I LOVE SP-Mapping !!!

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SPY-maps Oct 11 2014, 9:17am says:

I am not sure what you mean with that we can make many things while
off duty? But i always like it when there is more to do as only the
main missions.


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SPY-maps Oct 9 2014, 11:12am says:

The idea in itself is very nice.
I never liked CS simply because its MP mode, and i only love to play SP.
Still, i always liked the weapons of CS. So to be able to use them in Hl2 is very nice.
The blood animation is kind of odd, the first time it was nice. But its very unrealistic to see each time a small line of blood fly to the top when someone is hit.

Still, nice idea,
much success,

(a fellow modder,)

+2 votes     article: Counter-Life 2 Beta Release
SPY-maps Oct 8 2014, 1:49pm says:

What a great game!
The overall look is awesome and the carakter is very funny, specially the sounds that he makes and the way he moves.
Also do i admire the animations of the sumo, they are very lifelike!
Do you make this game by yourself or with team members, not that it matters, amd just curious?

So, awesome game, will keep tracking this one.
much success,


+3 votes     article: Sumoman on Steam Greenlight
SPY-maps Oct 7 2014, 7:58am says:

Nice, will download this one for sure!!


+3 votes     media: Fight for your life
SPY-maps Oct 5 2014, 1:30pm says:

nice model, and i love those pipe models in the background.


+2 votes     media: New computer model
SPY-maps Sep 29 2014, 8:25am says:

Looks very nice, and its great that so much can be destroyed.
Although there is a down side to this, when the player throws a few grenates everything will be gone, specially when the wooden stairs need so little to destroy them. I would change that a bit, because now they break after just one bullet and that looks not very realistic.

Other then that, really well done and well mapped!!
much success,


+3 votes     article: Destroyable camp demo 3
SPY-maps Sep 29 2014, 8:11am says:

I thought the shadows were already dynamic in Hl2 ep2, but i am probably wrong. Will check next time i play something.
Thats said, i do think that the ironsight of the SMG1 does look really odd. I mean, why is the weapon held not right but a bit to the right side. First i thought you made it so a player could look around a corner but then i understoud the ironsight looks all the wall like that.
Maybe its me, but i don't think it is a improvement,


+1 vote     media: Code Presentation
SPY-maps Sep 29 2014, 8:06am says:

What a great movie you showed us with this new update. Clearly you did put in a lot of time and effort, and the end of it, hahaha. Really very funny!!!!
I like these little things at the end of a movie or game/mod, after the credits list. As a reward for those who did take the time to watch the complete credit list. Did something simular in one of my own sp-mods.

8 years, wow. Am working myself for 4 years now on my latest mod and i have to say, i really couldn't stand another 4 years. So, i salute to you sir, for all that work, time and effort!!

keep it coming, i will keep tracking.


+3 votes     media: Mafia Titanic Mod - 8 Years in the making
SPY-maps Sep 29 2014, 7:58am says:

Always a shame to hear news like this, but, as a fellow modder i do understand what your saying. That said, i really would like to advice you to make at least 1 more copy, on a DVD disk. Because the amount of mods that did get lost because a hard disk broken down are numerous. So, your statement of;
".. it is safe on my hard-drive and mostly complete. "
is a false one.
Really, personally i have lost about 4+ fully finished levels because of a computer error and many other devs can tell you simular stories. So, please please burn a extra dvd of it.

Well, i keep tracking and i hope you will update here to, beside PP and

much success wished,

+3 votes     article: Release Uncertainty
SPY-maps Sep 29 2014, 7:52am says:

great new update guys!!
Always nice to see the people behind the team and who they are and what they do and like to play. Have been tracking this game for quit some time now and it looks really great. I can imagen that it is quit hard to make a open world game like this so i am really interested to see were this leads to.

much success,

+2 votes     article: Steam page is live, new video, new blog post!
SPY-maps Sep 29 2014, 7:46am says:

great atmosphere in this scenery!


