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$oldOut Jan 10 2009 says:

I've got the original Version of this as a Q3 modifaction for some months now, and it was always fun to play.

The old Version is called "Westernq3", and is an ICI (Iron claw interactive) production. You have already written that down on your group page and so on, so this info was for everyone who didn't already read it.

I watched your screens and what do I see? Some new maps with the same old weapons as a standalone project.

Making a standalone off something you haven't made yourself is a ripoff for me, really. As a matter of fact, I still haven't played your version, but I don't believe you have changed so many things.

I'm sorry if my accusations are wrong, for that I don't know what you actually made. I visited your site, watched the videos and pictures and I have to say that the weapons seemed to be still the same, but you seemed to at least have added some maps. Oh, the new maps seem to be very good, and I'm impressed by what you did. I much liked the steamboat's effects for example. That gets us to the next point. You actually used effects like steam. That was only on a few occasions in the original. You most probably even added new music, for that I think the music in your videos is in your game, too. But all of this is just details. The botscripts were good in the original, even if the bots were sometimes stuck. I can't really say much about reload times and so on, except that they most probably didn't change too much. You could say at least 70% of the work was done by ICI, and that, my friends, is not something I would have wished for.

I believe you have worked hard for it, but I honestly dislike what you did here, and I will most probably not try it until I get proof of what you did yourself. Please don't get me wrong, I DON'T want to ruin your fun, for that WQ3 was already fun to play.

This surely IS fun to play, that's out of question, but you should have told people on this site that this is mainly an ICI production.

0 votes   news: Smokin' Guns release
$oldOut Jan 5 2009 says:

I just DO hope they will put he old HL1 explosion sounds back in (or at least a different sound), but according to the trailer they aren't going to.

Let's face it, the HL2 sound for explosions is very, very... lame.

Other than that I already love the detail you put in there , in blast pit for example i much adore the scene where the lamp gets crushed by the boss. It 's just this kind of detail every mod needs, but only a few actually have.

It might even be better than Hl1, but that we can't find out by now.
As soon this gets released, I'll buy HL2 (I was very disappointed by HL2 itself)

(Honestly I also want to slay some scientists at the intro again :'D)

0 votes   mod: Black Mesa
$oldOut Jan 3 2009 replied:

They are always nominated, but nobody will vote for them if they don't get released :D

+1 vote   mod: Cat Life: GS
$oldOut Dec 12 2008 replied:

k, cool.
I wouldn't upload anything stolen for my own mod anyway.
I would just use them in my own HL. That's what I meant with "personal".

So no worries :D

+1 vote   media: Another Shot.. 8D
$oldOut Dec 10 2008 says:

Nice bloom.
And also nice text messages X3

+1 vote   media: MP-DM_KillBox
$oldOut Dec 10 2008 says:

I photoshopped stuff like the effect in the middle (except for the logo and fog) with photoshop in red as a bg before even seeing your mod prev.
Or at least mine quite looks like that in comparison. O.o
you know fresco, glowing edges, motion blur and that stuff. XD

+1 vote   media: Plasma Menu
$oldOut Dec 10 2008 says:

NICE hands :D
If I try to put them out for my personal models the texes will be surely too big for hl model viewer again >.>
Selfmade or ported?

+1 vote   media: Another Shot.. 8D
$oldOut Dec 6 2008 says:

He's just shooting randomly to make the screen look nice, i think. :D

+2 votes   media: Half Life In-Game Shot
$oldOut Dec 5 2008 replied:

Well, fog IS addable to HL1, even though the engine is quite old.
D3ads tries to add fog to his new mod and also AoM:DC had some fog in it, but I'm not quite sure about that.

+1 vote   media: A big park
$oldOut Dec 3 2008 says:

Reminds me of RPGs.
"A hueg treestump is blocking your way!" (>:)

No, really, this gets some atmosphere into the game.

+1 vote   media: in-game01
$oldOut Dec 3 2008 replied:

Will that girl be a part of the story (except for the intro), too?
Like in the SH movie?

That would be a quite original way to change the plot a bit (OK, not SO original, but that's an idea X3)

Also you get my respect for adding a reason for staying at this place.

I always wondered why in SH2 this guy just DOESN'T DRIVE HOME, even though he gets attacked by zombies. I think he took "true love" a little bit too seriously >X

+1 vote   media: Lakeview Introduction #2
$oldOut Dec 3 2008 replied:

Well, i knew I had to press use,but maybe i should have put the gamma up. But the flashlight was black (or grey), lying on some bed in the corner, and... well.

Also, will you put the batteries out completely, or will you make it like the standard light in HL?
If you made something like a "reload" animation with putting new batteries in it would be sweet. And I'm sure you'd be able to script that, if you think about your inventory :3
(or just make the light go darker but not (and not with running out of batteries x3))

P.S.: AoMDC's zombies were so annoyingly fast, i just wouldn't mind to beat that game D:
F.E.A.R. didnt annoy me, though. Oh yeah, except for that one scene, where I shot out 3 magazines out of sheer surprise XD

+1 vote   media: in-game02
$oldOut Dec 3 2008 replied:

sorry for double-post, but- you WILL add fog, will you? Sorry, me phail.

+1 vote   media: A big park
$oldOut Dec 3 2008 says:

Ouch. I wouldn't like to walk through there. and yep it reminds me of the usual SH-ish hospital-rust-chains mix. :D

+1 vote   media: Elderworld WIP 2
$oldOut Dec 3 2008 says:

Dude, why does it look as though the shot guy was holding a mic or something? X3

+1 vote   media: Beheadings
$oldOut Dec 3 2008 says:

maybe you should use a little... less fog in this part of the map, just for being able to watch your mapping skills (or make it as thick as possible, so that everyone will shoot the statue :p)

+1 vote   media: A big park
$oldOut Nov 30 2008 says:

Really great, except for that THIS GUYS LEGS ARE MISSING *g* (sry for caps, but thats
1) creepy)
2) most surely not intended)

+1 vote   media: County Fog
$oldOut Nov 30 2008 says:

Seeing that I'm quite asking myself if you'll put in an "press use to pick stuff up"-script.
Those always annoyed me, for example in AoMDC i found the flashlight only by accident. (X3)

+1 vote   media: in-game02
$oldOut Nov 29 2008 says:

Ok, think in comparison with the SH games around "HL1's age", I'll have to say this is really really waayy better than in these games *g*

*And it not even finished. :>*

I hope you get good camera angles, thinking about the standard angles you get in HL... (no really, screw HL1's thirdperson, throw them into a bin and hide the bin somewhere noone would ever find it >.<)

+1 vote   media: Test Shot
$oldOut Nov 29 2008 says:

I'm usually disappointed by level designs, but this one just made me shout a hueg "Wooow!"

-Dude, thats uber nice.

+1 vote   media: Forest night
$oldOut Oct 26 2008 replied:

should have a difference in coop mode!

+1 vote   media: Playermenu for the CoOp-Mode
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