I LOVE SP-Mapping !!!

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SPY-maps Sep 15 2014, 4:36pm says:

This is indeed AMAZING!!!
To think that you pull this of while Rockstar needs hundreds of people to develop there GTA series. Ofcourse are there differences, but all in all it looks very much alike (and this i mean as a compliment!).

Just the animations could use some work, but, as the video says, it still work in progress. So, i will keep tracking this awesome game!!

many thanks and much success,

+2 votes     media: AQP City, Heroes also have a Dark Side
SPY-maps Sep 10 2014, 9:24am says:

And, very realistic!

The city really looks alive, all those people at the background,
great pice of work!


+4 votes     media: Speed radar... and just another day ;)
SPY-maps Sep 9 2014, 8:35am says:

I still think Cod 1 and 2 are THE best ones of all Cod games, specially much better as all thos last versions!! Probably because those have hardly any SP mode and i am a real sp fan.

So, keep up this great project, it looks better and better with each update guys!


+4 votes     media: CoD2 MG34 replacements finished
SPY-maps Sep 7 2014, 9:09am says:

Thank you very much Mark, for the nice compliment.
And it is true, one of two or three updates i apologiaze for not having finished this work. To me it looks already like the developing of the mod will never end, so i can't imagen how it feels to guys like you who keep checking in, just to hear that it will take a few months more to finish it.

But, its the same with each mod i released. It always looks like it never ends, and then suddenly, it is finished and released.
Personaly i can't wait to release it and hear what people think of it.

All in all it is always nice to hear when people apriciate all the work.
So thanks again Mark!


+1 vote     article: HL2 Ep3: "The Closure" , inside the Borealis.
SPY-maps Sep 7 2014, 9:00am says:

Its a shame you stopped with this mod, although it is great to hear at the same time that you have moved this project in to a indie game.
But when i then read that you need team members such as;

Concept Artist
3D Modeler
UE4 Level Designer
C++ Programmer
Musician/Sound Artist
Mapper/Level Designer (Interactive
Unreal Engine Programmer
Player Modeler
Texture Artist
Website Programmer
Media Expert
Voice Actor

then i am afraid this game will never be finished. Sorry when it sounds harsh, as it ofcourse does. But, hostory learns us that projects like thse hardly ever will be finished and released.

Still, i wish you much luck with this new project,

+1 vote     article: Heads up!
SPY-maps Sep 4 2014, 5:10pm says:

I assume the player will be able to get inside then, under the metal plating. Otherwise he never sees this very complicated and detailed inside structure of the ship, and that would ofcourse be crazy!

And that is one of the downsides to model a ship, because everything has a unique size. So i believe you emidiatly when you say that nothing was duplicated, but that each thing was made by hand.

Really impressive my friend!!

+2 votes     media: Frame view - forward cargo holds
SPY-maps Sep 2 2014, 8:43am replied:

Thanks for Playing Coastline to Atmosphere!
And i too like those combine zombies, its something different as just the default zombies in Hl2 and the episodes.
I am not sure what you mean with after the fate of the demo, and that the buttons and monitors do look so flat.
Could you maybe explain this to me?


+1 vote     mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Sep 1 2014, 8:26am says:

Wow, a total convertion!!!
Quit a darring and bold project!!
Will be tracking this one, much success and i think i may say that we all
hope this one will be finished and released. We see it much to often that large mods as these die in the incredeble hard process of making...

so, much success wished!!
(a fellow modders)


+6 votes     mod: Theos: A Chronicle of Faith
SPY-maps Aug 31 2014, 7:51am says:

"crouch jump backwards, gain infinite speed"
Never heart of that one before...
I already thought, why is Jim walking backwards all the time??
And why is he running so fast.
But then, when you started to fly high above the buildings i thought;
O, noclip cheat mode.
And then i thought, this doesn't really count, a highspeed play with such cheat. But, this doesn't seem the case, you can fly also when using that backwards crouch/jump thingy...?


+1 vote     media: Deep Down Speedrun
SPY-maps Aug 29 2014, 11:07am says:

EMdude1701, your right, a lot of these models in the last few levels of this mod are indeed taken from the never released Start Trek source mod, (ofcourse with permission). So it does indeed look like that mod, but nothing has been copied/pasted. Only the models have been used, not mapparts. In fact, there were only a hand full of testlevels in that never released mod. And those were not usable, even when i should want to copy/paste them. Simply because they were build out of so many different small brushes that even as detail brushes they would make large levels inpossible. And the levels in this mod are huge.


+1 vote     mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Aug 28 2014, 8:40am says:

I read on the Summery page that the develop has no controle anymore over this mods page, that is has been hacked.
This is the first time i ever hear of this on Moddb, and i come here for 10 years now or so. So, how can it be hacked??
Or did a "friend" or team member hack it, that could be possible ofcourse.
I should get in contact with Moddb and see what can be done about this.
Much succes, as a modder i understand that this is a huge nightmare for you.


