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sam_23694 May 23 2012, 6:12am replied:

Learn to spell then proceed to die.

+2 votes   media: GDI Grizzly Battlecruiser
sam_23694 Mar 6 2012, 1:55am replied:

another tip just from looking at the picture is add a few more textures, for example i noticed there are no cliff textures on the hills and more blended textures around the grass would look better.

+1 vote   download: Blue Zone Terror
sam_23694 Feb 27 2012, 4:24am says:

this mod without a doubt has dominated the whole list OF c&c3 mods

+3 votes   mod: CNC Fallout
sam_23694 Feb 8 2012, 6:07am replied:

you have a point but tbh a pinkish desert will be strange to play in

+1 vote   media: Concept by Me
sam_23694 Jan 13 2012, 1:19am says:

i like how all the buildings seem to have their own power source, seems much more functional

0 votes   media: GDI Armory
sam_23694 Jan 13 2012, 1:17am replied:

the whole point of this mod is to upgrade the traditional, stereotypic and boring game the ea continues to pump out, i think this building is realistic in design and its low profile might suggest an underground complex which is far more realistic. Also to get really serious on realism maybe the buidlng is smaller to make the fact you build a base in a matter of minutes more reasonable, meaning a large lab like structure is more unrealistic for a quick base deployment. but aside from that it is a game and i wouldnt judge this till its textured

+6 votes   media: GDI Tech Center
sam_23694 Jan 13 2012, 1:09am says:

not sure what environment that cammouflage would be useful in... is this the next edition to barbies collection?

nicely drawn though

+1 vote   media: Concept by Me
sam_23694 Jan 10 2012, 6:34am says:

the grass texture looks like a maze

+3 votes   media: Screenshots
sam_23694 Jan 10 2012, 6:33am says:

awesome game but could use some important tweaks, i for one would like a gameplay where you start in a map with some enemies and estates but the gameplay is alot slower

+3 votes   game: Stronghold 2
sam_23694 Jan 10 2012, 6:31am replied:

personally random flak would be awesome, just imagine hordes of aliens ships and flak filling the skys

+2 votes   media: GDI Anti-Air turret for the Component Tower.
sam_23694 Jan 5 2012, 6:13am says:

a whole map set in this location could be kinda fun, with maybe some tanks and jet flybys

+1 vote   media: Hay bales
sam_23694 Jan 5 2012, 6:11am says:

maybe the brightness is a bit too glarey, but i did just stop messing with the map lighting my self so idk anymore..

+1 vote   media: Chrudim
sam_23694 Jan 5 2012, 6:10am says:

if you dont look at the road but at the buildings in the background it can be easily mistaken for a photo

+1 vote   media: Need testers
sam_23694 Dec 19 2011, 6:19am says:

i really cant wait till we get to see the exterior of this baby

+2 votes   media: Space
sam_23694 Dec 12 2011, 7:12am says:

thats y tanks dont use nuclear reactors, but any excuse to make a tank melt is fine by me :D

+2 votes   media: Brummbar Death State
sam_23694 Dec 12 2011, 7:09am says:

they are all going to the future?

+1 vote   media: Turbo!
sam_23694 Dec 12 2011, 7:08am replied:

but asside from firepower the commanche is more manuverable, and is reconnaisance because it can fly really low, and is very quiet
i guess in this game it could be anti-infantry?

+1 vote   media: Comanche
sam_23694 Dec 12 2011, 6:58am says:

i love the interactive maps, my favourite is the highway causing hell once the un starts to patrol

+1 vote   media: Hind + Crows = ♥
sam_23694 Dec 12 2011, 6:55am replied:

not only does it lighthen the mood in the mod its also a good name for a virus. imagine driving in a tank, everything shuts down except for the screens that display a stop sign with a face on it, you think, **** you mr.stop

+2 votes   media: Mr.Stop
sam_23694 Dec 12 2011, 6:50am says:

it appears the tank has supports?, does this mean it has to stop and deploy before firing?