+1 vote     media: Sometimes is better to stay at home while off duty
SPY-maps Sep 29 2014, 7:46am says:

nice car!!


+1 vote     media: Testing Post Process
SPY-maps Sep 26 2014, 8:55am says:

I am also VERY happy to see that this one is still alive!
Although as a mapper/modder myself i do understand that it takes quit a lot of time and effort to make a new update here. So sometimes we forget a bit to make a new one.

That said, i watched the 2 new movies above and i LOVE them. The first one is really amazing!! I first thought that it was a animated texture, that wall texture with that water fall. But when i looked carefully i noticed that the leaves and trees also move, so it seems that a movie is projected to the wall (?). Whatever, it looks amazing!

And i said it before in other comments, but i keep saying it, i love the overall Borderlands look of this game. So, glad to have seen this new update and please keep developing, i keep tracking!
And much succes with your Greenlight action and everything that can come out of that.

a fellow modder,

+4 votes     game: Crossroads Episode I
SPY-maps Sep 23 2014, 12:05pm says:

Haha, i can imagen that this screen is made in Garry's mod but i can asure you it isn't. Its a real scene from the mod, its in fact a cutscene. This can be seen also in the latest video i uploaded here. To make it more impressive this whole scene is in slow motion. So you see him crash in to the wall in slow mo, lol.


+1 vote     media: 19Th update: " Inside the Borealis "
SPY-maps Sep 22 2014, 4:35pm says:

Am tracking, looks very nice!

a fellow modder,

+3 votes     mod: Terminus
SPY-maps Sep 22 2014, 4:23pm says:

a very nice city by night, and that car looks a bit like a small bat mobiel,
love it!!


+2 votes     media: Into the Night
SPY-maps Sep 20 2014, 8:03am says:

indeed a strange title Loner85, but, that said, great new screen.
Is there a point to why you used "." as the title?


+3 votes     media: .
SPY-maps Sep 20 2014, 8:02am says:

What a shame you didn't reach your goal of 3000,
and that when this game looks so awesome?!?!

much success wished!

+2 votes     media: Testing DoF
SPY-maps Sep 18 2014, 9:48am says:

the mod is put well together and the mapping is decent.
Still, the zombie is so dull to have as a enemie these days in HL2 and then to think of that the zombie is the only enemie in this mod does make me think twice. I kept playing although after the 300th zombie, that needed to be killed with a melee weapon i strated to get quit bored. And the whole end, with having to look for keys in apartments, that was really anoying, all the backtracking. And it didn't make sence, why did i need to go go apartment 307, to look for a key of apartment 203, to find there a key for aparment 304, etc etc etc. It really didn't make sence, and was very frustrating. I really wanted it to end by then.
So, the mapping was decent, but the whole game play was boring.
sorry, but i really can't make anything else of it.


+3 votes     mod: Hopeless Night
SPY-maps Sep 15 2014, 4:36pm says:

This is indeed AMAZING!!!
To think that you pull this of while Rockstar needs hundreds of people to develop there GTA series. Ofcourse are there differences, but all in all it looks very much alike (and this i mean as a compliment!).

Just the animations could use some work, but, as the video says, it still work in progress. So, i will keep tracking this awesome game!!

many thanks and much success,

+2 votes     media: AQP City, Heroes also have a Dark Side
SPY-maps Sep 10 2014, 9:24am says:

And, very realistic!

The city really looks alive, all those people at the background,
great pice of work!


+4 votes     media: Speed radar... and just another day ;)
SPY-maps Sep 9 2014, 8:35am says:

I still think Cod 1 and 2 are THE best ones of all Cod games, specially much better as all thos last versions!! Probably because those have hardly any SP mode and i am a real sp fan.

So, keep up this great project, it looks better and better with each update guys!


