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San-J Feb 28 2010, 12:11pm says:

I typed 80+ WPM in middle school (Mavis Beacon, I think it was??). I haven't checked since

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San-J Feb 5 2010, 1:39pm says:

Very impressive depth-of-field effects.

0 votes   article: Unigine - Lukewarm Media - Press Release
San-J Jan 27 2010, 2:29am says:

Hey I'm sorry but I'm not staff anymore. I became one by responding to a post by an administrator that ModDB was in need of feature writers. I'm not sure if they need any additional people at the moment, but your best bet would be getting in touch with INtense!, as he is the guy running the show here... or at least, I think he is. He was when I was a staff member, anyway. Good luck!

+3 votes   member: weasil
San-J Dec 11 2009, 10:26pm says:

The foreground looks absolutely amazing. The mountains in the background do look a little less impressive.

Overall though, fantastic work!

+5 votes   media: Unity Development Screens
San-J Dec 9 2009, 1:42pm says:

I have 8 invites, email me sangye.ij[at]gmail[dot]com for one

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San-J Aug 8 2008, 8:23pm says:

This almost looks like concept art... ******* amazing!

+1 vote   media: Delta Sector Screenshots
San-J Jun 12 2008, 1:30am says:

Love the system, I want more points too though :P

I mean, I did write the most read (and commented, though many were my own) review in the history of the site.

+1 vote   article: Rating System
San-J Jun 2 2008, 9:30pm says:

28 Months definitely lends itself better to making a mod than 28 Weeks, but I preferred the first movie by a long shot.

Good luck on this, I'll be watching your progression closely :)

+1 vote   mod: 28 Months Later
San-J Jun 2 2008, 9:26pm says:

Awesome, where'll you be studying at? And what will you be studying?

I'm officially declared as a Psychology major, but I've been taking a lot of classes in [pre-]Medicine and Philosophy as well over the past two years. If I do continue, I'd probably finish the pre-med curriculum and do Neuro-Science at the graduate level.

+2 votes   member: bart2o
San-J May 27 2008, 9:09pm says:

Silly sally, where do'st you dilly dally?

+3 votes   member: Sallycin
San-J May 14 2008, 1:52pm says:

yes indeed

+1 vote   member: Lucífer
San-J May 12 2008, 2:44am says:

Nietzsche FTW.

+1 vote   member: Karuto
San-J May 11 2008, 3:37am says:

I'm doing really good. I'm going to be taking some time off from college (maybe even permanently) after the end of this term, to work a construction job. The pay is good and honestly at this point I think it's a more worthwhile endeavor than sitting around pretending to be learning things that in all likelihood I'll never need to know, so yeah, I'm pretty excited about it ;p

+2 votes   member: bart2o
San-J May 7 2008, 5:40pm says:

junkie? no, I'm just a polydrug abuser ;p

*hugs* right back at ya, how are you!?

+2 votes   member: bart2o
San-J Apr 27 2008, 12:56pm says:

Haha, indeed! :)

you should hit me up on AIM some time... "sanjgij"

+1 vote   member: Ennui
San-J Apr 26 2008, 2:54pm says:

big lebowski ftw!

+1 vote   member: Ennui
San-J Apr 26 2008, 2:52pm says:

So how was bicycle day? I'm more than making up for missing it, today! ;p

+1 vote   member: Jyffeh
San-J Apr 23 2008, 12:49am says:

What an amazing, dark and moody atmosphere that you guys have created here. I'm definitely reinstalling for this mod :)

+2 votes   article: Delta Sector mod on ModDB
San-J Apr 19 2008, 12:13am says:

haha yeah man.. wish I could celebrate it but real life has been owning my face this month >,<

+1 vote   member: Jyffeh
San-J Apr 15 2008, 3:31pm says:

Gravity manipulation.

+1 vote   poll: Which is the best game feature/ability?
San-J Apr 5 2008, 3:25pm says:

definitely taste

imagine playing as a bestial carnivore, tearing apart your prey and tasting their lymph

that'd be a quality gaming experience

+1 vote   poll: Which of the five senses would you prefer games put more research and development efforts toward?
San-J Mar 27 2008, 8:25pm replied:

Ennui, what's your spiel? If you have a squabble with mikejkelley, here's hardly the place to advertise it.

+2 votes   group: Staffold
San-J Mar 7 2008, 5:25pm says:

looks gorgeous!

+1 vote   media: DIPRIP In game Alpha screenshots
San-J Mar 1 2008, 2:30am says:

"Pot is ok!", but mushrooms is essential!