+1 vote   media: UN Peacekeepers + Brummbar
sam_23694 Dec 12 2011, 6:46am says:

the blood is alittle wierd but it suits the mod

+1 vote   media: UN Peacekeepers
sam_23694 Dec 6 2011, 9:46pm says:

cityscapes are not the easiest to do for crysis 1, but it should be interesting to see

+4 votes   mod: CORE12: Invasion Site
sam_23694 Nov 25 2011, 4:20am replied:

i agree the model would like epic without the wings in the front, but then it would be more of a bomber

+3 votes   media: GDI F-39 Orca Interceptor
sam_23694 Nov 25 2011, 4:18am says:

i hope this game doesnt have super weapons, i hate the fact that this defence is pointless wen its about to be turned in vapor

+2 votes   media: UN Occupation
sam_23694 Nov 25 2011, 4:16am says:

this is in a way realistic, because in the future companies like coca-cola will be more richer then most countries so to have a good army u would have to get them to sponsor ur military

+1 vote   media: Sponsored Peacekeeping
sam_23694 Nov 25 2011, 4:12am says:

i think this mod has really captured wat war is going to be like in 5-10 years

-1 votes   media: UN Occupation
sam_23694 Nov 25 2011, 4:11am says:

i hope they dont invent holograms, there would be nothing to stop advertising then

+4 votes   media: Sponsored Peacekeeping
sam_23694 Nov 12 2011, 7:22am replied:

its matches the new gdi stuff

+1 vote   media: GDI M-28 Mammoth Railgun upgrades
sam_23694 Nov 8 2011, 9:26am says:

i do use gamemaker and this is pretty sweet but the reason people call this a minecraft clone is because its looks exactly the same in many was, has many of the same textures and couldnt not be inspired by minecraft. but again i say u done an amazing effort with good old gamemaker

+3 votes   game: Terrablox
sam_23694 Nov 3 2011, 3:02am replied:

they have ruins and sand because u cant have a big base in a map full of buildings

+1 vote   media: Promo Screen
sam_23694 Oct 1 2011, 3:31am says:

looks alittle more gdi then nod, but it could just be because it doesnt have the sleak black texture

+2 votes   media: Nod Anti-Aircraft Unit
sam_23694 Oct 1 2011, 3:28am says:

the rotor blades seem alittle small

+2 votes   media: XHA-79 by TheXHS
sam_23694 Sep 22 2011, 7:21am says:

i would love to see all of those from the link, if u can that is

+1 vote   media: example "structure series"
sam_23694 Sep 3 2011, 2:52am says:

i really hope the stargates are usuable. its my main reason for wanting a mod like this

+2 votes   media: Abydos
sam_23694 Aug 22 2011, 5:09am says:

im hoping the bottom photo isnt the 2011 one :D

+4 votes   media: 2011 / 2008 comparison
sam_23694 Jul 23 2011, 9:30am replied:

if u want to know wat the gate thing and this is ment to be google stargate, but this mod is only based on stargate

0 votes   media: Cheyenne Mountain Complex
sam_23694 Jul 6 2011, 8:25am says:

really got me i had to look close to tell it was crysis
too photo realistic

+2 votes   media: Sarcofagus
sam_23694 Jul 5 2011, 5:47am replied:

personally i was gonna say it was awesome that it looks just like the building, makes it seem more like 1 technology

+1 vote   media: Nod Mobile Stealth Generator
sam_23694 Jul 5 2011, 5:45am says:

chainshot wins

+1 vote   media: Ball and chain
sam_23694 Jul 5 2011, 5:40am replied:

they do say wip but really it only needs a few more adround the buildings, maybe some rubble scorches and rubbish

+2 votes   media: Secure the Area.
sam_23694 Jul 3 2011, 3:49am says:

no u hav to add the malp on a stick

+1 vote   media: Malp
sam_23694 Jun 26 2011, 12:44am replied:

i was gonna say ur native language must be troll but then whos the troll :/

+2 votes   media: MG62 Machinegun For the EC
sam_23694 Apr 15 2011, 5:15am says:

very nice indeed

+2 votes   media: Fennek
sam_23694 Apr 10 2011, 1:57am replied:

imo everything on c&c4 is writen off of my list, but your idea about the being experimental is good

0 votes   media: The Titans
sam_23694 Apr 3 2011, 12:34am replied:

yea i agree the term cammando isnt death on legs its flank the enemy and blow up there tech structures
but this one can do both :D

+2 votes   media: GDI Commando
sam_23694 Mar 19 2011, 3:39am says:

nice job
cant wait to see some models

+1 vote   media: For the Soviet Union! poster colored version
sam_23694 Mar 16 2011, 5:56am says:

at least he doesnt look like a chick ;)

+1 vote   media: Soviet assault engineers rejected concept
sam_23694 Mar 12 2011, 1:30am says:

i prefer desolate tiberium fields
but thats just me

+2 votes   media: White Cliffs
sam_23694 Feb 24 2011, 6:38am says:

i love the detail on the devils tracks

+1 vote   media: Nod Vehicles
sam_23694 Feb 23 2011, 5:42am says:

looks great but the cliff on the right looks abit bland...like 1 of my maps D:

