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thepagan @ Enhanced Environment

Wow, so much kudos to you my friend. This looks beautiful!! How can i play other mods now?! they all look so bland in comparison!

I was wondering in the main file, what other mods are used, i see a Shoker mod in the texture folders, and i LOVE the different armours. Could you list what mods are added to the main mod download?

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thepagan @ The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)

You gotta problem with my music...WELL HAVE YA! lol. joking, well there is an easy way and a hard way. The hard way i don't know about because it involves editing txt files and such.

The easy way however is just get the mp3 or wav. file you want to use, and call it TLD_Town_Gondor or something like that, the music is in the music folder, you'll find the one. replace and it should work. this way you don't have to edit anything.

A warning though, the M&B engine can only handle so much music, and of certain quality (hence why we have low quality version) it seems to cause some folks no end of headaches. one of the many limitations the guys had to work around.

(feelings hurt) Pagan ;)

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thepagan @ The Last Days Podcast - episode 02

A podcast is not an actual video, it is an audio recording of one of the Devs, Merlkir, talking about what is happening with the mod behind the scenes.

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thepagan @ The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)

Ladies and gents

for the latest on the patch please visit this thread at TLD's home.,2653.0.html

Thank you

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thepagan @ The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)

That is an unfinished quest, ATM, something will be done with it however in upcomming releases.

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thepagan @ Third Age - Total War

Congrats on 2nd place guys, seems Middle-earth had a very good showing this year. I still think there should be different categories, but, thems the breaks as they say.

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thepagan @ The Last Days Podcast - episode 01

nope, try again. But ill give a big clue. Its called 'the river song'

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thepagan @ music preview

thanks all for comments.

This music will be ingame upon inital public beta. Unfortunatly the official sountrack will not be ready till christmas time.

And no it is not other peoples music, but rather my own, created about a year ago. Unlike the synths used for these tracks, the official sountrack will have about 95% real samples. My studio is alot bigger these days, so why not give TLD the best i can.

I hope it adds to the enjoyment of the wonderful project the dev team have laboured long snd hard over.


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thepagan @ The Last Days intro

thank you for your comments on my voice work, kasabian.

The word, i believe, was 'swarth' from the paper i read from. and perhaps for fear of pops or hiss' i was forced to pronounce certain words differently to how i would natural. And without the english accent, of course.

Perhaps it is best if you play with volume off as you will hear my 'dire' voice many times in game. Regretfully when the dev team called for narration specialists only two such armchair professionals came forward. Good on them. The team went with my little effort for better or worse, there were things more important to the actual game to worry about.

So please feel free to enjoy the mod we laboured over upon release, and don't be shy to spare any insults when you do.


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