I'm the observer type, I think at least three times through before I do anything - because of this, many think that I'm either reluctant to do anything or that I'm just slow. I also don't like talking about myself or my past as there's nothing there. So that's why you won't see much more intel about me here. But I will say that I'm sarcastic, a pessimist and a cynic just to clear out some confusion plus if I ever say something rude to you (whoever you are) then you shouldn't take it seriously because it's in my blood... Wait... Or should you?

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Something_Else @ Technicians 2

Heh, Red versus Blue...

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Something_Else @ Generals Zero Hour: Shell Maps

A completely chaotic map, where there's sea, air & land skirmishes going on, fire sweeping over the ground, as soldiers and tanks alike fire at anything just to keep themselves alive. The environment could look like a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and the background music should either be something eery/spooky or an epic score (like O Fortuna or something)

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Something_Else @ Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux Screenshots

How much does the performance vary from vanilla generals and this with the added bloom/shader effects?
Looks great! Can't wait to play the whole thing, will be like playing the REAL remake of the old classic, also can't wait to see how your teams tiberian sun project will turn out ;)

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Something_Else @ Tiberian Sun Redux

Question about orcas (and possibly other aerial units)
-Will you try to make them slowly circle around their targets?
-Is it possible?
In TibSun I remember the orcas always flying to a new position after firing a rocket & I felt that was cool, now the choppers just seem to float there unloading everything they've got.

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Something_Else @ Tiberium Essence v 1.4 media

The NOD Walker unit that you see in the GDI intro (first campaign movie) would be an interesting addition as an Epic unit for NOD...

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Something_Else @ TALON Mod

Nice mod, felt great. I'm guessing though that this was made with skirmish/multiplayer more in mind right? There were some unfortunate bugs in the campaign (first one was in the 1st NOD mission; the fanatics didn't have a big enough bang to blow up the wall so that the saboteur could get through) Only minor bugs in GDI which only conflicted with some of the bonus objectives. This was with v. 1.1

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Something_Else @ C&C: Retarded

A SDK (Source Development Kit) is an official modding kit released by the games developers themselves, usually it's the same tools that they used to make the game, kind of like the Worldbuilder. At the Moment C&C3 is very hard to modify because it doesn't have the same .INI-file-system that all previous C&C games had, so that's why most of us are eagerly waiting for the SDK.

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Something_Else @ C&C: Retarded

It's interesting that this website says that you've got allready 50% completed, but this game is almost "unmoddalbe", if you allow me to say so, without the SDK.
How much have you been able to do without the SDK?
BTW, loved your Retarded mod for Generals/ZH and I'm looking forward for this one :D

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Something_Else @ Ninjas vs Pirates

LOL somehow when I noticed this mod, it reminded me of an Red vs Blue episode....
and for those who are wondering "wtf is RvB?!?"...

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