I LOVE SP-Mapping !!!

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SPY-maps Jul 27 2015, 10:12am says:

This video shows some AWESOME new stuff, have seen so much new things that i simply don't know were to start. Those APC trucks without wheels but with tracks! Then the small driving floor turret thing! That bird like creature at the end of the movie! Man, all such great things!!
Am tracking this one for quit some time and right from the start i knew this had big potential. o, nearly forgot those completely snow white npc combines outside, they look so well skinned!!!

Just one small remark, which is also made by some others, the level design itself is not the strongest point of this mod. There are a few level parts in the video that i thought; this does need extra work or probably even better, a completely new rebuild. Please believe me when i say that i say this with the best intention. And about the snow on all those containers outside (were you fight those awesome white combines). It is really best to make that snow out of displacement, it makes it look now as a HL 1 mod. Would probably even better also for the fps, even when the snow on the containers is made out of detail brushes, which they ofcourse need to be but i assume you know this ofcourse.

All in all, man, awesome work this!!! Am really looking forward to play this one.

greetings, a fellow mapper/modder,

+1 vote   news: HL2 - ICE - Update July 2015
SPY-maps Jul 27 2015, 9:56am says:

wow, LOVE those pillars!
As always, great work, keep it coming, i will keep tracking for sure!


+1 vote   media: Boss in Metro Station, Part 03 Level 06.
SPY-maps Jul 27 2015, 9:52am says:

Looks great this video, just one small comment if i may, at the beginning you use noclip to fly around the level to record. And recoring this way also looks a bit odd, it would be much better to make paths and use a camera entitie to record on the fly. Know that takes much more time to set it up, specialy when it is then only used for a adverticement video, but it would make things look even much better.

Other then that, keep up the great work,
a fellow mapper/modder,


+1 vote   media: Opposing Force Assault Beta Demo Teaser Trailer
SPY-maps Jul 27 2015, 9:43am says:

"...at the beginning I planned so much more for this game but the development has been taking me more time than I though..."
this is a very normal issue. We as developers all have had that issue, and that is only a good thing. This way we learn what is and what is not possible. The fact alone, that you kept working on it and even were able to come up with a fully playeble version is proof to me that you have it in you to become a real game developer. Because we see it way to often, nearly always, that people stop developing ones they start to understand fully how much work it actualy is to deliver a product. And that you made this on your own (only some music is done by someone else), is just awesome. Not many developers can manage all fields to come to this quality. Ok, there are minor issues, and you fixed nearly most of them and are working on the other ones. Beside that you still have big plans to implement much more in to this game, which you are also very busy with. So to me the development of this game has succeeded very well. It is therefore a HUGE shame that some people on youtube (with in this case sadly to say a lot of followers) thought it was nessesary to bash this game right in to the ground. Some arguments were valide, but a lot of them had nothing to do with quality but all with personal taste. Comments like that the game was bad because of the choise of music is so silly.

Its to silly to spend time on, but its so sad that many people jump on to the discussion and start to bash also, just because of the "fun" of it. Most didn't even play it but just commented on a video.

All in all, things will get better and i am so glad that you just keep hanging in there and keep developing. This will make that you will prove them wrong in time, that is for sure! As a modder i know that words can hurt like hell, and they often do. Even when what is said is absolutely wrong and insane. Just bare in mind these o so true words;

Holle vaten klinken het luidst.

(i am Dutch, its a Dutch saying, translated it means something like;)
Empty large cans sound the loudest. Which means, those who have the smallest brains (or act like they have) do make the most noice. Most people who do like a game or mod for that matter you most of the time don't hear. Seems most people only comments when they dislike something.


+2 votes   news: The Alien Wasteland Post-Release announcement
SPY-maps Jul 27 2015, 9:27am says:

Glad to see a new update my friend, am following this project for a long time now and like what i see.
keep on developing!


+1 vote   game: Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth
SPY-maps Jul 21 2015, 12:35pm says:

As a hard core modder/mapper myself, who does use Moddb for i don't know how many years i to have to say that i think its a bad move. And your arguments i really can't follow. But, its ofcourse up to you whatever you want to do and which sites you want to use for it. But, i can tell you up front that there are no other sites that give a modder so much freedom in adverticement, for FREE!

