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t2thewiggy Nov 3 2013, 10:36pm says:

this from total mayhem a supreme commander mod..

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t2thewiggy Aug 19 2013, 4:02pm replied:

you should try faf its really cool. but thank you for your reply. great mod

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t2thewiggy Aug 19 2013, 3:59pm replied:

that was it. thank you!

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t2thewiggy Aug 17 2013, 11:03pm says:

any idea why the acu drains energy and mass on faf?

+1 vote   mod: Firey Explosion Mod
t2thewiggy Aug 17 2013, 7:46pm says:

beta bugs-the ground around some buildings is a red and black striped square. all uef shields, exp. factory, and t2 energy and mass storage for almost all factions as well as a few others, are showing up as this box on the ground also the button to click for the aeon jammer plane and the uef exp. fac. toggle air are TINY.
suggestions for gameplay- t2 nuke mines from the combat engies are way op
great stuff keep up the good work

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t2thewiggy Apr 25 2013, 3:23pm replied:

120 works not sure why the other didnt but whatever lol.
one little thing i noticed with the tarmacs is you cant build on them once they are placed..there is a TINY little mark for reclaim and if you do manage to find it and reclaim it gets rid of the box and you can build on it..not sure if thats intentional but its a hassle to deal with..

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t2thewiggy Apr 25 2013, 1:25pm replied:

still didnt was 119 but im trying 120 now il see if it works..

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t2thewiggy Apr 23 2013, 9:28pm replied:

the acu shows up..its like no mod is enabled at all when yours and the BOicons are enabled..the path is c/programfiles/thq/gpg/supcomfa/mods/total mayhem
that didnt work so i tried
my doc/games/gpg/supcomfa/mods/mayhem and nothing. ive even tried putting it in both at the same time. not sure what to do now

+1 vote   member: burnie222
t2thewiggy Apr 20 2013, 4:28pm says:

hey i downloaded the mod and i have played it before but i just got a new com. and now i downloaded it and no units are in pretty sure i put it in the right places (cuz as i said i have done it before)..the mod icon shows up saying its enabled but there is nothing in game, any suggestions?

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t2thewiggy Nov 10 2012, 10:50am says:

i really liked asdrub's mod and the new units he made..the only thing i didnt like is how the units looked after the vet system..guns just appearing out of no where on the unit and some units just looked too crowded. i already am not a big fan of the mk2 and 3 series of the marmor and some others.. please dont use the vet system for putting more guns on units. no offence asdrub!

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t2thewiggy Nov 7 2012, 2:48pm says:

i noticed that UEF are the only faction with a T2sotrage of both mass and energy...the other factions get one or the other..will anyone be making the other T2 storage units for the other factions? and im getting red and black lines on the ground around my UEF shields..can you help out?

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t2thewiggy Sep 19 2010, 3:54am says:

did you add more of the these? i think there would a **** ton more than was actually in the game

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