I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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These are some sweet concepts.

I wish I had my personal concept artist in a cage or something. I would have a way to create concepts of whatever I want to model that way or I can learn how to draw concepts, but I'm more into the cage idea.

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SinKing Author

The concepts still have some issues with perspective, cause I don't like using grids to start. If I'd do it right, this would be my speed drawing/thumbnail and then I'd remake the whole thing properly and with perspective lines.
The center tree, the zipline and the foreground house have an Escher-esque relationship ^^

You are right about concept art though. It helps with everything prior to modeling. Especially when you're looking for a distinctive style. I still have some problems making things look "one way", because I'm still trying out different ideas.

If you cannot concept yourself, you can always go to Deviantart and browse some of the awesome art for inspiration. And then start researching assets to be build with that art in mind.

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I understand the perspective issues, that's why I don't draw, I'm good at drawing 2d things but if I go 3d with perspective they look ridiculous.

I heard from an expert 3d artist that in 3d business wasting time nitpicking is a terrible idea. "This is not rocket science" he said, "If it looks good you don't need to fix it".

That's a great advice if you ask me. What we are trying to do is fooling people with fake realism, so it's not a good idea to try to be perfect with your fakeness. That won't add much, except wasted countless hours.

So if it works for you, you don't need to fix that perspective issues as long as they're just concepts, wait until you REALLY need to fix them :D

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I had screwed up some perspective before. I paint these in one session, so I usually need to get back and make corrections the day after. Here's what I changed today. Fun thing is that working on one image spawns ideas for the next and better version and helps me figure out how the rest of the environments could look. I think it is always good to put your assets in scene, instead of drawing out singular designs. It just augments the whole fitting and thinking progress to see which elements work with which other elements. Also, there are infinite ways to model a crate, yet we always see the same model in games. I believe that is, because most people chose to think and work in terms of archetypes. So a crate always starts looking the same, like when you give a kid a crayon and they paint a house out of a triangle and a square. We have to avoid archetypes and instead create our own ideas and worlds.

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