I am a young 18 year old boy. I enjoy making websites and maintaining them at the same time being paid. I have owned my site stixsworld.com since I was 12 years old. I plan to become a webmaster. In the past year I have befriended soccdood who is my partner in making the Halo Mod. I now support that mod 100% and do anything I can to get more peeps to recognize it.

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Dont listen to 6qnZOn9l's review.

He gave the game a good rating but he made sum stupid comments that made him rate lower than he should have.

First off the game for me as a full, yes I own the full version, took me on my first play threw and since only like 20-30 minutes tops to complete.

Now this may because so far I havent really resist much at the part with the heart monitor and what not but I am not 100% sure.

But I can tell you this game is truly short but for what its short for it is worth the $$$ to get it.

Secondly if the game is that short then there is no need for a save system. + It aint like this game has really any enemies that fight back or take your life from you.

Thirdly jest buy the game. It is bloody amazing and a really good look at what I would say the hinges between life and death.

Also will update here with links to vids of me playing the game in 1080p HD on youtube when I gettem made.


Fate Reversal

Mod review may contain spoilers

The only review you need is a visual review...and who cares what I say...the mod ran grate for me and looked perfectly well...no game braking bugs...

So after all that here is my review: Youtu.be

P.S. the video does contain spoilers...


Hacker Evolution

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Merciless Mod

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The Ship

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PainKeep Arena

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Halo Mod

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Afraid of Monsters DC

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