Sushi Quest is an unique game which combines exploration in 3D with lots of puzzles. The game itself takes lots of elements from classics from the 90s, and bring them to this new age of gaming! This is a very puzzle heavy game, with lots of exploration, if you like SNES classics like Zelda or Lost Vikings, you probably will love this! Features three playable characters, each one with different powers (flames, water and electricity). Find tons of puzzles and collectible items in each of the colorful stages, each featuring a new challenge. Explore a pirate ship, run through the sewers, escape from a flooding factory, and much more! Are you good enough to unlock all the stages, find all secret medals and save all lost kittens? Features: - 3 player characters with different abilities - 4 zones, with a total of 20 stages - Lots of secrets to find - Available for Linux and Windows, DRM Free. NOTE - If you do not have sound in-game, please install OpenAL.

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Toyotame says

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Played it before, yet in alpha state.
Nice casual puzzler with little scent of vikings (need to switch characters and abilities) with decent challenge in later stages.


schmatzler says

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This game is really cute and the controls are intuitive. There is a little intro howto level, that lasts maybe 2 minutes and you are ready to go.

The graphics are not the best, but the little figures look very cute. The performance of the game is really fast on my Intel integrated graphics.

My system is Slackware 13.37 with Multilib. Had to make an OpenAL compat32 package first, as there is no 64bit version of the game available. Apart from that, it runs fine and I encountered no bugs so far.

Its a good game, where you can get your brain to work a little bit for a little price :)


t1gerdog says

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Bit buggy. I crashed it immediately by dropping a bomb on the bonfire.

Fullscreen mode ***** up sometimes. There's no way to exit the game besides ALT+F4, and it ***** my screen resolution up. They spelled Encyclopedia wrong, I'm a spelling Nazi so that annoys me to no end.

But the game seems decent so far besides all these annoyances.


mrubuntu says

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great game


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