+1 vote   media: New Screenshots from the 1st Map
sam_23694 Feb 23 2011, 5:36am says:

they seem a little less detailed them some but i think its just because they r perfect and symetrical
this makes them so much better

+1 vote   media: Comparison of sizes
sam_23694 Feb 20 2011, 12:33am says:

the top right looks about right to me, but the white seems more normal

+1 vote   media: [OLD] Glass Color: New test
sam_23694 Feb 19 2011, 7:25am replied:

no they will yellow thier pants
this redefines the term wmd

+1 vote   media: powerfull sonic weapon
sam_23694 Feb 19 2011, 7:10am replied:

true story

+4 votes   media: [GenEvo] Update Will Be Soon
sam_23694 Feb 17 2011, 5:29am replied:

i think it should, just imagine epic banshee kills with them

+1 vote   media: Rocket Warthog V1
sam_23694 Feb 9 2011, 5:45am says:

yes the explosions are an improvement from the mass of distortion

+1 vote   media: SysMod ( Wrath Mod )
sam_23694 Feb 2 2011, 5:41am replied:

i do like it and i was thinkin how cool it would be the other day
but imo i wouldve like a small single verions of the zone trooper drop pods, instead of something like the things of halo

+2 votes   media: GDI Drop Pod
sam_23694 Jan 28 2011, 8:05am says:

alien: yes they wont see these tripods comin....HOLY GOD DAM ****

-1 votes   media: -
sam_23694 Jan 28 2011, 8:04am replied:

i agree with this but i could just go play kw
but it will be nice for the ppl that dont own it

+1 vote   media: One more improvement!
sam_23694 Jan 27 2011, 5:40am says:

looks like c&c tiberium wars inspired u

+1 vote   media: final vehicle model of "Flame tank"
sam_23694 Jan 27 2011, 5:31am says:

those sam sites look gdi

0 votes   media: Nod SAM sites vs The Scrin fleet!
sam_23694 Jan 27 2011, 5:22am says:

from a distance i thought its was more concept art
but those trees r cool as

+1 vote   media: Shrine of Woodland
sam_23694 Jan 25 2011, 1:55am replied:

and yet they are an imporvement imo from c&c3

+2 votes   media: C&C3: Generals Evolution MOTY Update #2 Media
sam_23694 Jan 19 2011, 1:50am replied:

electromagnetic clamps would be better and possible
also it would be cool to call it the v-36 or sumthin, just an idea

+3 votes   media: GDI V-35 Ox
sam_23694 Jan 13 2011, 11:46pm says:

even if gameplay is bad im extremely impressed by the detail of the map
im downloadin now

+1 vote   download: ToyWars
sam_23694 Jan 8 2011, 10:49pm says:

the tiberium looks wierd

+2 votes   media: Building Update
sam_23694 Jan 7 2011, 3:51am replied:

maybe the aliens hate humans and destroy the buildings beofre they can garrison them

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
sam_23694 Jan 7 2011, 3:20am replied:

yea overall looks r ****** great
and i think this part is the best

+1 vote   media: In-game
sam_23694 Jan 6 2011, 3:22am replied:

maybe hes wearing light amour...

+2 votes   media: GDI Rifleman
sam_23694 Dec 18 2010, 5:23am says:

ah love the smell of airborne tiberium in the morning
and wouldnt that be lethal to evrything as the tiberium in each snow flake would start to grow....o.o

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Snow
sam_23694 Dec 13 2010, 5:44am replied:

i think it will look great pitching upwards

and if its anti orbital it should randomly face up and shoot down satelites
like the russian thing xD

+1 vote   media: CTF Defense cannons
sam_23694 Dec 9 2010, 9:20pm says:

wow i love that blue tib texture :D i want it

+3 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
sam_23694 Dec 5 2010, 10:45pm says:

does it drive backwards? o.O
i must be missing somthin

+1 vote   media: The M110
sam_23694 Dec 5 2010, 4:52am replied:

jesus wat would a mk 7 look like O-O

+2 votes   media: GDI Thor
sam_23694 Dec 4 2010, 12:15am replied:

haha wtf lol

+1 vote   media: Unfair fight...
sam_23694 Dec 3 2010, 4:31am replied:

yea and if u r a map maker u can teel the diference

+2 votes   media: Environments
sam_23694 Nov 30 2010, 1:14am replied:

o i didnt know that but i still dont see how it can be a hovercraft anyway
looks more like a water plane but thats all