+3 votes     media: Old Test Room Undergrounds
SPY-maps Aug 28 2014, 8:30am says:

Your right TKAzA, but problem is that i am a mapper and not a modeler. So i have to do with whatever i can find on the internet (and then use it with permission of the makers ofcourse). So i am always stuck with what is out there. And you are right, a lot of people will see these models as Start Trek interior stuff. But there is not much out there otherwise for models. The last 4 years i check about each month what is new developed and i use
about all of it. So, rebuilding these levels with other models is not possible. And building levels out of brushwork only is no option also, that looks silly and very old fashion.
So, i am sorry, but i just can't change anything about this.


+1 vote     article: HL2 Ep3: "The Closure" , inside the Borealis.
SPY-maps Aug 27 2014, 8:59am says:

Gordon will not talk Purplegaga27, mainly because a lot of people already think its a sin to show Gordon in cutscenes, not to talk about making him talk to. In fact, in Strider Mountain Gordon did say one small line of text and many people didn't like that at all. Also would it mean rigging the Gordon models face for the faceposer program, what means coding and i can't code. Gordon model has no animations of its own, i use it as a dynamic model, but that is all tech talk.

And Guest, your right, those are indeed Start trek models.
But they are not from the Crysis Temporal Cold War mod (couldn't use them afterall because they wouldn't work, Source has different model file froms.) About 2 to 3 years ago a Source Start Trek mod died and i asked the devs if i could use there assets and they gave permission.
There are still some screens etc that show Star Trek images or screens, but that is why everything is still WIP (work in progress). When the mod is released that will al be worked around, deleted or changed.
Still, remarkeble that you did notice it.
I already wondered if any would see the Star Trek ship on that one pc screen. Thanks for looking that precise at my screens!

and thank you all for your interest,

Just checked and i believe it is the Temporal Cold War mod, because the devs said they would continu on the Crytek engine.
A shame though, because that Crytek version also seems dead now, last update was from 2 years ago. So they made 2 very large asset packs, for 2 engines. But never finished it, what a shame!!

+1 vote     article: HL2 Ep3: "The Closure" , inside the Borealis.
SPY-maps Aug 26 2014, 7:28am says:

Let me first start with thanking you all for commenting.
And i was already afraid that people would think that most of the screens above would be from inside the Borealis, what they are not. They are taken from a massive underground base beside the ship. On screen 21,22,23 and 24 you see a very large hole in the bottum of the Borealis. And on screen 21 you see that a very large contaner is lowered down to the ground below the ship. From were it is taken along a path inside the base.

Sorry that i didn't make this clear, because indeed would otherwise the hallways etc be quit out of place for a inside the Borealis scene.

And, as said at the beginning of the teaser video will the combine soldiers look differently (more as the original ones). The combines that now can be seen are only place holders for all the different forms of combines.

Am glad that all comments are so positive,
many thanks,


i just have added a text above in the article that explains that only those 4 screens are taken from inside the ship and the others are from the base underground beside the ship taken.

+2 votes     article: HL2 Ep3: "The Closure" , inside the Borealis.
SPY-maps Aug 25 2014, 6:14pm says:

Always pleased when people want to help out, so many thans for pointing the model out to me. And things can indeed look a lot different in game as on screens and video.


+1 vote     media: 19Th update: " Inside the Borealis "
SPY-maps Aug 25 2014, 5:41pm says:

The last screen above does really look very much alike as the screenshots you uploaded on Oct 31st, 2013.


+1 vote     mod: Raising The Bar
SPY-maps Aug 25 2014, 5:39pm says:

Its a real shame, because this mod did look very promising.
Still, many thanks for telling us about the situation. Its not easy for a modder to tell he has to end working on his project. So, my respect for that!

Not sure if you already have uploaded the mod by now because i would be very interested to take a look at all your assets.
Hopefully you will do so soon,


+1 vote     article: I'm sorry.
SPY-maps Aug 25 2014, 5:32pm says:

nice pretty face!!
love it,


+1 vote     media: "The Fox" Way Shao
SPY-maps Aug 25 2014, 5:31pm says:

Such a high realistic quality, as always!
Very nice screenshot.
keep up the great work.


+3 votes     media: 1st & 2nd Class Baggage hold
SPY-maps Aug 25 2014, 5:08pm says:

The overall color of sky and buildings does indeed look a bit like ME.
But only in a good way, so no negative point here!!
Great screen as always, much success.
This starts to be a awesome game, (for quit some time now!)


+2 votes     media: The City
SPY-maps Aug 25 2014, 1:59pm says:

Thanks guys!!
And that is the Gordon model that i am using Capt.Host.
Although i don't recognise the names of the developers there on that site. I did get it from someone else who said he made it, about 2 year ago or so.


