I is a cannon freak of Star Wars, Star Craft, and Halo. i think if its written/in movie form and is considered cannon by the majority and proven true in other works, it is cannon (except the new clone wars series i hate that with all my heart). it is also not recomended to argue with me about cannon, i has too much time and will argue the point. I am also a pretty decent gamer and enjoy strategy and first person shooter ( i know the defference some people think that CoD has strategy in it. my town doesnt have the smartest peoples). Star Craft 2: Wings Of Liberty is so far the best strategy game imo. and i think halo has the best FPS (cod is ok, but it gives you no time to shoot back). legos are also a good past time, they is fun and have star wars and halo series (halo megabloks). but not much else to say i will rant at a later time.

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Hammerhead-Class and The Battle of Lehon
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For the image of the Hammerhead, what do you expect? its a hammerhead class frigate, warhorse of the Old Republic fleet (circa 4000 bby). However, i found that sometime during/near the galactic civil war, a ship of this type was crashed on mustafar and HK-47 created a droid army and attempted to take over the local mining camp, only to be defeated. Note however that something (i believe a statue) was sent to the victorious miners saying something along the lines of "congragulations, meatbags"

The battle in space is the battle of Lehon. this is the light side varient in which Admiral Dodanna finds a break in the siths formation of fighters/interdictors and sends in green squadron first, then red, then the entire fleet. or maybe it was red then green. o f*** it some fighters went into a big gap of ships and helped blow the sith into hell.

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