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TheMuffinMan2360 May 4 2015, 4:24pm says:

Which mod do you put more work/time into as a group? Will this affect the development speed of Guard Duty?

+1 vote   mod: Guard Duty
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 22 2015, 3:54pm says:

Are you guys in any way affiliated with this Russian team working on Lost Coast: Mobile? . The video you provided showcasing your work seemed very similar to their work. I was checking to see if this could me the addition of more English support.

+1 vote   game: Lost Coast Mobile
TheMuffinMan2360 Jun 18 2014, 3:35pm says:

Wicked awesome, man. Keep up the good work!

+1 vote   news: Story detail and more.
TheMuffinMan2360 May 29 2014, 3:23pm says:

YES! I have been waiting patiently for these exact words! This is the kind of determination I love to see! Keep up the good work!

+1 vote   media: We are not dead just slow...
TheMuffinMan2360 May 22 2014, 3:12pm replied:

Is there any way this beautiful backhand will be included in the final version of the mod?

0 votes   media: Sup
TheMuffinMan2360 May 20 2014, 3:55pm says:

Thank you!

+2 votes   download: Tractor beam and light bridge textures
TheMuffinMan2360 May 19 2014, 5:15pm says:

Catch me when I'm off my break and I'll buy you a beer.

+9 votes   media: Sup
TheMuffinMan2360 May 18 2014, 12:00pm says:

Utterly fantastic. I'm left speechless.

+1 vote   media: DesertEagle,crosshair like in cs
TheMuffinMan2360 May 16 2014, 5:20pm replied:

So, android testers have already been chosen? If so, how many?

+1 vote   game: Half-Life Mobile
TheMuffinMan2360 May 16 2014, 4:49pm says:

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better!

+1 vote   media: Tractor beam texture v2
TheMuffinMan2360 May 15 2014, 3:18pm says:

Oh Lord... That caption...

+1 vote   media: Lookin' Good!
TheMuffinMan2360 May 14 2014, 3:53pm says:

Yay! You fixed the hand!

+2 votes   media: model color correction
TheMuffinMan2360 May 12 2014, 6:19am says:

Really awesome, nicely done.

0 votes   media: Anomalous Materials
TheMuffinMan2360 May 10 2014, 6:14pm says:

Aw yissssss. Grabbin' a shot!

+3 votes   media: lets use adrenaline or pills
TheMuffinMan2360 May 10 2014, 12:30pm says:

This is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY AWESOME! Keep up the exemplary work!

+3 votes   media: Tractor beam texture
TheMuffinMan2360 May 9 2014, 8:52pm says:

You are going to fix the hands right? To match a security guard?

+2 votes   media: "We've got a little problem" V2
TheMuffinMan2360 May 6 2014, 7:15pm says:


+3 votes   media: hud test
TheMuffinMan2360 May 3 2014, 7:32pm replied:

I'm assuming that he has applied for the alpha and is also under the assumption that he instantly receives the alpha.

+1 vote   game: Half-Life Mobile
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 25 2014, 10:33pm replied:

All in due time... Not too long though!

+1 vote   game: Half-Life Mobile
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 24 2014, 9:16pm replied:

I'm currently working with the wonderful and amazing source engine, but I'm also learning how to do things in Unreal 3. Thanks for asking!

+1 vote   game: Half-Life Mobile
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 22 2014, 1:36pm replied:

Nicky, I do not downvote every comment you make, in fact, you bring up some very good points in many respects that I upvote. I concur with your idea that there should be HD models, as this would add a brilliant aspect to the game. However, I do feel opposed to some of your ideas, most likely because of the way you are stating them. (I got angry because you phrased your release date theory as a confirmed statement, not speculation) I sincerely apologize for any grievance or detriment to your own integrity or self-esteem that I may have caused. I hope that my comments have not deterred you in your feelings for this game or this genre. I apologize for the way I have acted in the past and hope to improve my internet demeanor for future encounters. Additionally, you said you were Russian, correct? Is English your second language? I am not being sarcastic and mean when I say this, I am simply intrigued. I hope that we can move past this and lose all enmity between us.

+5 votes   game: Half-Life Mobile
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 16 2014, 8:45am says:

As always, fantastic job. Keep up the good work.

+2 votes   media: Tunnel v2
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 14 2014, 10:48pm replied:

Think what is a lie Nicky? He has conclusive screenshots and videos dispelling your doubts! MAYBE if you checked the VK page, I'm assuming you haven't, you would know this. And who are these people you spoke of when you said: "SOME even think..." ? I really want to know where and how you are secretly contacting these people to talk about how little faith you have in this wonderful developer!

0 votes   game: Half-Life Mobile
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 14 2014, 10:44pm replied:

Do you realize that if he is keeping this CLOSED, that he doesn't want to make it open-source? He wants to have it be his own product, made by him. As a developer myself, I understand his feelings on leaving the project to be worked on by himself. The project should be open-sourced once it us fully completed, leaving it open to the creation of other Half-Life games.

+1 vote   game: Half-Life Mobile
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 14 2014, 10:13pm replied:

Are you kidding me? For f***s same Nicky, I'm getting tired of your bull****. He keeps the game closed for the same reason ALL developers do! To remain exclusivity, and to work on all the bugs that may occur before releasing a polished version, that I'm pretty f***ing sure you can wait for, to the public. Maybe you and a ton of the guests don't understand, but I think a lot of us do. We should just appreciate the fact that he is doing this for us at all! He doesn't have to make the game! He is taking time out of his life in order to bring joy to thousands, and you can't wait!? So what do you do? You make up theories based on your own speculation that, I'm sorry, but NOBODY cares about or even considers as fact. Then, you go about insulting others simply because they chose to act upon their opinion. Whilst many of us are patiently waiting for the game, you go about being a plain old jerk. To those who did vote that as spam, I applaud you, as you chose to do something with your thoughts. I apologize for my language, but I feel this was long overdue. Keep up the FANTASTIC work developer. And Nicky, watch your words.

+2 votes   game: Half-Life Mobile
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 7 2014, 4:59pm replied:

So, is it dead?

+2 votes   mod: Quiver
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 6 2014, 7:31pm says:

yay! Fantastic as always!

+1 vote   media: Something New
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 5 2014, 7:54pm replied:

Are you kidding me!? He specifically said that this was an April Fool's joke!

+1 vote   game: Half-Life Mobile
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 3 2014, 10:02pm replied:

How old is whom, Nicky? I am just wanted to be positive before I answered your question by accident.

+2 votes   game: Half-Life Mobile
TheMuffinMan2360 Apr 3 2014, 6:09pm says:

You never fail to amaze me. Keep up the sensational work.

+6 votes   media: Extended april's Media Release
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