One small comment i do have that it is indeed hard to track comments of people. I check daily my latest mod site to see if someone did comment, but it is undoable (is this good English?)to do this with all my mods. It would be so awesome when Moddb would give a mail to a modder when a comment was added to his update section. I have writen Moddb about it and they already thought about this, but it seems a whole lot of work for them to implement. ALl in all, for me its Moddb all the way.
But, your free to do whatever you want, i wish you much luck with your futher adverticements, whatever way and or site you choose.

greetings, a fellow modder,

+2 votes   news: Removal Dispatch
SPY-maps Jul 21 2015, 12:23pm replied:

Sorry for my very late reply JustBrney, only noticed your comment just now. But, no problems at all!! And i fully understand were your coming from, having to wait 5 years on a mod is just INSANE!!! But i am glad you didn't mean it, we all say things when were in a bad mood, lol. Glad your still tracking, and, big news is coming really soon now!


+1 vote   mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Jul 15 2015, 12:40pm says:

I simply don't get it when people bash you game Devdan!!!
Ok, its not a 10/10 game. But i give it at least a 7 or 8 out of 10!
I have been reading some comments on youtube and i had to reply to some of them, who did a "review". yes, i use " ", because when someone calls something bad just because they don't like the choise of music, or the overall look of a game then i just can't take them serious anymore. Its such a shame though because many people read these comments and "join" in with bashing, just for the "fun" of it.

So, please don't listen to these falls comments Devdan!
As a long time hard core modder/level designer i know all to well how this is. Because 1000 people can say they loved it, you always only remember that one person that made falls accusations.
I always ask myself why people to these things, guess its a combination of just feeling bad at the time and want to bash something, or, being yellous.

What you did is simply amazing, a one man team who does deliver such quality can be proud of himself. Ofcourse are there issues that could have been done better, but even AAA games these days are not flawless. And, as always, is each development a learning process. I tried to stick up for you on youtube, which brought quit some comments either way. What is a good thing, because it seems that always the people who like to bash are writing comments, and those that do like it dont'take the time to write. That is why i take the time here to tell you this.
You did a awesome job my friend!!!!
And forget about those who say otherwise, (at least when they come with wrong, falls and or simply stupid observations!!)


+1 vote   game: The Alien Wasteland
SPY-maps Jul 3 2015, 5:13pm says:

Wow, am deeply ashamed of myself because i only hear now of this mod!!
Have just watched your latest video and the gameplay and it looks and sounds awesome!!!
You did put in clearly a whole lot of work in to it, that it has been 6 years i believe emidiatly!

One personal note, i dislike the fact that there seems to be walking a bot/team member with you all the time, that girl carakter. Don't get me wrong, she looks very sexy in a strange way, love that. But the thing is, i only love sp moded game play, so even bots and team members i dislike.
But that it just me,

great work my friend!
Will download and test it right away!!

a fellow mapper,


+1 vote   mod: Killzone Source
SPY-maps Jul 3 2015, 5:00pm says:

I see you have your release date set up to the date (july 31)
Don't know if Moddb will be your main release place, at least as start. KNow then that Moddb takes a few days most of the times to place updates and uploads. So upload your mod a few days in advance.

Much success,

+1 vote   feature: July Release Schedule
SPY-maps Jul 3 2015, 4:59pm says:

Thanks for letting us know, i know its hard to decide to stop but its best when there is no real development anymore. Its very hard to get a team together, a good one that is. ANd it is even more difficult to keep them together and productive. Maybe you could decide to work alone, this way to you need to depent anymore on other members. I decide to do so years ago and it worked very well for me.

Anyway, thanks for what you showed us and much success with future projects, and...... NEVER GIVE UP MAPPING/MODDING!!

a fellow mapper. modder,

+1 vote   news: Closing for now... but we will be back!
SPY-maps Jul 3 2015, 4:54pm says:

Really love all the weapons and there sounds!!
Also the pistol and grenate skin.
And what to think about that combine camera flying around!
I did notice you still need to make the broken parts of it, because when you shoot it now the parts that come apart of it are from the default flying camera npc.
Other then that, loved it!!!
Nice mapping also,

a fellow mapper,

+1 vote   media: Build 2046 - New effects (test)
SPY-maps Jul 3 2015, 4:48pm says:

Just watched Jim Sterlings video about your trailer, and i have commented back on his you tube site that i thought it was a very cheap review of him. Because he doesn't like something will not say it is a bad game because of that reason. Just says he doesn't like it. Its a shame so many people seem to really listen to guys like that/

I think your game is great, and that it doesn't have the quality of a AAA game developer that is only normal. Your a one man developer, you don't have 200 people sitting around working on this game.
So, please don't listen to guys and reviews like that, there simply not worth your time. Listen to all those people who think you did a great job, because that you did!!!