+1 vote   member: trippinhobbit
San-J Feb 25 2008, 4:10pm says:

That's debatable ;p

+1 vote   member: Jyffeh
San-J Feb 25 2008, 4:09pm says:

The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead
Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, Richard Alpert
Non-Fiction / Instructional

+1 vote   group: modDB Book Club
San-J Feb 21 2008, 11:35pm says:

yes, quite! ^^

+1 vote   member: Jyffeh
San-J Feb 20 2008, 10:02pm says:

I think that they should be allowed to do as they will (same goes for everyone), but that there is something to be said for originality as well. Nonetheless, I voted option #1.

+2 votes   poll: Should modders be allowed to use other peoples' intellectual property?
San-J Feb 20 2008, 10:00pm says:


+1 vote   member: Jyffeh
San-J Feb 15 2008, 11:24am replied:

All middle-aged people are pedophiles..?

+1 vote   member: lonelyd
San-J Nov 10 2007, 5:37pm says:

Nice review! I'd have rated it higher myself, but I can see where you are coming from.

+1 vote   article: World In Conflict
San-J Nov 10 2007, 5:36pm says:

'grats on the release guys, can't wait to try it out.

+2 votes   article: Eye of the Storm” announced
San-J Oct 20 2007, 11:20pm says:


+2 votes   member: Grammar_Police
San-J Jun 15 2007, 3:35pm says:

wow, that looks amazing

+1 vote   media: BF110
San-J Feb 17 2007, 1:59pm says:

Those pictures are beautiful!~ The second one is just incredible; you are very lucky to have a concept artist like that :)

+1 vote   article: Iron Grip Game Day Tournament
San-J Nov 20 2006, 1:56am says:

I love it!

+1 vote   download: de_apollo
San-J Oct 27 2006, 1:09am says:

Did you modify the game engine? The lighting effects on the characters does not look like Half-Life 2; it looks like you either significantly upgraded the lighting portion of the engine, or maybe exaggerated the bump mapping on the characters? Whatever you did, it looks great!

+1 vote   article: Virgil Media Update
San-J Dec 1 2005, 10:25am says:

Can't wait to read the Blizzard interview (!!).

Grats guys, mDB is progressing like.. well, I can't think of a suitable metaphor off hand, but suffice to say: this is awesome!!

+1 vote   article: Australian Game Developer's Conference Opens!
San-J Oct 18 2005, 3:18pm says:

Looks awesome.. the texture work is amazing!

+1 vote   article: Immortal Guns
San-J Jul 17 2005, 2:20pm says:

I'd like to see black & white, with red's multiplied.. It'd have a Sin City-esque flair to it, and I think it'd look great.

+2 votes   media: Colour stuff
San-J Jul 17 2005, 2:09am says:

Links do not work! Get them fix0red!

+1 vote   article: First public Release!
San-J Jun 2 2005, 8:38pm says:

Yeah, this game totally rocks. I was very very impressed with it. Definately worth checking out. A testament to the innovation and skill of the indie game development community!

+2 votes   game: Darwinia
San-J Jun 2 2005, 8:37pm says:

God, I am so freaking addicted to this game. I bought it 1 1/2 months ago, and already have a lvl32 rogue, a lvl30 druid, another lvl15 rogue, a lvl9 hunter, and tons of lvl5-s that I created pretty much just to guarantee that I'd get the names.


-1 votes   game: World of Warcraft
San-J May 26 2005, 3:52am says:

Yay! It doesn't look good, it looks excellent. Cannot wait for this to be released!

+1 vote   article: SeasonsForever Comes Back
San-J May 11 2005, 7:19pm says:

Congrats on the release!! :D

+1 vote   article: The Hunted Chronicle 2 release!
San-J May 8 2005, 4:17am says:

I don't really want to publicly release any shots, but I'd be happy to PM you a screenshot or two next week.. :)

+1 vote   article: Demo This Summer.
San-J Apr 30 2005, 3:06am says:

That looks absolutely fantastacizzle. Excellent work! :D

+1 vote   article: ModDB Exclusive "The SoulKeeper" Screenshots
San-J Apr 26 2005, 10:33am says:

Looks great! Definately watching this. :D

+1 vote   article: First ingame pics and some more character renders
San-J Apr 24 2005, 5:21pm says:

Great concept art, though the name should be "A HL2 Modification", as "An" only comes before words that start with a vowel, or a pseudo-vowel (i.e. some cases of 'Y').

Other than that slight typographical error, I really like the sound of this.. If the atmosphere/mood of the complete mod is anything like the concept art for it, it'll be a real success!

