units in MP (Centurion, IS-3, SKS ... )
- a lot of stuff havent been changed since Faces of War 2006 and it dont match new one and graphic
- really overpriced
- work of MP fog of war and weapon ranges systems is against common sense
- trolling history in Skirmishes (like STG-44 and Sten Mk.5 in Africa)


Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Game review

Heroes of Might and Magic V

Game review

Might & Magic: Heroes VI

Game review

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

Game review

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

Game review

Call of Duty

Game review

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946

Game review
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