+1 vote     media: 19Th update: " Inside the Borealis "
SPY-maps Aug 25 2014, 1:49pm says:

wow, 22 levels in 9 chapters!!
Know that that is a huge task to develop, that can take a few years.
Still, am tracking and very interested!

a fellow mapper/modder,

+1 vote     article: The Unknown: Emergence's Stage in Development
SPY-maps Aug 22 2014, 7:48am says:

Sorry PurpleGaga27, i forgot to answer your question about if Gordon will talk in this new mod. And i am sorry to say that he will not do so.
There are 2 reasons for this, the main reason is that Gordon has no default animations, (because he wasn't in HL2 and the eps originally). The Gordon model that i use in the cutscenes was made by Deviant Picture Films and i am so glad that they gave me permission to use it. But the model can't do anything, its just a ragdoll. So i use mainly citizens animations on the Gordon model as a dynamic_model. It would take a coder to make him actually do things, and coders are impossible to find (i have tried many times).
So sorry, Gordon is walking around and doing things and he even makes a small noise when he falls or something but that is it.
The second reason why he doesn't talk is that a lot of people wouldn't like it (although this hasn't stopped me many times before i have to say).
A lot of people already hate it that Gordon can be seen, so make him talk would be even wors. Because in my Strider Mountain mod he does talk one or two lines of text, and believe me when i say that this made my email box get filled with remarks.
So, sorry, no talking Freeman, but he can be seen.
thanks for asking,


+3 votes     mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Aug 22 2014, 7:37am says:

What a lot of people suddenly showing interest in my mod!!
That really does make my day!!
I have been on holliday so i wasn't able to comment any sooner.

That said, it's true, 2 years ago i said it would be released soon. I make that mistake with each mod i make, and it took me years to learn not to do so anymore. Although i do still say sometimes that it will only take a few months more to release. I am so sorry for that, really!

My last update was 4 months ago i believe, also a negatieve point. So i really do need to show new stuff here, and believe me when i say there is enough to show because i have worked like crazy. That is why i now PROMISE that i will work tomorrow on the new news update and will upload it in 2 days.

The end is in sight, the beta testing is finished, just the last 2 levels need to be tested which i still am working on. A release date i really can't give because i don't know how long i still need. I can say i am almost done with the level before the final level, and the final level is already done for 45%. All i can say is that i will release this new mod in the fall of this year, i really can't be more precise.
More will i tell and show in the new update in 2 to 3 days.
Please be a bit more patient, it is worth it.
(never nice to say this from your own work, but i believe i can do so).
Thanks for all the interest people!


+1 vote     mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Aug 12 2014, 8:32pm says:

I like this new model very much!!
I do wonder how large it is, because the machine gun (or canon) on top makes that it could be huge like a tank or small like a very small car.
All in all, i will see it when the mod is released!

Great work!

+2 votes     media: Sorry everyone-I cant make it more qute.
SPY-maps Aug 12 2014, 8:29pm says:

I like the new engines, but i really loved the way Mafia looked and felt when playing. So it will be a real treat to play something new again in Mafia, like this great new game(mod).

i don't always comment, but, am tracking for a very long time now and do read each new news update that you place Mr Robville!!!

Keep up the great work!
(and you will indeed have a HUGE library with models, textures, souds, etc)


+1 vote     media: Mail rack
SPY-maps Aug 11 2014, 12:45pm says:

Great suggestions Marin3!!
Thanks for that. Personally i prefer download sites above torrents because then you can see how many people download your mod (and we all want to know how much it is downloaded when you have been working on it for so long).

About your question Cjb, i am not sure how high the download speed of Moddb is, but i seem to remember that it isn't that high but i could be wrong.
Guess we just have to test and see which mirror has the highest download speed because a lot of people stop downloading when it takes hours.

I use Gamefront as mirror for my personal files;

Keep in mind that a lot of sites have a rule of at least the file has to be downloaded ones in 30 days, otherwise it will be deleted. In the beginning this is no problem, but after say a half year to a year you need to check each month if it is downloaded.

So maybe its best to cut the mod up in segments and keep it here on Moddb. Here it will stay for ever.

+2 votes     article: Mod ready !
SPY-maps Aug 9 2014, 11:17am replied:

Sorry for my late reply, was a week away for holliday.
Am not sure yet were it will be released due to the size of this mod, it is about 3.8 Gb's large. And in winrar form it is about 1.6 GB. So it is more a case of which server/site does want it rather as which i choose to place it on. Maybe it will be a torrent, still not sure.


+4 votes     mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Aug 9 2014, 11:07am says:

" Platform tabs are pointless "
i don't agree with this, because in ONLY follow the pc tab and not any of all the others. It would be difficult for me to follow pc games and mods when they are put together with all the others.

Other then that, LOVE MOddb, am a member for many years and use it dayly!
Many thanks,


+1 vote     article: The future of ModDB & IndieDB
SPY-maps Aug 9 2014, 10:59am says:

I will follow this discussion with great interest because i have the same problem. Although my mod doesn't have a size of 5 to 6 GB's it still also is to large for most mirror sites. A torrent is one way to go, but only works when you leave you computer on 24/7, and, when other people download and keep seeding. Otherwise it will not work either.
And the free sites that do offer free uploads have such a low download speed that it can take up to 6 to 10 hours to download 3 GB's.
So, creating large mods is great, but releasing them is a real pain in the ***.
As said, i will follow this.

And ofcourse will i play your project as soon as it is released.
Much success whished,

(a fellow modder, mapper)

+3 votes     article: Mod ready !
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