Good luck :)

+1 vote   mod: Tatakau- An HL2 Modification
San-J Apr 2 2005, 5:04pm says:

You can shoot anything that moves, and even things that don't :D

+1 vote   media: M21 (photoskinned)
San-J Mar 27 2005, 5:23pm says:

This looks cool.. I'm watching it.

+1 vote   mod: Ravenholm
San-J Mar 27 2005, 2:30am says:

W000000t! 'TIS RELEASED!!!

I shall download this as soon as I'm back at my other house, and have reinstalled Max Payne 2.. This looks review worthy :)

+1 vote   mod: Max Payne Chronicles
San-J Mar 22 2005, 2:14am says:

Awesome stakejacker :D

This is looking to be a VERY entertaining game.. Have you thought at all of signing with a publisher? I'm sure that many would be interested.

+1 vote   article: Stakejacker and stuff...
San-J Mar 8 2005, 8:53pm says:

Sounds awesome :)

+1 vote   mod: Troy: Divine Playground
San-J Mar 2 2005, 8:01pm says:

Yeah, it was pretty aweful :|

P.S. Bryan, thanks for the heads up on the broken link. It's fixed now :)

+1 vote   article: Website Live!
San-J Feb 22 2005, 7:18pm says:

This game should be fun, but like the guest, those screenshots do worry me, particularly the level of detail (or lack thereof) on the character and weapon models. Look at those fingers.. Yuch!

+1 vote   article: Day of Defeat: Source Approaching Beta
San-J Jan 29 2005, 1:29pm says:

I just wanted to say that "Siege!" is an excellent concept for a mod, and if I weren't so busy with my own projects, I'd volunteer to help. The people who insulted you in your thread are known to be immature, and do not represent the whole of this community. I apologize for their actions, and hope that this mod will succeed.


+1 vote   member: Jabobo
San-J Jan 29 2005, 1:28pm says:

I just wanted to say that this is an excellent concept for a mod, and if I weren't so busy with my own projects, I'd volunteer to help. The people who insulted you in your thread are known to be immature, and do not represent the whole of this community. I apologize for their actions, and hope that this mod will succeed.


+1 vote   mod: Siege!
San-J Jan 24 2005, 8:38pm says:

Pure awesomeness, as usual. The current MOTM is about to expire, so get in touch with me via MSN, so we cant discuss an award, and some features connected to it.

+1 vote   article: New Interview on
San-J Jan 9 2005, 9:04pm says:

Ah, but if you shoot the balloons, do they pop?

Awesome work garry. Simply awesome :D

+1 vote  
San-J Jan 4 2005, 2:06am says:

Lol, mario is lurking nearby, waiting to pillage the mushroom village!

Thanks for the compliments guys! They are, along with the trees and the other sprites in the other gallery images, my first pieces of pixel art.

+1 vote  
San-J Dec 14 2004, 12:34am says:

Those are some gorgeous models. Incredibly good use of polygons! :D

+1 vote   article: Oh the insanity!
San-J Dec 4 2004, 9:50pm says:

Oh that sucks. Sorry I didn't notice :(

+1 vote   article: Dystopia Media Update
San-J Dec 3 2004, 10:09am says:

Thanks guys!
I've been working on the engine on and off since Spring, but only started on the actual game a little more than a month ago.

+1 vote   article: Alpha.0334 Released!
San-J Nov 7 2004, 12:10pm says:

Thank you for the compliments, grasn :)

Your mods (especially Babylon City!) are looking very nice!

+2 votes   member: grasn
San-J Oct 28 2004, 10:23am says:

Thanks guys! It is a very fun game... While I maintain that it isn't too innovative, I changed my overall opinion since I wrote the intro page, and now really enjoy it.

+1 vote   article: CS: Source Reviewed!
San-J Oct 26 2004, 4:37pm says:

Hey guest #2, lets see you do better ;)

+1 vote   article: Interview with SNIPER-X
San-J Oct 14 2004, 10:29am says:

No offense, but you both spelt "offense" wrong :P

Those concepts look pretty good, and I am eagerly awaiting more pictures. Good luck!


P.S. Since when is does any futuristic game automatically look like Halo?

+1 vote   article: Arctika Unveiled
San-J Oct 4 2004, 4:21pm says:

Wow, that guest is so cool. He can find errors in a modder's writing! Ironically, I bet that that guest has never even attempted a mod.

Perhaps he can only feel good about his "unmodded" (yep, I'm hereby coining that as an adjective describing someone who hasn''t made a mod) self, by pointing out utterly trivial errors in the posts of far superb "modded" individuals.

+1 vote   article: In-Game Preview Render!
San-J Oct 1 2004, 2:23am says:

Agreed. But I will participate anyway, because I enjoy making wallpapers, even if they usually end up pretty sucky.