+4 votes     media: CoD2 MG34 replacements finished
SPY-maps Sep 7 2014, 9:09am says:

Thank you very much Mark, for the nice compliment.
And it is true, one of two or three updates i apologiaze for not having finished this work. To me it looks already like the developing of the mod will never end, so i can't imagen how it feels to guys like you who keep checking in, just to hear that it will take a few months more to finish it.

But, its the same with each mod i released. It always looks like it never ends, and then suddenly, it is finished and released.
Personaly i can't wait to release it and hear what people think of it.

All in all it is always nice to hear when people apriciate all the work.
So thanks again Mark!


+1 vote     article: HL2 Ep3: "The Closure" , inside the Borealis.
SPY-maps Sep 7 2014, 9:00am says:

Its a shame you stopped with this mod, although it is great to hear at the same time that you have moved this project in to a indie game.
But when i then read that you need team members such as;

Concept Artist
3D Modeler
UE4 Level Designer
C++ Programmer
Musician/Sound Artist
Mapper/Level Designer (Interactive
Unreal Engine Programmer
Player Modeler
Texture Artist
Website Programmer
Media Expert
Voice Actor

then i am afraid this game will never be finished. Sorry when it sounds harsh, as it ofcourse does. But, hostory learns us that projects like thse hardly ever will be finished and released.

Still, i wish you much luck with this new project,

+1 vote     article: Heads up!
SPY-maps Sep 4 2014, 5:10pm says:

I assume the player will be able to get inside then, under the metal plating. Otherwise he never sees this very complicated and detailed inside structure of the ship, and that would ofcourse be crazy!

And that is one of the downsides to model a ship, because everything has a unique size. So i believe you emidiatly when you say that nothing was duplicated, but that each thing was made by hand.

Really impressive my friend!!

+2 votes     media: Frame view - forward cargo holds
SPY-maps Sep 2 2014, 8:43am replied:

Thanks for Playing Coastline to Atmosphere!
And i too like those combine zombies, its something different as just the default zombies in Hl2 and the episodes.
I am not sure what you mean with after the fate of the demo, and that the buttons and monitors do look so flat.
Could you maybe explain this to me?


+1 vote     mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Sep 1 2014, 8:26am says:

Wow, a total convertion!!!
Quit a darring and bold project!!
Will be tracking this one, much success and i think i may say that we all
hope this one will be finished and released. We see it much to often that large mods as these die in the incredeble hard process of making...

so, much success wished!!
(a fellow modders)


+5 votes     mod: Theos: A Chronicle of Faith
SPY-maps Aug 31 2014, 7:51am says:

"crouch jump backwards, gain infinite speed"
Never heart of that one before...
I already thought, why is Jim walking backwards all the time??
And why is he running so fast.
But then, when you started to fly high above the buildings i thought;
O, noclip cheat mode.
And then i thought, this doesn't really count, a highspeed play with such cheat. But, this doesn't seem the case, you can fly also when using that backwards crouch/jump thingy...?


+1 vote     media: Deep Down Speedrun
SPY-maps Aug 29 2014, 11:07am says:

EMdude1701, your right, a lot of these models in the last few levels of this mod are indeed taken from the never released Start Trek source mod, (ofcourse with permission). So it does indeed look like that mod, but nothing has been copied/pasted. Only the models have been used, not mapparts. In fact, there were only a hand full of testlevels in that never released mod. And those were not usable, even when i should want to copy/paste them. Simply because they were build out of so many different small brushes that even as detail brushes they would make large levels inpossible. And the levels in this mod are huge.


+1 vote     mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Aug 28 2014, 8:40am says:

I read on the Summery page that the develop has no controle anymore over this mods page, that is has been hacked.
This is the first time i ever hear of this on Moddb, and i come here for 10 years now or so. So, how can it be hacked??
Or did a "friend" or team member hack it, that could be possible ofcourse.
I should get in contact with Moddb and see what can be done about this.
Much succes, as a modder i understand that this is a huge nightmare for you.


+3 votes     media: Old Test Room Undergrounds
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