+1 vote   media: Soviet Transport Ekranoplane Concept 1
sam_23694 Nov 30 2010, 1:08am says:

i love that gore on the road
the whole battlefield would be covered in it
is it like a scorch that looks like blood or sumthin else

+1 vote   media: GenEvo : Winter has arrived!
sam_23694 Nov 25 2010, 4:23am replied:

i know games rnt realistic and u have awesome ideas
but how can it be a hovercraft unless the bottom inflates on ground it would look kinda bad

+1 vote   media: Soviet Transport Ekranoplane Concept 1
sam_23694 Nov 24 2010, 5:05am says:

they both look the same :/

-2 votes   media: GDI Refinery
sam_23694 Nov 24 2010, 5:03am replied:

yea not much detail on the structure behind the hand
looks too blank to me

0 votes   media: Hand of Nod
sam_23694 Nov 23 2010, 2:32am says:

mm i guess u had more skill making gdi units
but this is still an improvment

+2 votes   media: Nod Scorpion Tank
sam_23694 Nov 22 2010, 6:02am replied:

depends how big it is

+1 vote   media: Malleus-Class-U-Boot
sam_23694 Nov 18 2010, 6:38am says:

would also be cool to make the rotors move forward like an osprey or how the ox moves

+1 vote   media: Alliance heavy cargo plane with rotor-wing
sam_23694 Nov 15 2010, 10:20am says:

u shold make a map with a planet that has rings
or maybe 1 thats set on a ring floating in space ;)

+1 vote   media: Media Release - TC Death Valley
sam_23694 Oct 14 2010, 7:23am replied:

but it looks good :E

+1 vote   media: GDI Component Defense System
sam_23694 Oct 11 2010, 6:13am says:


i want this mod now

+1 vote   media: "Kirovs reporting"
sam_23694 Oct 11 2010, 6:10am says:

where hav i seen that before xD
will it be like the alien storm tower,cept electricity?

+1 vote   media: Tesla Coil
sam_23694 Sep 21 2010, 6:53am says:

w8 i just saw is that a buildable tib field xD

+2 votes   media: Blossom Tree Support Power
sam_23694 Sep 19 2010, 3:49am says:

should be able to mine the glaciers :D

+6 votes   media: Blossom Tree Support Power
sam_23694 Sep 10 2010, 5:48am says:

this just sold the mod for me

+3 votes   media: Nod Apache
sam_23694 Sep 10 2010, 5:47am replied:

dam cus i have many maps that need that wall Dx

+1 vote   media: GDI Space Command
sam_23694 Sep 9 2010, 7:56am replied:

wow dont mess with the galactica nerds

+1 vote   media: December Update:
sam_23694 Aug 27 2010, 5:41am replied:

nah its fine and now i see the front looks pretty much the same as the vtol from crysis

+1 vote   media: WC V-25 Dragonfly heavy lifter
sam_23694 Aug 25 2010, 6:31am replied:

hehe looks an awful lot like the aircraft in the MEC mod -.-

-1 votes   media: WC V-25 Dragonfly heavy lifter
sam_23694 Aug 16 2010, 6:38am replied:


+2 votes   download: Rimtech TE Map Pack 2
sam_23694 Aug 14 2010, 5:49am says:

other then the sharp edges of the map i wouldve believed this was a zoomed out screen of halo 1(and the tiberium spikes ;)

+1 vote   media: HaloRts Blood Gulch Alpha Map C-22
sam_23694 Aug 11 2010, 6:54am replied:

its funny i look 1 day at ur comments on TE(sayin ur not competeing)
then BAM! new update with banshees(almost like TEs)
now i know TE didnt invent them but its still looks like competing no matter wat way u put it

-1 votes   media: Nod Banshee
sam_23694 Aug 10 2010, 6:45am replied:

ha i told u ur competing with TE
still looks great tho

+1 vote   media: Nod Banshee
sam_23694 Aug 9 2010, 8:14am replied:

i agree^ get ur head out of the past,it about improving both games
also i thought the aa rail guns were sick(but maybe because it just replaced the battery)

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
sam_23694 Aug 9 2010, 8:09am replied:

good keep face desking
ur definetelly competeing
i mean u did make an mk 2(and TEs is beta :3

0 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
sam_23694 Aug 6 2010, 6:40am replied:


+2 votes   download: Super Powers mod 2 - Complete
sam_23694 Aug 6 2010, 6:30am says:

no offense but this looks to wierd for me :(

+1 vote   media: Escher Alpha
sam_23694 Aug 4 2010, 6:12am replied:

looks hell good but(excuse my stupid question) is it flying or is it a building?
cus if its a building it looks wrong,and off scale
well wateva it is looks sick

+1 vote   media: CNC2142 - a long awaited update!!
sam_23694 Jul 31 2010, 3:11am replied:

dont think thats wat he ment xD but neither do i see anything wrong

+1 vote   media: Work in Progress: GDI Juggernaut
sam_23694 Jul 29 2010, 6:09am says:

lol hope thats not the wall
cus i could just jump throught the gaps xD
btw very nice map

+2 votes   media: Hadrian's Wall
sam_23694 Jul 27 2010, 6:51am replied:

i think it looks great,more like a newer version of titan

+3 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
sam_23694 Jul 23 2010, 5:19am replied:

dam thats crap
i wouldve added more to each squad

+1 vote   media: Stuff
sam_23694 Jul 19 2010, 6:27am replied:

haha barracks..rite

dude read the title..-_-

+1 vote   media: Soviet War Factory
sam_23694 Jul 19 2010, 5:49am says:

wats the name of that wall in worldbuilder/
cant find it :O

+1 vote   media: GDI Space Command
sam_23694 Jul 17 2010, 12:32am says:

sucks to be the canon crew

+2 votes   media: In the navy
sam_23694 Jul 16 2010, 5:24am replied:


+2 votes   media: GDI Tiberium Refinery
sam_23694 Jun 9 2010, 3:07am says:

dear god...

+1 vote   media: Railgun Upgrade
sam_23694 Jun 6 2010, 2:24am says:

u must hav a funky keyboard

+1 vote   media: ~BASKA#3
sam_23694 Jun 5 2010, 3:49am says:

awesome but dont they all use p90s xD

+1 vote   media: Weapons
sam_23694 May 26 2010, 9:39am says:

even if it runs slow *** hell on high graphics u should still do it cus they r screen shots
unleess ur pc cant xD

+1 vote   media: Unleash The Wrath Of The Cruiser Bombardment
sam_23694 May 26 2010, 9:35am says:

personaly i dont see how the tiberium isnt atleast makin a bit of mess on those buildins instead of perfect stickin out of them

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Silo
sam_23694 May 22 2010, 7:00am says:

the predators shoot sonic crap...
that seems pretty dodgy to me instead of makin a different tank

0 votes   media: GDI obliterating Nod
sam_23694 May 19 2010, 6:21am says:

it just a tower with some sand bags

that all it needs to be :D

+2 votes   media: FAC Tower
sam_23694 May 14 2010, 11:10pm says:

i like them
they look like some kind of gunship

+1 vote   media: AWSC Predator
sam_23694 May 14 2010, 7:43am says:

now these r tesla coils they r better then the tradtional look in RA3

+1 vote   media: Update 7.0 screens
sam_23694 May 11 2010, 6:45am says:

interesting idea, great models and original factions i will be downloadin this wen it finished

+1 vote   mod: C&C Generals Evolution
sam_23694 May 9 2010, 3:31am says:

not a fan of the field ploped in the river

+1 vote   media: todays update
sam_23694 May 9 2010, 2:08am says:

i like how the first age that base is like a fort then turns to city reminds my of ceasarIII

+2 votes   media: Screenshot
sam_23694 May 4 2010, 7:10am replied:

good point

+1 vote   media: WC Phoenix bomber
sam_23694 May 4 2010, 7:07am replied:

that is good size i would love to see this mowing down a massive crowd,in-game ofcourse

+1 vote   media: EU Gattling cannon
sam_23694 Apr 25 2010, 9:59am says:

do they shoot arrows and ballistas?

+3 votes   media: Monoreme
sam_23694 Apr 25 2010, 9:57am says:

hav u made the bodies rot instead of disappear that was biggest dissapointment for me for some reason

+3 votes   media: 6 Further Roman Portraits
sam_23694 Apr 24 2010, 1:49am replied:

yea but that is how nods buildings are supposed to be

+1 vote   media: Nod Tiberium Refinery
sam_23694 Apr 22 2010, 8:18am says:

Hav fun programin the black cloud and it stupid sound effects :/

+1 vote   media: Ingame test of Sonar Fence (WIP)
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