+1 vote   article: Half Life II and Contest
San-J Sep 26 2004, 8:24pm says:

Oh it certainly is INtense. MoDB is the greatest thing to happen to the mod community since Half-Life.

+1 vote   article: Making a successful modification
San-J Sep 26 2004, 1:57pm says:

Why thank you Darkcyde :)

We're trying to get our awesome modellers back, who quit a month ago... If they do come back, it'll look even better!

+1 vote   member: San-J
San-J Sep 23 2004, 12:39am says:

First that I've heard of Twilight War, but I really like what I see, especially with the Source Engine! If they pull a Guild Wars on us, I might actually get it!

(Guild Wars: v/n. The action of canceling monthly fees of a MMORPG)

San-J Sep 23 2004, 12:35am says:

This mod is going to rock, if you start advertising it at sites, and recruit people. I love Apocalypse Now, and it is a perfect base for a FC mod. You have all my blessings on your endeavours!

~Sangye "San-J" Ince-Johannsen
>El Presidento of EuroTek Studios and Nørdic Design
>Leader of the FarCry DrugWars TC Modification.

+1 vote   mod: Apocalypse Now!
San-J Sep 19 2004, 1:29am says:

cold-fusion, those models look great! while you could certainly do some optimizations on them to reduce the poly counts, they look awesome!

+1 vote   article: Images, models, and maps oh my!
San-J Jul 1 2004, 3:35pm says:

This mod is gonna rock, guys... Crete is an awesome place, and is a perfect setting for a game, especially on the FC engine.

Good luck guys!

+1 vote   mod: Green Devils 1939-45
San-J May 21 2004, 9:54pm says:

wow, complements on a job done so ueber well, that it is better than 99% of all retail games you can buy... You guys are so incredibly talented, you should really look into making a retail game...


+1 vote   article: Red Orchestra 2.0 Released!
San-J May 19 2004, 7:48pm says:

'tis a retail game, foo (j/k, this is afterall a mod site, so thats a rational mistake)

+1 vote   mod: Frieden In Unserer Zeit:Peace In Our Time
San-J May 11 2004, 7:33pm says:

I will have to do a fair amount of editing to the original story, to make it fit in a game well. The setting will be identical to the book, but the "underground" groups will need to fight a bit more in the mod, to make it a little more interesting...

Thx for the compliment tho!

Yeah, clockwork orange is an amazing book/movie as well... But that really wouldn't fit in a mod (hehe)

On a different subject, a few hours after setting the mod up, I already have received three offers for hosting, so it sounds like people are fairly interested. The most notable of these came from, a new webhost for HL2 modders, with very impressive features...

Now we just need a team dedicated enough to materialize the concept ;)


+1 vote   mod: Orwells Hell: 1984
San-J Apr 6 2004, 7:56pm says:

well, it is designed for jungles, but it can handle indoor environments pretty well... I don't see why it couldn't support cities, so yes, i think it is probably pretty good for cities. In fact, DrugWars will feature MANY city maps ;)

~Sangye "San-J" Ince-Johannsen
*ICMafia Leader
*DrugWars Leader

+1 vote   mod: DrugWars
San-J Apr 6 2004, 12:50am says:

its looking pretty sweet :)

~Sangye "San-J" Ince-Johannsen (a.k.a. "Commie 64")
*ICMafia Leader
*DrugWars Leader

+1 vote   mod: Frontline Soldiers
San-J Apr 5 2004, 10:41pm says:

I gotta admit that this is an excellent promotional quiz. If I had the funding, I would do something similiar for my mod (DrugWars)

However, there is a significant flaw in it: The use of search engine for the answers. This is the reason that I did not enter the competition. I would have felt like I am stealing the games from you. I could have also done it without a search engine, but I know little to nothing about gettisburg, let alone your mod (but now that I have seen it , I must admit it looks pretty darn impressive)...

Any google search with the right keywords could turn up the answers to even some of the personal trivia questions.

If you are going to give the games out to the one with the highest score (and not the one with a specificly set score), cheating would not hurt you (because you would be giving the game out anyway), but it would be unfair anyway...

In any case, your mod is looking pretty sweet ;)

~Sangye "San-J" Ince-Johannsen (a.k.a. "Commie 64")
*ICMafia Leader
*DrugWars Leader

+1 vote   article: Gettysburg Competition
San-J Apr 1 2004, 1:41pm says:


Where oh where did mic go?

The nolf community is calling for you!

Come by TGF, man!

P.S. I only found this site recently, but I have played through your mod many times... its KICK ARSE!

+1 vote   mod: Forgotten Bunker
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