+2 votes   news: The Alien Wasteland released on Steam !
SPY-maps Jul 3 2015, 4:32pm says:

Those rocks look so realistic!!
Great work as always!


+2 votes   media: The beach
SPY-maps Jun 26 2015, 8:11am says:

Always very difficult, to get the lightning right, specially becaus the lightning in source engine is static.
Takes a few tries before you get it right, but that is what developing is all about, right?

much success,

+2 votes   media: The lighting revamp (WIP)
SPY-maps Jun 26 2015, 8:08am says:

great photo and photoshooping Dennis!
Love the nickname of the model by the way,
"HugMonster" (D'CreepyDoll)

Suits her very well, lol.


+2 votes   media: Alice the madness returns
SPY-maps Jun 23 2015, 9:24am says:




+1 vote   media: Brutal Doom v20 Official Trailer
SPY-maps Jun 23 2015, 9:18am says:

great models, and i love there skins!
well done,


+3 votes   media: CoD2 British 6pounder
SPY-maps Jun 23 2015, 9:17am says:

I like the deep blue color of it, gives it a nice cold atmospheresh look to it. Great work, as always!!


+2 votes   media: Iceberg new model
SPY-maps Jun 23 2015, 8:23am says:

No, you don't have to wait much longer.
In a few weeks time i will come with release news, in a final release update.


+4 votes   mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Jun 23 2015, 8:22am replied:

Hahaha, i hope it will be satisfactory, but forget to name your first born after me, lol.


+1 vote   mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Jun 20 2015, 9:52am says:

As always, what a great work you deliver again.
(guess you are also very excited about the new Fallout that will be released?)

much success,

+1 vote   news: [Fallout: Project Brazil] State of the Mod for June
SPY-maps Jun 20 2015, 9:50am says:

Could be wrong here, but it looks like you place a lot of brushes through each other. Be very carefull with this because this can corrup your level in big ways!!

a fellow mapper,


+1 vote   media: Build 2046. BE 5.10 - Work in Progress (mapping)
SPY-maps Jun 20 2015, 9:48am says:

Very nice level design!!


+1 vote   media: canals test (full)
SPY-maps Jun 20 2015, 9:44am says:

Not really clear what i am looking at here,
(a guy with a head on?)


+2 votes   media: danger map recalling
SPY-maps Jun 20 2015, 9:43am says:

I can't see the pole either and am using a normal pc.
Seems something went wrong here,


+1 vote   news: Possible Visual Changes!
SPY-maps Jun 20 2015, 9:41am says:

Looking great, and about some grass growing out of rocks. That are such minor details, that happens in the best AAA games, so don't worry about that. You can't get in to that kind of detail.

As always, really great work. And what a compliment, when people think its not a in game screen but real world material, right!


+2 votes   media: River
SPY-maps Jun 20 2015, 9:39am replied:

Well, ones i have released the mod i will not work anymore on it lateron. Because i have big indie ideas. But, the mod is already very well tested, so there will not be any real need for working on it lateron. The mod will be released in a not beta stage so to speak.


+2 votes   mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Jun 18 2015, 7:34am replied:

My god, The BatteringRam, your words are sooooooo true.
That i haven't placed a new update is because of this, i know people get tired, i would to, in fact, i am also. And about, " has to put an end-state to it and shove it out of limbo and into the world". The last 3 months i am exactly at that stage, working on the mod is not that fun anymore. I am now only working on a playeble version of this mod and get it out there.


+3 votes   mod: The Closure
SPY-maps Jun 14 2015, 6:16am says:

great news, have been tracking this one for quit some time.
So, am looking foward to playing this.

thanks in advance!

+4 votes   feature: June Release Schedule
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