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Mistake Of Pythagoras

Mod review


Game review - 1 agree

This game is a normal racing game. Not too bad, but not too god.

The good points:
-Graphics are absolutely awesome
-The game runs on Intel Integrated graphics (on lowest settings, but it does!)
-Weapons and Ships are very cool

The bad points:
-The background music is damn annoying sometimes
-Some of the tracks are too tight to drive without getting angry
-The weapons have to be fired EXACTLY to target the opponents

Its a decent racing game that needs some improvements, give it a try. :)


Sushi Quest

Game review

This game is really cute and the controls are intuitive. There is a little intro howto level, that lasts maybe 2 minutes and you are ready to go.

The graphics are not the best, but the little figures look very cute. The performance of the game is really fast on my Intel integrated graphics.

My system is Slackware 13.37 with Multilib. Had to make an OpenAL compat32 package first, as there is no 64bit version of the game available. Apart from that, it runs fine and I encountered no bugs so far.

Its a good game, where you can get your brain to work a little bit for a little price :)



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What should I say - this game is a classic and over the past years it has made its way onto the top league of the freeware shooters.

On most of the servers the bots are set to default, in my way they are way too good on the default setting. But maybe I am just TOO weak! :) Thats the only negative point I have about this game.

The OpenArena team got the most out of the old Quake engine, while maintaining a reasonable performance on weak systems. My Intel X3100 is grateful for that. If I had to compare OpenArena to other games, I would say: "It's Unreal Tournament for people with no money." :)

I have no negative words about this game - visit my server with some custom maps that are not included by default:



Game review

Well deserved 10/10.

Everything in this game fits. The music is wonderful, the cutscenes are well done and the pictures are well photographed. This game is no game - its a masterpiece of art which should immediately be played until all the secrets are revealed.


OGS Mahjong

Game review

A good game - runs fine on medium settings on Intel Integrated!

There are no words to lose about the content of the game - it's Mahjong! Everybody knows how to play that! ;)

The good aspects that make this game different from the other billion of Mahjong clones out there are the beautiful 3D view, the camera movement and the good music.

Well, I don't like 1 or 2 of the tracks, so I give just a 9/10.

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