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Tajin Apr 10 2014, 4:20am says:

They did a great job with the new AI. Coop is easily 200% more fun now.

+3 votes     article: Insurgency - Molotov Spring
Tajin Apr 8 2014, 3:48am says:

Awesome stuff, the only thing that really bothers me is that it all looks like shiny plastic.

You may want to adjust the specularity a bit.

+1 vote     article: Voxel Quest - How Does it Work?
Tajin Mar 28 2014, 4:46am says:

Looks quite interesting but that must be a very feeble fence to be destroyed so easily by a rock.

I wonder, have you ever actually thrown a rock at a wooden fence?

+2 votes     article: Ashen Rift: Destructible Terrain & Traps
Tajin Feb 20 2014, 3:53am replied:

I don't get any spam from indiedb/desura. Get an account (and give desura a try), it's well worth it!

Aside from that, I agree with all the above.
It's an already incredible game that makes incredible progress.

+2 votes     game: From The Depths
Tajin Feb 9 2014, 8:20am says:

Nice to see it on greenlight. The only thing that still bothers me about this, is the lack of hit-feedback. You see enemies getting hit by swords and arrows and they do not even raise an eyebrow as reaction.

A slight knockback or something similar would be good.

+1 vote     article: Gloria Victis debuts on Steam Greenlight!
Tajin Sep 18 2013, 7:08am says:

There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from M&B (great game). It's just funny that it also looks alot like M&B (with added cloudshadows).

+1 vote     article: New Gameplay Video and New Kickstarter Campaign
Tajin Aug 16 2013, 6:58am replied:

Right, its a bit oversaturated and would really benefit from some distance haze. Haze generally improves depth perception even in very slight amounts.

+1 vote     article: New Terrain Engine Screenshots
Tajin Aug 14 2013, 4:20am says:

I just gave it a try and I've got to say: I like where this is headed.

Oh and regarding the firing arc limitation:
I don't mind the limitation, it makes perfect sense to me. However, if I keep my mousebutton pressed, it should always fire when it can. Right now what happens is this: I press my button, hold it and it starts firing. Then I get out of the firing arc for a short moment, move the mouse back inside the arc (button still pressed) and now it doesnt fire anymore. At least not until I let go of the button and press it again.

That is pretty annoying, but the limitation itself is fine.

+2 votes     article: Space Impossible Prototype Released
Tajin Jul 5 2013, 3:52am says:

The Buildings and especially the spaces in between look way too big in comparison to the people.

Aside from that, pretty nice.

+1 vote     article: Sword Art Online Game Client Update 1.0.3
Tajin Jun 20 2013, 5:10am says:

Very nice, but that "splash"-effect looks weird. Maybe use a fine dust for it and more transparency. The current one looks like snow or feathers.

+1 vote     article: How Water works in DwarfCorp (New Video!)
Tajin Jun 17 2013, 5:52am says:

Would be cool if opening/closing the car doors and getting in/out of the vehicle where separate actions.

So you could actually get out of your car and take cover behind the still open door.

+1 vote     article: Police Tactics - first news
Tajin May 31 2013, 11:29am says:

@SyrusTRS: Hmm really? I actually went to the page and what I read was this:
"Like our Facebook page to obtain a key"

+1 vote     article: The Red Solstice - 8 player coop gameplay
Tajin May 31 2013, 4:45am says:

Looks very promising and intense.
well, except for that idiotic idea to require facebook likes from people.

There's no way I'm going to sign up to Fb.

+1 vote     article: The Red Solstice - 8 player coop gameplay
Tajin May 31 2013, 4:36am replied:

better than M&B ?
Graphics -> yes, maybe
Gameplay -> no not really, atleast not yet

What I currently see is a big AI-clusterfuck, but I'm curious what it might become in the future.

+3 votes     article: Combat In Fortis Rex
Tajin May 24 2013, 4:29am says:

That actually sounds more like you're describing zombies.

I've never heard of Skeletons eating anything. Sure, they might chew a bit, but everything they eat will inevitably fall out.

Just saying that you might want to reconsider this, as it sounds a bit weird.

+1 vote     article: TinyKeep's AI System (Part 3 of 5)
Tajin May 21 2013, 3:18am says:

Splitscreen? Lovely!
Good to have another game that supports this, it's really kinda rare nowadays.

Oh but, did I get that right in the video? It's "game over" as soon as one of the players dies, not both?

+3 votes     article: The joys of 008
Tajin May 10 2013, 11:44am says:

Oh cmon guys, just go ahead and buy it. You know you want to! :P

0 votes     article: Legends of Aethereus - Review video of our multiplayer beta & More Beta Keys
Tajin May 10 2013, 11:32am says:

Gotta agree with ElBaron.

Even in its current state, it is already well worth it's money.
Yet, the current state is still a far cry away from what they've planned for the final game. It's a good investment. :)

+1 vote     article: Rawbots v0.1.1 released!
Tajin Apr 29 2013, 5:50am says:

Nice idea but that animation is currently way too fast and looks a bit too effortless.

Oh and if you have this, then will you also allow single players to climb lesser heights?

+1 vote     media: Development Update for Miscreated (03/08/2013)
Tajin Apr 22 2013, 8:21pm says:

Scale seems to be a bit wrong... either that, or the character is a giant.

+1 vote     article: NDE- Just a little update
Tajin Apr 22 2013, 5:49am says:

Send my best regards to your pixelartist. He's doing an absolutely lovely job!

+5 votes     game: Crystal Kingdom
Tajin Apr 11 2013, 10:25am replied:

Couldn't agree more.

The game is worth every penny. Even in that early version.

+1 vote     game: Rawbots
Tajin Apr 10 2013, 6:36am says:

I wonder what the TTP for this new feature will be.

+1 vote     article: Towns v12 has been released !!
Tajin Apr 10 2013, 6:31am says:

I love the V2 concept, reminds me of that good old game "Quarantine". :D

+2 votes     article: Update №8 Dilemma
Tajin Feb 7 2013, 5:15am says:

Wait, did I see that right?
You punch people, to heal them?

+1 vote     article: Spocean Build15 Released (Free)
Tajin Jan 30 2013, 3:47am says:

Masterpiece. :)

+2 votes     article: Path of Exile Open Beta
Tajin Jan 28 2013, 6:10am says:

Lovely design.

+1 vote     game: Candlelight
Tajin Jan 28 2013, 6:08am says:

What are the chances of having multiplayer added at some point?

As much as I like RPGs and exploring, doing that with some friends is much cooler.

+1 vote     game: Driftmoon
Tajin Jan 25 2013, 3:31am says:

Somehow it really reminds me of Total Annihilation. Is that intended? :)

+1 vote     media: REFUSION - Environment Render Engine Preview 2010
Tajin Dec 13 2012, 10:02am says:

First of all, you're doing a great job. The game is really taking shape.

Anyway, since you're planning to do a kickstarter: Please keep in mind, that kickstarter is rather limited in terms of payment options and for example doesn't allow paypal. It would be great if you could provide paypal as an alternate payment option on your website for those who can't use kickstarter.

+4 votes     game: Planet Explorers
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