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(LONEWOLF) Jan 25 2014, 9:18pm replied:


+2 votes     media: Cartoon Watchlist
(LONEWOLF) Jan 23 2014, 8:48pm says:


+1 vote     media: Stuff
(LONEWOLF) Jan 6 2014, 2:29pm replied:

I did not see the date :facepalm:

+1 vote     article: Dark Horse Comics To Lose The Star Wars License
(LONEWOLF) Jan 6 2014, 12:21am replied:

pixar and Disney split

+1 vote     article: Dark Horse Comics To Lose The Star Wars License
(LONEWOLF) Jan 6 2014, 12:16am says:

some sort of twisted ketchup add

+1 vote     media: Suicide Club
(LONEWOLF) Jan 5 2014, 5:42pm says:

Disney owns marvel and the rights to star wars. Go figure they would give it to themselves. Next Disney will merge with apple and Google and we will all hail "mein Maus Führer" and goose step ourselves too a new world order!

+3 votes     article: Dark Horse Comics To Lose The Star Wars License
(LONEWOLF) Dec 28 2013, 9:35pm replied:

where can i find that option in land battle

+1 vote     article: Having AI Troubles? Read This
(LONEWOLF) Dec 8 2013, 3:41pm replied:

501st-vetran won that debate

+2 votes     media: Storming The Trenches Of Jabiim
(LONEWOLF) Nov 12 2013, 9:27pm says:


+3 votes     media: Storming The Trenches Of Jabiim
(LONEWOLF) Nov 4 2013, 3:19pm says:

someone took art class !

+2 votes     media: Favela cityscene
(LONEWOLF) Oct 30 2013, 12:54am replied:

dont bring a knife to a gun fight!

+1 vote     media: Peasant Fight
(LONEWOLF) Oct 26 2013, 12:01am replied:


+1 vote     media: Another franchise went into the graveyard...
(LONEWOLF) Oct 10 2013, 1:42am says:

when is this essentially going to get to the download page ?

+1 vote     article: "Essentially" Done
(LONEWOLF) Oct 1 2013, 5:54pm says:

i think this is what happens when you stick a lighter to whiskers

+2 votes     media: Cool Whiskers
(LONEWOLF) Oct 1 2013, 12:10am says:

battle field 4 beta

+1 vote     media: Guess what I'm excited about?
(LONEWOLF) Sep 23 2013, 8:00pm replied:

turbo jeep

+2 votes     group: Automotive Enthusiasts
(LONEWOLF) Sep 21 2013, 12:52pm says:

lord pearish

+3 votes     media: I haz a request!
(LONEWOLF) Sep 8 2013, 8:53pm says:

food for thought - what if i said there where no chemical weapons in Syria and the media and the white house are lying and its all about money and power all at the cost of human lives ? remember back when we went to war in the middle east based on false information about “weapons of mass destruction” in the terrifying hands of Saddam Hussein.

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(LONEWOLF) Sep 7 2013, 1:36pm says:

for the last couple months i have thought your avatar was a ostrich... i dont know why

+6 votes     member: Arcones
(LONEWOLF) Sep 4 2013, 8:37pm replied:

if it looks like all talent has dried up best look in another well

+1 vote     mod: Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod
(LONEWOLF) Aug 22 2013, 11:39pm says:

Confused as to why he is putting on a second pair of sunglasses

+1 vote     media: yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah
(LONEWOLF) Aug 21 2013, 7:25pm says:


+3 votes     group: Android Fans
(LONEWOLF) Aug 11 2013, 2:06am replied:

or 8

+1 vote     media: Sanity 2012
(LONEWOLF) Jul 27 2013, 3:33am says:

someones getting picky

+1 vote     media: Venator Shape collection
(LONEWOLF) Jul 27 2013, 3:28am says:

now bare with me when i say this. there is no point in complaining about the clone wars any more because Lucas and his band of misfits do not have anything to do with star wars any more that's all in the past and it cannot be undone... unfortunately Disney owns it all now and gone are the days of the good old star wars but the final nail in the coffin will be episode 7 but until we see it there is still hope

+6 votes     group: Alliance to Restore Canon (ARC)
(LONEWOLF) Jul 27 2013, 3:16am says:

next is DC then EA

+2 votes     media: Disney
(LONEWOLF) Jul 23 2013, 10:37am says: HW2 HD REMAKE

+1 vote     member: (LONEWOLF)
(LONEWOLF) Jul 23 2013, 10:09am says: HD REMAKE OF HW2

0 votes     game: Homeworld 2
(LONEWOLF) Jun 30 2013, 3:33am says:

shadowwolf0093 rank 20 Terran republic woodman ZERGTR FTW. if any one wants to ride in a pimped out prowler or harasser just ask

+1 vote     group: Planetside 2 Fans
(LONEWOLF) Jun 25 2013, 9:35pm says:

it tells me that all the time i just click on close i have been doing the same thing for 2 years now

+2 votes     media: The Apocalypse
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